A Guy Called Gerald Single Review: The Glok Track A Guy Called Gerald: The Glok Track

Single Review
A Guy Called Gerald Single Review: The Glok Track Generator
Issue 7
December 1993
Page: 60

A Guy Called Gerald
The Glok Track
Juice Box 14

Well this guy certainly knows his stuff with 4 strong and diverse tracks that reek with an undeniable knowledge of reggae - yet even though this will be firmly accepted with awe by the junglistic fraternity it shows no signs of pandering to the latest fashions in street dance. Scientific and often minimalistic beats and bass are at work here with the title tune providing that ideal intro for a set. 'Take Me' has to be the personal pick of the bunch for this is where the true meaning of Jungle Techno comes into play, as its reminiscence for old school dub and sterophonic panning will not go unwelcomed. 'Ease The Pressure' however is the one destined for dancefloor dominance with its selection of spooky horns and large drumbeats causing a stir of the imagination.

[Reviewer: Warlock]