A Guy Called Gerald Single Review: Humanity A Guy Called Gerald: Humanity

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September 2000
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Mr 'Voodoo Ray' returns on this cult German label with the voice of Lamb singer Louise Rhodes (fact: did you know Louise used to be a Mixmag photographer?). As befits an old acid warhorse like Gerald, Ashley gives him the kind of Detroit-inspired, dark, black, techno soul that could have been made any time between now and 1986. But whether you're sweating Into Maharishi or a 'Where's The Acid Party?' T-shirt, the result is much the same. Voodoo radiant.

[Reviewer: Frank Tope]

A Guy Called Gerald Single Review: Humanity NME
15th July 2000
Page: 12

A Guy Called Gerald; Humanity (Studio !K7)

Vibev return by the Mancunian voodoo man which begs some questions. Why does featured singer Louise Rhodes keep asserting her humanity? Is she worried she's an alien? Acoustic double bsss, discrete breakbeats and whooshing noise are the main ingredients here, and the superbly off-kilten Funkstorung remix destabilises in killer fashion

[Reviewer: NME]

A Guy Called Gerald Single Review: Humanity Playlouder
14th July 2000
A Guy Called Gerald Single Review: Humanity

A Guy Called Gerald

The most distinctively-instrumented intro of the year (xylophone and double bass - lovely!) makes the perfect fanfare for Lamb's slinky-voiced frontwoman Louise Rhodes to wander in and drape herself over before avoiding a series of stealth missiles from Mr Simpson, and, once Funkstörung turns up and shoves them in a tumble-dryer, this becomes doubly essential.

reviewed on 14 Jul 2000

[Reviewer: Playlouder]