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History of House A Guy Called Gerald
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9th November 2014
Infusion Magazine

Cult electronic party Analog Room are celebrating their 2nd birthday, and have a massive run of shows to celebrate. A Guy Called Gerald headlines on November 20 with another 5 hour live epic, Theo Parrish on the November 27, before Derrick May touches down on December 4. So we thought it fitting to interview them all and get their History of House ahead of their Dubai dates. First up, ‘Voodoo Ray’ star and live techno don, A Guy Called Gerald…

What was the first record you bought/played?

The soundtrack to Star Wars the week it came out.

You are an inspiration for thousands, but who were your inspirations when you started out?

You must be aware that when I started out there was no such thing as house music. I could give a list…

Al-naaflysh – ‘Hashim’
Love Bug Srarski – ‘Amityville’
The Whispers – ‘And The Beat Goes On’
Arthur Baker – ‘Breakers Revenge’
The B Boys – 2 3 break

What's the one track from when you first started Djing that you can drop today?

I could play anything from them now. I don't think I am the same as other DJs.

How do you keep your sound fresh and up-to-date when tastes and genres change year by year?

Seems to me tastes and genre changes week by week... I just do my thing, producers don't have to follow DJ rules.

How much has changing DJ technology affected what you do?

Put it this way... I am the hardware. The way I do my thing is the software. Everything else – computers and records – are just tools for me.

Which dancefloors do you prefer - now or then?

I prefer the 1982 dance floors.

If a modern day DJ/producer had to play you in a film, who would it be and why?

I am not really that aware of modern DJs.

The best change to dance music in your career has been...

I think it's still on its way.

The worst change to dance music in your career has been...

The fact that most people can't dance to dance music anymore.

Dance music in 2044 will be...

Will be cheesy trance music that has nothing to do with where it originally came from...

Analog Room feat. A Guy Called Gerald, Analog Room, Q Underground, Thursday November 20, 10pm-3am

[Author: Infusion Magazine]