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Private Passions
A Guy Called Gerald Unofficial Web Page - Article: Clash Magazine - Issue 31 - Private Passions Clash Magazine
Issue 31
November 2008
Page: 25
A Guy Called Gerald Unofficial Web Page - Article: Clash Magazine - Issue 31 - Private Passions

One of the most influential albums from one of our most forward-thinking artists, A GUY CALLED GERALD's 'Black Secret Technology' helped launch a whole new genre back in 1995.

Gerald Simpson didn't mean to invent intelligent drum and bass, it was just a strand of his ongoing aural inventiveness. Loved by critics, it was one of many Simpson productions to bewilder his audience. As for his Private Passion, its isn't really that private: Gerald has always invented stuff, from music to machines. But he also likes to remix other people's...

Early Hacks

"I started in the early '80s when I hacked Space Invader machines to get free games. I just wanted to learn basic code so I could build my own games at first. My first computer was a ZX81. In those days you could buy them from the newspaper."

To Hack Or Not To Hack

"I don't see it so much as hacking but reinventing new ways to use machinery and software. I'm proud of all my hacking and invention. I used to also hack public phones to get free international calls and drag home bits of TVs and radios to fix and use as spare parts."

Reinventing Noise

"I enjoy making field recordings - recording people, images and strange situations. I always have a miniature camera with me or some kind of recording device. People say the strangest things to me. Nowadays I feel it necessary to record everything."

I Wish I'd Thought Of That

"My favourite new invention is the thumb camera. The other day I was in Ireland and some guy was giving me a blag about how he was going to pay me the rest of the money he owed. I was thinking how funny this would be on YouTube; 95 per cent entertainment value."

'Black Secret Technology' is out now