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Chapter & The Verse on A Guy Called Gerald
Record Mirror Record Mirror
23 March 1991
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Aniff Cousins and Colin Thorpe are Chapter And The Verse. With their diverse LP, 'Great Western Street', which took two years to be released, now appearing on all the hippest turntables, Record Mirror tracked Aniff down and got him to spill the beans.

Record Mirror


"I heard some of Gerald's tapes when he was still called House Master G and I thought I'd go and dig him out 'cos I'm all into helping the lesser man. I found him in his bedroom surrounded by all his machines.

His music at the time was really basic, only basslines. I told him before we went into the studio that the secret of success is to give your song something that people can remember it by. I even gave him the name 'A Guy Called Gerald', but now he's the one with the big house."

[Author: Record Mirror]