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A Guy Called Gerald Unofficial Web Page - Article: Mixmag - Issue 85 - ALTERNATIVELY SPEAKING Mixmag
Issue 85
February 1990
Page: 35

The Alternative Dance Column by Alan Maskell

Now the last of my little threesome comes from another home-grown label, Scam, the track in question being a six tracker 12 incher/mini album from Social Kaos. The opening track, 'Raindance' is to my ears and feet, the best track. In a similar vein to the likes of Gerald and 808 State, this along with Moss One constitutes the second wave of serious dance from the 'Rainy City'. Mark my words, these two will soon be the talk of the dancefloor, then remember where you read it first! I think I should mention that Graham Massey, the main man behind 808, has a not inconsiderable hand in the production of this record. Social Kaos themselves also state in print (careful chaps!) that they felt a lot of their ideas cropped up in 'Voodoo Ray'.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions from that, but suggest that you check this out before you do. There definitely seems to be something strange going on in the whole Gerald saga tho', what with it now being dragged out in full view of the 28 billion readers of the Sun (I use the term readers loosely, as a recent survey undertaken by Dodgypolls Limited, interviewing at least three people from a minimum of two different streets indicates that a mere 1.0002% of Sun readers can actually read). If this was football, I think there'd be a good chance of quite a few Mancunians being disciplined for bringing the game into disrepute!

And just before we drop the Gerald connection, you may well know that he'd been commissioned to produce a remix of 'Fools Gold' and that the group themselves pulled the plug on the idea when they heard the remix. Well, you might also be interested to know that a number of copies of this remix have emerged in the record shops for the princely sum of £12 each. I wonder where the bootleggers could have got hold of a copy of the master? I even wonder if it is actually Gerald's official remix as it bears scant resemblance to the original with the exception of about two minutes out of the whole 12 inch mix.reak it I'll just go and make records with any Tom, Dick or Harry!"

[Author: Alan Maskell]