De De Mouse - Double Moon Song (A Guy Called Gerald / Deep Tech Mix)
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De De Mouse - A Journey To Freedom Remixes

JP 2010 Download; Avex Trax: 002AAAANICD13092 [Beatport / iTunes]

8:08 Double Moon Song (A GUY CALLED GERALD/Deep Tech Mix)


Download: 7th April 2010.


Remixed by A Guy Called Gerald.


Gerald: "DE DE MOUSE is a very inventive artist with a special feel for rhythm and melody. His use of breaks never fails to amaze me - the chord progressions are very uplifting but haunted at the same time. He has the gift of balancing the unusual with the strangely beautiful. My remix is a free style of the deep-tech. I composed it to fit into a groove based set. I play low and funky these days and I like to jell the influences I've picked up over the past 20+ years."

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