DJ Quad In Blueblackness - Atlantic 22 (A Guy Called 808 Mix)
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DJ Quad In Blueblackness feat. DJ interlude - Bangtraction E.P.

UK 2013 Digital; 4Tha3rdTime: FTTT003

8:18 DJ Quad In Blueblackness - Atlantic 22 (A Guy Called 808 Mix)


1st July 2013.


Remixed by A Guy Called Gerald.

Press Release:

“Dj Interlude”

.....This e.p., “bangtraction”, does exactly as the title states! From the very first song, here, produced by “Deephouse Record’s very own “Dj Interlude”, is called “Sax In The House!” This track sings with melodic saxophone riffs while electronically swaying back and forth between a retro-jazz funk era, while pushing the bass coils of your speakers to new tri-dimensional music depths!

The 2nd song, produced by “Dj Quad IN BLUEBLACKNESS”, called the “ATLANTIC 22 (A Guy Called 808 mix)”, flirts with an updated Swahili-version of the classic 1989 original release of the song “Pacific State”, paying homage to the original group “808 State”, with “A Guy Called Gerald” as the remixer! Fasten your seatbelts, this track is taking flight to the east with a very haunted sax and world-Trans-Atlantic strings!!

Last but not least, (also produced by “Dj Quad IBB”) is a “Freek Of Fusion” (IBB’s Auto Fly Mix)...LOLOL, literally! If driving, this track , at the beginning with arpeggiated synth effects, forces one to move faster on the expressway, as if shifting to “auto-bahn” mode!!

Yes, take the nearest express vehicle mentally, because this instrumental e.p. will take you to places forgotten in time, across the ocean to the east, and move you as fast as the auto-bahn in your mind allows you to....