Charolastras - Entheogen (A Guy Called Gerald Remix)
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Charolastras - Entheogen (A Guy Called Gerald Remix)

Charolastras - Entheogen

UK 2015 Digital; Blackout 77: B77004

5:42 Charolastras - Entheogen (A Guy Called Gerald)


21st May 2015.


Remixed by A Guy Called Gerald.

Press Release:

Charolastras are, according to the group's own manifesto, 'an international network of peaceful souls that convene in the dreamworld'. This other worldly nature is clear in the blissful ethereal textures in their music. But their sound also has a harder edge that evokes conflict, not calm. This is all by design because, as Charolastras like to point out, 'the Astral Plane is not without conflict'.

'Entheogen' (“generating the divine within”) builds from a faint murmur into a delicately woven bed of syncopated electronic parts before being anchored by sub bass. Thunderous drums then penetrate the soundscape and the track takes off. What ultimately manifests is a timeless hybrid of Schooly D, Orbital, The Future Sound of London and Jon Hopkins.

The legend that is A Guy Called Gerald rarely ever remixes other people’s material. So it’s a real privilege that he’s broken with tradition and created a dark, bass heavy version of ‘Entheogen’ for Blackout ’77. His tough minimal remix is aimed straight at the dance floor.

Charolastras’ label mates Unknown Unknowns have also delivered a remix which retains the melodic feel of the original, but blends it with their own contemporary style.