A Guy Called Gerald - Silent Sound Spread Spectrum
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A Guy Called Gerald - Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

A Guy Called Gerald - Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

UK/US 2013 Digital; Bowers & Wilkins / Real World Records / Society of Sound Music:‎ 60
UK 2021 Digital; A Guy Called Gerald: ISRC GBGWW1300001

50:16 Silent Sound Spread Spectrum


Society Of Sound: 17th May 2013.
Gerald Bandcamp: 28th March 2021


Published By – Nanoplasmic
Mixed At – Real World Studios
Written and Produced by – A Guy Called Gerald
Engineer – Patrick Phillips
Management – Megan Mann
Vocals – David Simpson

Press Release:

A Guy Called Gerald joins Bowers & Wilkins' Society of Sound with 'Silent Sound Spread Spectrum'.

"I am fascinated by the science of sound. Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) or S-Quad or Squad is allegedly a technology used by the US Department Of Defence that uses subliminal programming carried over ultra-high frequency broadcast waves. With this system, planting inaudible messages directly into the subconscious becomes very easy to do and everyone is susceptible..."

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