A Guy Called Gerald - Kicking The Jungle Beat (promo)
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A Guy Called Gerald - Kicking The Jungle Beat

UK 1994 12" Single; Juice Box: J.BOX 20 [White-Label Promo]

?:?? Kicking The Jungle Beat
?:?? "Feel It" [unknown title - track taken from white-label promo]
?:?? "MVD" [unknown title - track taken from white-label promo]




Written & produced by A Guy Called Gerald.


Unknown until 2008 until it appeared in an ebay auction - tracks are unknown and taken from the white-label I have in my possession.

DSLash19 on discogs.com states the following regarding the b-sides:

"Untitled B1 is HUUUUUGE! Half-steppin like hiphop, crazy mangled helium vocals and manic snares in true Gerald fashion, this was "THE" unknown tune from his legendary Essential Mix back in 1995, the one that nobody seemed to know really existed or even bothered to look. Now, I've heard this side being referred to as "Feel It", and also as another "Glok Track" remix, but it sounds nothing like any version of it (neither the original nor the Remix from JBOX 19, later titled "Alita's Dream" for the album). If anyone has any more light to shed on what this was actually supposed to be called I would be very interested in knowing.

Track B2 is essentially just a 'bass-apella' of the track "Gerald's Bassline" from JBOX 14. It begins with that same sample of the phone call made in to some radio station, of a fan asking Gerald "where he gets his basslines". After that it drops into a sub workout with the high pitched bleeps for about 2 minutes before fadeout. "

The title track "Kicking The Jungle Beat" (or "Kicking Da Jungle Beat") was released digitally in both 2009 (no longer available) and 2012.

A Guy Called Gerald - Kicking The Jungle Beat - UK 12" Single - Side A

A Guy Called Gerald - Kickin Da Jungle Beat

UK 2009 MP3; A Guy Called Gerald: <No Cat Num>

5:05 Kickin Da Jungle Beat


12th February 2009.


320 kbps, LAME - Constant Bit Rate.

Exclusively available here. Previously unreleased.
Produced 1994 at Machine Room Studio, Manchester.

Previously released as a promo-only 12" on Juice Box Records (J.BOX 20).

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Was originally available via Gerald's IThinkMusic web shop, but no longer available.

A Guy Called Gerald - Kicking Da Jungle Beat

UK 2012 Digital Single; A Guy Called Gerald Records: GBGWW1200182

5:14 Kicking Da Jungle Beat


1st April 2012.


EXCLUSIVE. Recorded at Machine Room Studio, Manchester 1994.

Written and produced by A Guy Called Gerald

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