A Guy Called Gerald Unofficial Web Page: Updates 2004

  • Changed the Watergate Berlin DJ date (!K7 Flavour Night) from 12th January to 20th January on Index/News/LiveDates2005 pages.
  • Added some more DJ/Live dates - included rescheduled Loft, Sydney date to Boxing Day.
  • Added link to Ammocity interview.
  • Added scan of the finished album to News/Discography.
  • Added scan of the 'First Try' CDR to the discography.
  • Scanned in the flyer for the Concorde 2/Brighton DJ set for the 'Live Dates' page.
  • Added some more DJ dates and the first Live date on the Index/News pages.
  • Added a 'Live/DJ Dates 2005' page to the menu system.
  • Added reviews from both International DJ Magazine and DJ Magazine of 'First Try'.
  • Added some more record shops where you can buy 'First Try' from.
  • Added biography item to the 'To All What You Need' discography entry and the front page.
  • Added info that the 'First Try' 12" is limited to 1,000 copies only.
  • Reviews:
    • Added 808 State Prebuild review from this month's "The Wire"
    • Added 'First Try' review from Boomkat
  • Added information (and track listings) for the new album 'To All Things What They Need' to both the news page and a separate discography page. The promo CD also includes an MPEG video clip of 1990's "Madchester" documentary as well as 2000's Channel 4 "Profiles" documentary - essential stuff!
  • Added new images of 'First Try EP' - updated discography entry with promo CD-R info as well (due to get this in about a week's time).
  • Added links of shops where you can currently buy (or pre-order) both 'First Try EP' and 'To All Things What They Need' on News page.
  • Revised date for Cassero DJ Date in Italy - now 12th December 2004, not November!
  • Added flyer for Concorde 2 gig for Gerald/808 DJ date in Brighton in December.
  • Added a better scan of the 'First Try EP' cover, as taken from the !K7 website.
  • Added link to purchase 'First Try' from the !K7 website.
  • Updated the release date of the 'Newbuild' reissue to 6th December 2004.
  • Added scan of the 'First Try EP' cover - taken from HMV UK's website.
  • Added news of live dates in Cologne (TBC) and Paris in December.
  • Updated the 'First Try' discography section with scan.
  • Updated, as Portugal Industria Club date now cancelled.
  • Release date for the Newbuild repress is 22nd November (according to HMV & Play). It looks as though the 3xLP vinyl is going to be repressed as well.
  • Added some more reviews:
    • Record Collector - December  - 808 State: Prebuild - album review
    • Undercover - December  - 808 State: Prebuild - album review
    • Markus Arnold (of the official 808 State website) - October - DJ Date in Amsterdam - review
  • An article added:
    • Undercover - December  - interview with Gerald re: Prebuild
  • Added picture of Gerald DJ set at Amsterdam, taken by Markus Arnold of the official 808 State website.
  • Added news (and picture) taken from download.com site - there's also an MP3 download of the new track, "Pumpp", available.
  • Added details about a repress of the "Peel Sessions" EP. This was probably scheduled before Peely's untimely death last week, and so could be postponed?
  • Added details of the Rephlex repress of "Newbuild" on CD.
  • Added/Updated Early Discography:
    • 808 State - Newbuild - details of repress date.
    • 808 State - Prebuild - scans of the LP labels.
  • Added/Updated Gerald Discography:
    • The Peel Sessions - included details of repress date.
  • Added a better scan of the "First Try EP" promo on the news page (actually found a copy at last)!
  • Added/Updated Gerald Discography:
    • First Try EP - now has it's own section - will add track times when I've timed them! :-)
    • Strangest Changes - amended, as this is now no longer going to be a single.
  • Added section on John Peel - R.I.P. :-(
  • Added scan of the 'First Try EP' single (found on the web).
  • Added tracklisting of the 'First Try' single (found on the web) and included a brief review from the same website.
  • Some discography updates:
    • 15 Years Cafe D'Anvers - includes Gerald's "Automanikk (Derrick May The Force Be With You mix)"
    • David Bowie: "Earthling" (Digibook enhanced edition) - includes "Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)"
    • David Bowie: "Outside/Earthling/Hours" (Limited edition Box Set of 2,000) - includes "Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)"
  • Added details of a new Belgian compilation CD, "15 Years D'Anvers", which features the Derrick May remix of Automanikk on CD (the first time it has appeared on CD).
  • Added some more reviews:
    • Pitchfork Media - 808 State: Newbuild - album review
    • Playlouder - Humanity - single review
    • Yahoo! Launch - Essence - album review
    • Tiger Sushi - Essence - album review
    • Pitchfork Media - Essence - album review
    • The Guardian - Essence - album review
    • Music Emissions - Essence - album review
    • Playlouder - New Order Acid House Mixes - single review (found actual site)
  • Some more reviews:
    • Boomkat - New Order Acid House Mixes - single review (found actual site)
    • The Milk Factory - Prebuild album review
    • Ig-Nite - Earthdance Manchester 2004 - DJ review
    • Norman Records - Prebuild album review
    • Brainwashed - Prebuild album review
  • Added flyer for Cafe Zapata Live Jam date this Friday'
  • Confirmed release dates for "First Try" and "To All Things What They Need"'
  • Changed release date for "Voodoo Ray" to 'early 2005''
  • Removed 'FC Famous' DJ Date this Saturday - no longer mentioned on official website.
  • Added details about possible world tour February/March.
  • Lots of reviews added:
    • International DJ Magazine - Voodoo Ray as Number One Dance Single of all time
    • The Big Chill - Prebuild album review
    • The Guardian - New Order Acid House Mixes - single review
    • DJ Magazine (30th September) - New Order Acid House Mixes - single review
    • DJ Magazine (14th October) - New Order Acid House Mixes - single review
    • Boomkat - New Order Acid House Mixes - single review (to appear - review is no longer on their site...)
    • Boomkat - Prebuild album review (this one is!)
    • Uncut - Prebuild album review
  • Some articles added:
    • Record Collector - interview with Graham Massey re: Prebuild/New Order
    • BBC Manchester Online - another interview with Graham Massey re: Prebuild/New Order
  • Added information on the bleep.com downloads of Gerald's !K7 material.
  • Added information of the special digibook enhanced edition of David Bowie's "Earthling" album - includes Gerald's "Paradox Mix" of "Telling Lies" on the second CD.
  • Also released - limited to 2000 -  is a box set of David Bowie's "Earthling"/"Outside"/"Hours" - all special edition versions, which, of course!, also includes the "Paradox Mix" of "Telling Lies"!! :-)
  • Added news of new Gerald single out in December - "First Try" - via !K7 Records.
  • Added news of new Gerald album out on 31st January 2005 - "To All Things What They Need" - via !K7 Records.
  • Added several more DJ dates - in Berlin and Bologna, Italy.
  • Added flyer for the Concorde 2 DJ set at Brighton in December.
  • Added flyer for the recent Paradiso DJ Date in the live events.
  • Added two reviews of Prebuild - one from Boomkat and another from The Big Chill's website.
  • Not a major update - just added a picture from Gerald's recent appearance at Earthdance - taken from (dr.) Walsh.
  • Also, removed the Blow Your House Down remix from the release schedule (and news) as have no further information on this...
  • Removed reference to the London gig this Saturday - looks like this may not happen?
  • Updated with flyer for Manchester live gig on 8th October - looks as though it's going to be a good night (Gerald's doing a live PA)
  • Added details (and scans) of a Spanish CD release of "The John Peel Sessions".
  • Added some more scans of the Warlock edition of "Voodoo Ray".
  • Included a review of the Acid House Mixes from this month's DJ Magazine.
  • Added an updated cover scan of 808 State's "Prebuild", as well as it's own page in the discography.
  • Added loads more DJ/Live Dates to front/news/live pages - some good events coming up in the future...
  • "Voodoo Ray Remix" announced on the official Gerald website - this now has a release date of December 2004 via Sugoi Records.
  • In addition to Hot Lemonade, 28 Gun Bad Boy, and Black Secret Technology albums, there are also going to be some 12" singles from both Hot Lemonade and 28 Gun Bad Boy, as well as two compilation albums entitled "Machine Room Sessions Vol 1 (1992-1998)" and "Machine Room Sessions Vol 2 (1992-1998)" - these are going to be compilations of previously unreleased and released Juice Box-era tracks. Fantastic!
  • Updated flyer details for Earthdance 2004, as well as live/DJ information.
  • Added tracklisting for 808's "Prebuild".
  • Added info about possible Hot Lemonade reissue.
  • Added Blackburn DJ date (September 17th) to DJ listings.
  • Updated released date for 'So Hot' to 20th September 2004 - it's been put back a week.
  • Updated details for Prebuild - the cover is now added, and there's a short extract from the sleeve notes from Biting Tongues' Ken Hollings (from Rephlex's website).
  • Updated a number of DJ/Live dates, taken from the official Gerald site mailing list.
  • Added links to the Little Detroit DJ mixes.
  • Updated details for the "Inertia" single, "Nowhere To Run". The record actually plays at 45rpm, and *NOT* 331/3rpm! The record label is actually 33RPM (just to confuse matters!), which was part of Retroactive Records (aka Carl Craig and Damon Booker).
  • Added DJ Magazine article on "Voodoo Ray" as number 1 dance single.
  • Changed some release dates - "Strangest Changes", although still going to be on the album, is now not being released as a single. In fact, it looks like the promo record will be the only place to pick up these mixes!
  • There will be a new single on Gerald's new Sugoi label, this Autumn (or Fall, as is common in America!) - most at the end of October, although this has still be finalised. More details on the name of the single nearer the time, when everything is confirmed.
  • Both "28 Gun Bad Boy" and "Black Secret Technology" will be reissued, but this will probably come after the single's release - these will both be on Sugoi.
  • Added cover scan for the "So Hot EP", and added the entry in the discography.
  • Updated a DJ date held at Cookies & Cream in Berlin at the end of June.
  • Finally (!), both "So Hot" and "Prebuild" now have release dates of September, 2004.
  • Updated with some more gigs - a !K7 after show party in Berlin on June 11th, and a possible date in Barcelona on July 12th.
  • No word on release dates for "Blow Your House Down", "Strangest Changes", new !K7 album, or any of the Sugoi releases as yet...
  • Updated venue details, links, flyers for the DJ date in Glasgow - at Sub City @ The Arches in Glasgow on April 23rd.
  • Updated links and flyer for the Split vs Atomic Jam date at Turnmills.
  • Updated live dates to include some more dates in April (Hamburg and Glasgow), as well as correcting the venue for Munich (Funky Kitchen as opposed to Die Registratur), and adding some details about the Splits @ Turnmills event (Gerald's playing live, and Marshall Jefferson will also be appearing)!
  • Updated live dates page to reflect new gigs/DJ dates.
  • Updated news section to mention the new tracks on the official site, and also some information from a superb interview recently undertaken for Little Detroit - news on the 808 State album, and the forthcoming Sugoi releases (28 Gun Bad Boy, Black Secret Technology, 12"'s of old Juice Box material, and a compilation album of non-CD tracks from the Juice Box archives).
  • Updated live dates page to reflect the new Custard Factory DJ date in Birmingham on March 20th as part of "Drop Beats Not Bombs" gig.
  • Updated live dates page with some more gigs - the one just gone in Birmingham (Procreation), and the two forthcoming Berlin dates.
  • Updated the news page with the Custard Factory DJ dates.
  • Updated the Taste Of Paradise "Reach Out" page with track timings for the CD single.
  • Added 'review' of the "Trip City" 12" promo from Echoes, 11th November, 1989.
  • Added some tour dates that have just appeared on the official site:
    • February 21st - Procreation, Custard Factory, Birmingham
    • March 26th - Different Drums, Club Maria, Berlin, Germany (Live Acid Jam)
    • May 21st - Gauloises Cookin' Blue Festival, Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany (also featuring Kosheen, Galliano, Lamb, Roni Size Reprazent, London Elektricity)
  • Updated discography with various entries:
    • Gerald Discography:
      • Voodoo Ray (Olivir Momm Remix)
      • Finley's Rainbow (Updated) - images and details of the 1-track Radio-Edit promo CD single
      • Finley's Rainbow (Updated) - images of the 12" single added
      • Hot Lemonade LP - image and details of the white-label promo LP
      • Strangest Changes - updated to include Press Release scan
    • Remix Discography:
      • Audrey Hannah - Liquid Touch - images and details added for CD Promo pack and commercial 12" single
      • Black Uhuru - Reggae Rock - Austrian 12" single details added from Antler Records
      • Espiritu - You Send Me (A Guy Called Gerald Remixes) - updated images - including PR - of this very rare (100-only) promo 12" single
      • Sharon Forrester - Love Inside - A Guy Called Gerald remix available on promo-only FFRR 12"
      • Taste Of Paradise - Reach Out - released on 7"/12"/CD5 - features Gerald on keyboards
    • Compilations Discography:
      • Deep Heat 89 Latino Mix - added image and details for the CD single
      • K7150 Mixed By DJs Are Not Rockstars - mix CD includes "Humanity"
      • House Afire - images and track times added
      • Machines And Noise Volume 3 - images and track times added
      • Fuse 2 - Techno And Pleasure - images and track times added
      • Essential Jungle - images and track times added "Touch Me" (seems to be an exclusive mix)
      • MTV Mash Presents K7 Clash - mix CD includes "Humanity (Ashley Beedle Mix)"
      • Derrick L. Carter - Choice - A Collection of Classics - includes "Trip City (Milton Keynes Mix)" - the mix by Derrick May
      • Trax Sampler 033 - includes "Humanity"
      • Open Mag Le Son #01 - includes "Humanity"
      • Definition Of House - includes Lisa May "The Curse Of Voodoo Ray (Smoothie Mix)"
      • More Hot House Hits - Australian 1990 compilation includes "Voodoo Ray" (also includes a track by The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu aka The JAMMS/The KLF called "Burn The Beat (7" Edit)" which is exclusive on CD to this CD)!!
      • Warlock's Freaky Beats And Crazy Grooves - includes "Voodoo Ray (Paradise Ballroom Mix)"
      • The Chillout Sessions: Ibiza Sunsets - includes an edit of the "Strange Fruit Remix" of "Emotions Electric" - exclusive to CD
  • New release date (according to Amazon, Germany) for the "Strangest Changes" single is now 7th June - ah well!
  • Also mentioned the forthcoming "MTV Mash Presents !K7 Clash" mix CD out on !K7 on 16th February - features a snippet of Gerald's "Humanity (Ashley Beedle Mix)" on it!
  • Just found out from HMV Japan's website, that Gerald's "Blow Your House Down" remix single has now got a release date of 25th May 2004. Bizarre that it only appears on the Japanese site!!
  • Updated the site with news of the forthcoming 808 State "So Hot" EP and "Prebuild" (LP/CD) album due out on Rephlex later on this year. No release dates or information as yet, but "So Hot" is actually the vocals that appear throughout their version of New Order's "Blue Monday"!
  • Added some new items to the discographies - no info as yet, as not enough time today, just thumbnails for the time being (!):
    • Remix Discography:
      • Taste Of Paradise - Reach Out (features Gerald on keyboards)
      • Black Uhuru - Reggae Rock - the Antler records release also appeared on 12" single, as well as CD.
    • Covers/Bootleg Discography:
      • Nightmares On Wax - Dextrous (the original EP - only 2000 - on their own label, Poverty Records - sampled "Voodoo Ray". This was subsequently removed from the reissue on Warp Records)
      • Naughty Naughty Volume Ten - A-side liberally samples "Voodoo Ray" - naughty, naughty! :)
      • The Best Of The U.S. Remixes Vol. 2 - DMC DJ-only CD compilation is the only place (that I know of) that features the full-length Danny Tenaglia mix of "Voodoo Ray" on CD - i.e. 15 minutes+ version. The recent Azuli compilation, "Faith", only had an edited version on the CD, but the full release on the vinyl version.
  • Live Dates - 1988 - Added two ticket scans to this - 808's first gig at Manchester's Boardwalk, and also A Guy Called Gerald+Tackhead+808 State at Manchester's Ritz, later on in the year.
  • More discog updates as and when I have time!! ;-)
  • Presumably, the release date of "Strangest Changes" is still on Monday, although I haven't seen/heard any evidence of this, apart from Amazon's Germany website.
  • First update of the year - Happy New Year to everyone!
  • Revised Live/DJ Dates - Megabag at Manchester has been rescheduled to Leeds, but no word (as yet) as to whether Gerald is performing there. As such, I've removed this from the upcoming dates until confirmation that he's appearing at the Leeds date.
  • Updated the 'Reviews' section with a number of single/EP reviews of a lot of the Juice Box singles from various Mixmag's/Muzik's lying round the place! :)
  • Added a new interview with Gerald and Lisa May from Muzik magazine in 1996 at the time of the "The Curse Of Voodoo Ray" release.