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August 25th: New Gerald Remix - Quad In Blueblackness - Atlantic 22 (A Guy Called 808 Mix)
DJ Quad In Blueblackness feat. DJ interlude - Bangtraction E.P.

A new remix was released on 1st July 2013 (which I hadn't noticed until now!). It's by DJ Quad In Blueblackness and it's called "Atlantic 22".

Here's the blurb from the press release:

"The 2nd song, produced by “Dj Quad IN BLUEBLACKNESS”, called the “ATLANTIC 22 (A Guy Called 808 mix)”, flirts with an updated Swahili-version of the classic 1989 original release of the song “Pacific State”, paying homage to the original group “808 State”, with “A Guy Called Gerald” as the remixer! Fasten your seatbelts, this track is taking flight to the east with a very haunted sax and world-Trans-Atlantic strings!!"

Purchase digitally from Juno / Juno Digital / Beatport
July 20th: Gerald Boiler Room Session on July 30th as part of Secretsundaze
A Guy Called Gerald - Boiler Room - SecretSundaze X Go Bang!

From Ibiza Voice:

"And, to celebrate this massive event, secretsundaze is proud to announce its second Boiler Room session, in association with secretsundaze x Go Bang! – on Tuesday July 30th.

For this special event joining Giles Smith and James Priestley will be acid house pioneer A Guy Called Gerald who will be performing live.

His classic 'Voodoo Ray' will never age and he has managed to stay relevant with releases on the likes of Zip's Perlon imprint."

You can listen to the session here via Soundcloud.

July 19th: New Rebuild (Gerald/Graham) date announced in Gent, Belgium on September 7th
Retro Acid, Gent, Belgium - featuring Rebuild

A new date featuring Rebuild (A Guy Called Gerald and Graham Massey of 808 State) at Retro Acid in Gent, Belgium, on Saturday 7th September 2013:

They have reunited to perform all-analogue live acid jams with a distinctly retro approach. When the men responsible for seminal tracks as ‘Pacific State’ and ‘Voodoo Ray’ get back together, we got excited. They will be using all the old Roland gear as the 101, 303, 808 and 909. Graham: “To some extent it’s slightly nostalgic but it’s not really about tunes we’ve written before. About 70% of it is pure improvisation. It’s all about setting the system up using drum machines and monosynths with little sequencers in them, then jumping off the cliff holding hands.” This will, without a doubt, be a remarkable performance!

July 13th: Gerald interview talking about Voodoo Ray, Hit Squad and the future

Here's a YouTube clip of Gerald being Interviewed talking about the origin of Voodoo Ray, touching on the Hit Squad MCR, and playing live using Reason.

July 5th: Bosconi will release a label compilation called Bosconi Stallions on July 17th
Bosconi Stallions Boxset
Bosconi Stallions Boxset
(taken from Resident Advisor)

Fabio della Torre and Ennio Colaci launched their label in 2008 - since then they've carved a niche putting out a string of deep house records from a mix of Italian and international talent. Limited to 100 copies, the Bosconi Stallions vinyl and CD boxset features four various artists EPs - Apacz, Neged, Teona and Athena - and a mix. (The EPs will also be released separately.) The four EPs feature tracks from the likes of A Guy Called Gerald, San Proper, Rondenion, Eduardo de la Calle, Nick Anthony Simoncino, The Oliverwho Factory and Nicholas. The same tracks also feature on the 14-track mix, which was compiled by the Bosconi Soundsystem, AKA Fabio della Torre, Rufus, Mass Prod and Alex Picone.


01. Herva - Stay
02. Rondenion - Sunrize
03. Riccio - Put The Man Out
04. San Proper & The Clover - Voices

01. A Guy Called Gerald - Thu The Diehold
02. Altered Natives - The Legend Of Neglect
03. Brothers In Low - Testacorta
04. Eduardo De La Calle - Virata Rupa

01. Alex Picone - Dry Scream
02. Nightdrivers - Quanto Tempo Ci Rimane (Fabio's Consolation Edit)
03. I.F.M. - Dirty Vibes
04. Life's Track - Dark Clouds

01. The Oliverwho Factory - Mind Free
02. Nick Anthony Simoncino - Tramonto Techno
03. Nicholas - From Somewhere Else
04. Ennio Colaci - Hinterland

Bosconi Stallions Mixed

01. San Proper & The Clover - Voices
02. A Guy Called Gerald - Thu The Diehold
03. Eduardo De La Calle - Virata Rupa
04. Altered Natives - The Legend of Neglect
05. I.F.M. - Dirty Vibes
06. Life's Track - Dark Clouds
07. Nicholas - From Somewhere Else
08. Nightdrivers - Quanto Tempo Ci Rimane (Fabio's Consolation Edit)
09. Alex Picone - Dry Scream
10. The Oliverwho Factory - Mind Free
11. Nick Anthony Simoncino - Tramonto Techno
12. Brothers In Low - Testacorta
13. Rondenion - Sunrize
14. Riccio - Put The Man Out

Bosconi will release Bosconi Stallions on July 17th, 2013.

[The Mix CD will also be available seperately].

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Mix CD only:



Bosconi link on the boxset

Bosconi link on the Mix CD

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July 2nd: Gerald article in this month's DJ Mag (Issue # 523, July 2013)
DJ Mag - July 2013

There's an article on Gerald in this month's DJ Mag (July 2013) - Issue # 523. On sale now.

In the full-page article, Gerald talks about the creation of Voodoo Ray - reproduced here.

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June 28th: Gerald track "Thu The Diehold" on "Bosconi Stallions NEGED" - out now on vinyl/digital
Bosconi Stallions NEGED

Various - Bosconi Stallions NEGED

IT 2013 12" Single; Bosconi Records: BOSCONI 023

Side A

1. 7:27 A Guy Called Gerald - "Thu The Diehold"
2. 6:40 Altered Natives - "The Legend Of Neglect"

Side B

1. 7:01 Brothers In Low - "Testacorta"
2. 5:58 Eduardo De La Calle - "Virata Rupa"


Vinyl: 17th June 2013.
Digital (Beatport): 28th June 2013.

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Juno Beatport


Bosconi link


Different Grooves


Discosafari Blogspot

May 17th: New Gerald track "Silent Sound Spread Spectrum" out via Bowers & Wilkins subscription-based service
A Guy Called Gerald - Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

A Guy Called Gerald - Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

UK/US 2013 Digital; Bowers & Wilkins / Real World Records / Society of Sound Music:‎ 60

50:16 Silent Sound Spread Spectrum


17th May 2013.


Published By – Nanoplasmic
Mixed At – Real World Studios
Written and Produced by – A Guy Called Gerald
Engineer – Patrick Phillips
Management – Megan Mann
Vocals – David Simpson

Press Release:

A Guy Called Gerald joins Bowers & Wilkins' Society of Sound with 'Silent Sound Spread Spectrum'.

"I am fascinated by the science of sound. Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) or S-Quad or Squad is allegedly a technology used by the US Department Of Defence that uses subliminal programming carried over ultra-high frequency broadcast waves. With this system, planting inaudible messages directly into the subconscious becomes very easy to do and everyone is susceptible..."

Subscribe to Society of Sound to download high-quality albums from Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. All available in Apple Lossless and studio-quality FLAC

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Bowers & Wilkins Website

April 26th: Felipe Valenzuela / Pier Bucci / Gerald track "Mas" out soon via Room 9
Felipe Valenzuela / Pier Bucci / A Guy Called Gerald - 

Felipe Valenzuela / Pier Bucci / A Guy Called Gerald - Mas

IT 2013 12" Single; Room 9  Records: RM9008

Side A

Felipe Valenzuela, Pier Bucci & A Guy Called Gerald – Mas

Side B

Felipe Valenzuela & Pier Bucci - Ocurrencias


TBD 2013.

Press Release:

Andrea Appolloni’s Room 9 label is back with a fantastic new EP from the chilean producers Felipe Valenzuela and Pier Bucci, supported by the great touch of the former acid house uk producer A Guy Called Gerald.

Felipe Valenzuela is at his second Ep at Room 9 and he has built a superb reputation for producing quality house, always mixed with his own South American vibe. His releases and remixes for labels including Cadenza, Melisma and Metroline Ltd, have granted him fantastic support from the best international artists. For this Ep he worked in studio with his friend Pier Bucci.

Pier’s sound is a personal blend of lush, colorful melodies, wrapped inside elegant techno, all tied together with a Latin twist.

A Guy Called Gerald’s touch increased the quality of this Ep, thanks to the refined taste of the uk producer. AGCG marks more of 20 years of production in dance music and his style is a gateway between Chicago House and Detroit Techno.

Ocurrencias, music by Pier and Felipe, is a percussive groove track characterised by lots of organic elements and powerful percussion that progresses into a wave of acid naughtiness.

ACGC worked with the chilean producers in order to realize the track “Mas”, a perfect combination of the styles of all artists, with deep acid haunting synths creates an impressive crescendo to drive the emotions in this sophisticated melodic elegant track.


Soundcloud link

Reviewed In:

Mixmag June 2013 (out now).

April 26th: Gerald track "Thu The Diehold" on "Bosconi Stallions NEGED" - due 22/05/13
Bosconi Stallions NEGED

For the second installment of the Stallions saga, Bosconi Records entrusts the fate of the muscular thoroughbred Neged. The stallion is flanked by five stallions at an older age and with four tracks have a responsibility to drive the seductive ride, set synergy between Uk, bass and balearic sounds.

The first maximum weight is A Guy Called Gerald, with a melodic and other times The The Diehold, following close behind Altered Natives that lay snares for between environments dreamy and epic of The Legend Of Neglect. The B-side turns on a wide range of positive feelings derived from spatial Testacorta melodies, written by Alex Picone and Mass Prod aka Brothers in Low, and Virata Rupa by Edoardo della Calle, who is a great travel companion for a ride reached only half of the final goal.

April 26th: Sender Flashbacks Vol #3 feat. Gerald's "Time To Jak"out 29/04/2013
Various - Sender Flashbacks Vol #3

Various - Sender Flashbacks Vol #3

DE 2013 Digital; Sender Records: send090

06:50 A Guy Called Gerald - Time To Jak


Digital: 29th April 2013.


Originally released in 2006 (backed with Beno Blomme's version of "Time To Jak", now included on a digital compilation via the label, Sender Records.

Bosconi Release page here.

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March 16th: Black Secret Technology in "The Sun"!

Gerald article in The Sun from 16th March here.

February 18th: Gerald on Kraftwerk

An interview with Gerald on Kraftwerk here.

April 10th: Gerald being Interviewed by Terry Farley

Here's a YouTube clip of Gerald being Interviewed by Terry Farley

March 28th: Gerald interview in Soundwall Magazine

Here's an interview with Soundwall (English version at the bottom of the page).