A Guy Called Gerald Unofficial Web Page: Updates 2002

  • Well, the remix discography pages have now finally been completed - more scans and accompanying text has been added to most of the entries, and all pages now have a menu bar, which should mean that anyone finding the particular page by accident will be able to find their way back to the home page - that's the theory, anyway!
  • Added a section to the front page to list Gerald's upcoming dj & tour dates so that people immediately know what he's up to without having to manoeuvre via menus.
  • More to do - most of the compilation discography pages haven't been formatted correctly - i.e. no menus, and some lack of scans. Hopefully, I can complete this before I go back to work... If not, this will appear at some point! ;->
  • Updated news section to include information on the upcoming Retroverts_002 party in February.
  • Remix Discography now displayed as thumbnails.
  • Most of the remix discography pages now have menu bars and have been formatted as per the Gerald discography. This has taken quite a bit of time - i.e. tedious!!
  • The rest of the remix discography should be finished within the next couple of days...
  • Updated news section to include info on the upcoming New Years Eve concert at Wang - fancy dress ahoy (!), and also news on the All Tomorrows Parties at Camber Sands - not sure which date Gerald will be appearing on - will try to find out!
  • Major update on the Gerald discographies in an effort to unify the layout, menus, information, etc! Will try to do the same with the rest of the discographies whilst I've got some spare time over Christmas and the New Years holidays!
  • Updated the 'Cover' discography to include details on the unofficial Todd Terry mix (Royal House - Voodoo Killer), and not the official covers/remixes by Frankie Bones/Tommy Musto under the name of 'Voodoo Doll'  - still more to do!
  • Still to do - scan a number of articles, flyers, adverts, tour adverts, etc... Will attempt to try and make Omni Page Pro 12 work!
  • Added some scans - Deep Heat 3, Royal House, Voodoo Doll, Cabaret Voltaire 7", 28 Gun Bad Boy cassette, Black Secret Technology (original) cassette, Disneyband Columbia promo 12", etc. Still loads more to do - discographies take a lot of time.
  • Added some more info on the new album - apparently this is nearly finished and due for a release on !K7 next year... Also, a new Gerald label will be starting up next year with a new remastered version of 28 Gun Bad Boy appearing as (possibly) the first release. All of this is subject to confirmation, everything coming together, etc (fingers crossed)!
  • Major website updates in progress - Gerald discography now displays thumbnails. Compilation discography also does, but links haven't been finished - they will soon - honest!
  • Added menu system - this hasn't (yet!) appeared on the discography items (a long process), but will do soon...
  • Added information about the Tenaglia mix on 'Azuli Presents...Faith Vol.2'
  • Added 4 tour dates in Scotland/England
  • More to come, soon!
  • Updated discography section with new piccies from newly purchased A3 Scanner
  • Other discography items to be updated later
  • Updated 'News' items:
    • News of 'Voodoo Ray' compilation
    • News of new album in progress
    • News of 28 Gun Bad Boy reissue in progress
    • News of 'Essence' mixes in progress.
  • Updated discography with various items:
    • House Party 7 Megamix CD
    • Republic Records Rewind CD
  • Apparently, you can now order 'Strange Attractor' (Rose X film starring Terrence McKenna, Lady Kier, and featuring music from Gerald) on DVD. I haven't got a copy (yet), but am hoping to soon...
  • Updated lots of discography items, including numerous compilations with Annette's "Dream 17" on it.
  • Long update for a long time - sorry!
  • Restructured live dates pages - black background and tidied up some links on those.
  • Added live dates for the Babel Gilberto dates last year in the US, and this year in Japan
  • Updated contents page - thought it was about time, as Blueprint has been out for quite a long time now!
  • Updated News page to correct hyperlinks and also include information on:
    • Black Dog remix 12" out soon
    • Updated info on 'Future2Future' album (more than just Japan release)
    • Updated news on 'Requiem For A Dream' soundtrack remix album - still no release date!
    • Updated tour info to include Babel Gilberto tour dates in March in Japan.
  • Updated lots of discography pages including:
    • Digital Bad Boy - scanned in label
    • Spiritually Ibiza II
    • Dancemasters Vol 1 - includes Frankie Foncett mix of "Emotions Electric"
    • Lots of early Gerald projects - Annette/Dream17, Inertia - No Where To Run, etc
    • Strange Fruit - Emotions Electric 12" single (didn't know this existed until fairly recently)
    • 28 Gun Bad Boy LP - promo - received this and included scans
    • Panic In Detroit CD - managed to get hold of this - includes an Inertia track
    • 2 Mixes by AFX - superb Aphex Twin remix of 808 State's "Flow Coma"
    • Lots of compilations which include "Voodoo Ray"
    • Various cassette versions of Gerald's stuff - cassingles and "Hot Lemonade"
  • Plus lots more I've probably forgotten about!