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November: New Gerald single, "Is Man In Danger (featuring David Simpson)", out via Pro Tech Shon on 14th November
The first release from Pro Tech Shon (Gerald's new breakbeat label), "Is Man In Danger (featuring David Simpson)", is out via Pro Tech Shon/SRD Distribution and was released on 14th November 2005, on 12".

Also released as MP3.

UK 2005 12"; Pro Tech Shon: PROTECH-01-12
UK 2005 MP3; Pro Tech Shon; PROTECH-01 [Beatport]

6:00 Is Man In Danger? (Jungle Mix) [featuring David Simpson]
5:11 Is Man In Danger? (Alternative Mix) [featuring David Simpson]


12" Promo Released: October 2005.
12" Released: 14th November 2005.
MP3 Released (Beatport): 7th December 2005


Written and produced by A Guy Called Gerald.
Vocals by David Simpson.

Purchase 12" Single here via Boomkat, Picadilly Records, or Juno Records.

Purchase MP3 tracks via Beatport here.

September: New Gerald single, "Flo-Ride", out via Sugoi on 26th September
The first release from Sugoi, "Flo-Ride", is due out via Sugoi/SRD Distribution on 26th September 2005, on 12", according to the the distributors, Southern Records.

"Acid house pioneer A Guy Called Gerald unveiled details of his new independent label Sugoi this week with a detailed critique of the state of mainstream house culture.

"By the early 90's in the UK, house music had a smiley face label stuck on it and had been homogenised" it was basically stuck in its own groove," the 808 State/ Voodoo Ray legend declared.

"Even today, listening to some of the newer (what's supposedly) dance music and seeing the superstar DJs who appeared out of the pseudo house scene, only fuels my rebel energy," he continued.

The outspoken artist also lifted the lid on DJs using sound engineers to write all their music declaring "Not many people were actually making the music - it was mostly samples - Every time I got to a studio and started setting up my equipment I would always get the same surprised look from the engineers and then they'd start complaining about producers / DJs coming in with a load of records to sample and expecting the engineer to write the tune," he recalled.

"If half the hit music from the 90s had the true credits on the sleeve notes it would probably be a lot of writing credit going to those studio engineers."

Sugoi opens for business on September 5 with the release of Gerald's new single FLO-RIDE."

Review from Boomkat: "It's been long-rumoured, but here is proof in the pudding that Gerald is finally getting back to his roots with a new label and some analogue wares to keep the old school devotees on form. This is a strictly limited white-label edition of the very first release on his brand new Sugoi imprint, moving away from his K7 output towards warm, on-it 4/4 acid variations and bass-heavy cuts that you'll all know and love. These sound like they could have been recorded 15 years ago - just what we where hoping for. Hurry!"

Review from Picadilly Records: "A Guy Called Gerald steps back into the world of self-run labels and launches his new imprint Sugoi. Four to the floor techno track "Flo-Ride" drives along at 135bpm, while "Under The Way" is a quirky bass-driven charger for the DJs. Lastly there's the ultra-deep "Visitor", described by Gerald as 'moon dub'."
A Guy Called Gerald - Flo-Ride

UK 2005 12"; Sugoi: SUGOI -01-12
UK 2005 MP3; Sugoi; SUGOI -01 [Beatport]

5:01 Flo-Ride
4:11 Under The Way
3:55 Visitor


12" Released: 26th September 2005.
MP3 Released: 7th December 2005


Written and produced by A Guy Called Gerald.

Purchase 12" Single here via Boomkat, Picadilly Records, or Juno Records.

Purchase MP3 single via Beatport here.

August: Lamb - 'Remixed' out now - features Gerald mix
The previously available Gerald remix of Lamb's "Cottonwool" is available again on a new 2CD release by Lamb, entitled "Remixed".

I'll leave Andy Barlow and Louise Rhodes to comment on the mix (taken from the liner notes): "Andy: Lou came to the studio with Gerald's Black Secret Technology album. It was so exciting. Apart from pirate radio, it was the first time we'd heard that kind of drum programming. Lou suggested trying double-time drums on "Cottonwool". At the time, I had a really antiquated sampler. It took about two weeks to get my head round double-time drums. "Cottonwool" was the first track we wrote in that style so it seemed really appropriate we ask Gerald to remix it. Louise: I got goose-pimples when I re-played that. There's something weird for me about having my spoken word come back at me - it spooked me a bit - but it really sets the atmosphere. It sounds really vulnerable. Gerald is a good friend and I've a huge amount of respect for him." 

UK 2005 2xCD; Blue Sky / Fontana / Universal Music: 9829214

5:27 Cotton Wool (A Guy Called Gerald Mix)


1st August 2005.


Produced by Lamb.
Remix and Additional Production by A Guy Called Gerald.

August: DJ Bone Mix CD 'Subject Detroit Volume 3' out now - features new Gerald track
A new Gerald track, 'Old Skool 313', will be included on a new mix CD by DJ Bone, entitled "Subject Detroit Volume 3".

Release date is currently 25th July 2005 - more details as and when I receive them!

Other artists involved include Ben Simms, Mark Broom and Roku.

"Subject Detroit Vol. 3 is the highly anticipated follow up to DJ Bone's 2001 very successful Subject Detroit Vol.2 mix CD. This project has been in the works for over 3 years from the concept to the track-listing all the way up to the actual mix. For over 15 years mixing has been Bone's true art and this mix displays every facet of the skills that make him one of the best Electronic music DJs in the world. With this project Bone delivers an original, one of a kind and timeless experience. The concept came about when Dj Bone noticed how the vast majority of mix CDs are simply a bunch of high profile, hit songs compiled and mixed. There would be an abundance of focus on the songs and the big name DJ commissioned to do the mix as opposed to the actual mix itself. This and the realization that most were mixed and edited on a computer was enough fuel to motivate Bone to act. He wanted to push things further than the ordinary mix and really make this project unique. To do this Bone contacted some of his favourite producers and asked them to create new productions for him to use on the mix. The result is an entire mix of all new, unreleased songs from Aaron Carl, A Guy Called Gerald, Ben Sims, Mark Broom, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Scan7, Scan X, Futago Technologies, DJ Bone himself and many more. Subject Detroit Vol.3 is a live, 3 turntable mix of all unreleased songs done in true DJ Bone fashion, straight up Detroit style. No edits, no computers, no CDs, just raw energy, soul, skill and imagination. Tentative Release Date: June 2005"

US 2005 CD Album; Subject Detroit: SUBCD 1003

2:20 A Guy Called Gerald: Old Skool 313


August 2005.


A Guy Called Gerald: Old Skool 313.
W & P by A Guy Called Gerald.
Published by Nanoplasmic.
(C) + (P) 2004 A Guy Called Gerald.
Licensed: Gerald Simpson.
April: Fools Gold (Top Won Remix) out on Simply Vinyl 12" {Released 4th April 2005}
Simply Vinyl have issued a new 12" single comprising three mixes of The Stone Roses' classic, "Fools Gold", including the "Top Won Mix" by Gerald.


Fools Gold (Original Mix) (9:53)

Fools Gold (Top Won Mix) (A Guy Called Gerald) (7:17)

Fools Gold (Grooverider's Mix) (6:05)

Available to buy either from Simply Vinyl's website (not currently listed, although they can be contacted by phone), via Juno, or any decent record shop (HMV, Virgin Megastores, etc).
The Stone Roses - Fools Gold (Simply Vinyl)

UK 2005 12" Single; Simply Vinyl: S12DJ191

7:14 Fools Gold (The Top Won Mix! - Edited)


4th April 2005.


Remix by A Guy Called Gerald.

January: A Guy Called Gerald - new album - To All Things What They Need {Released: 1st January 2005}
The new album will be called "To All Things What They Need" and will be out on 31st January 2005 via !K7, featuring Finley Quaye and Ursula Rucker on vocals.

The promo album CD also features a 16 minute video combining the 1990 Granada Madchester documentary (featuring contributions from Darren Partington from 808 State and Derrick May), and the 2000 Channel 4 'Profiles' documentary on Gerald (featuring contributions from LTJ Bukem, DJ Krust, 4 Hero, Louise Rhodes, as well as Gerald himself). This doesn't appear on the final album.

You can listen to the following tracks at various websites:

"Call For Prayer" at Q Magazine (listed in their list of 'Best Tracks of 2005') is available as an Apple QuickTime 'mov' download.

"Pump" at Download.com is available as an MP3 download You can buy the album in download format from the following sites: MP3 Format: K7 Site Apple format: iTUNES

FR 2005 2xLP; Studio !K7: !K7173LP
FR 2005 CD; Studio !K7: !K7173CD [Initial copies in plastic slipcase]

5:26 American Cars
3:27 To Love
3:37 Millennium Sanhedrin (featuring Ursula Rucker)
4:27 Call For Prayer
3:30 Meaning
3:23 Tajeen
5:49 Strangest Changes (featuring Finley Quaye)
5:11 First Try
5:30 Pump
5:28 What God Is


Album released 31st January 2005.

January: Slices DVD Magazine features Gerald {Released: 1st January 2005}
Slices - DVD Magazine
  • The latest 'Slices' DVD magazine has a feature on Gerald, together with videos by Funkstorung, Rex The Dog and Nightmares On Wax
  • Issue 1-05:
    • Features: Funksturung, Acid Maria meets Miss Kittin, Robag Whrume / Musik Krause, Ewan Pearson, Alter Ego / Playhouse, Nightmares On Wax, Get Physical, Kompakt, Matthew Dear, A Guy called Gerald
    • Specials: DVD Manufacturing, DVD Tip, Gadgets
    • Videos: Alter Ego, Losoul, Funksturung, Rex The Dog, Robag Whrume feat. Dehlia, Nightmares On Wax
  • Available for FREE from German record shops, or is available from Kompakt's website - they do international shipping and only charge postage for the DVD.