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October: A Guy Called Gerald "Fever" Single {Released October 30th 2000}
A Guy Called Gerald "Fever" Single

The new single - 'Fever' - was released on October 30th 2000 on both 12" and CD single.


    Fever (Original)

    (Ninjaboy's Locked On Remix)

    (Hotter Than Georgia Aspahlt Remix By Black Dog)

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October: The Stone Roses - "The Remixes"
The Stone Roses - The Remixes

On October 30th 2000, Silvertone Records in the UK released a compilation of Stone Roses remixes including mixes by Gerald, 808 State, Utah Saints and Grooverider.

The Gerald track is the "Top Won Remix" of "Fools Gold" - previously only available on a very limited CD single. 

September: Gerald Remixes Finley Quaye's "Spiritualized" single
Finley Quaye's "Spiritualized" single

Gerald has remixed Finley's new single, 'Spiritualized' which is out on September 11th 2000 through Epic.

Gerald's mix will appear on CD2 - a mix by both Gerald & Finley.

August: A Guy Called Gerald "Essence" Album {Released August 14th 2000}
A Guy Called Gerald "Essence" Album

The new album - 'Essence' - was  released on August 14th.

Gerald says: "aquarius rising will be called essence. some of the track's have been re edited. this l.p will be a personal step forword for me my first all vocal l.p"

Check out the NME website here. NME states: A Guy Called Gerald has also completed work on his new album, titled 'Essence', which will be released in late summer through K7 records. As well as featuring Louise Rhodes, the album will also feature guest vocals from Lady Miss Kier on a track called 'Aquarius Rising'. Gerald spoke exclusively to nme.com about his new album. He said: "The exercise is to show diversity in vocal-orientated dance music. This record was recorded over five years on both sides of the pond and it doesn't sound like anything I've heard before. It is up to you to call it what you want!"


    The Universe (feat. Jennifer Neal)

    The First Breathe

    Humanity (feat. Louise Rhodes)

    Multiplies (feat. Wendy Page)

    Fever (or a Flame) (feat. Wendy Page)

    Could You Understand (feat. David Simpson)

    Alien Report Glow (feat. Wendy Page)

    Beaches & Deserts (feat. Wendy Page)

    Final Call I Make It (Feat. David Simpson)

    Universal Spirit (feat. Wendy Page)

    Hurry to go Easy (feat. Lady Kier)

    Scale Circle Landed (feat. Wendy Page)

Samples are available from !K7's website.  Click the above link to be taken to the 'Essence' page at !K7's website.

Wendy Page - guest vocalist on the Essence album
Lady Kier with Gerald - guest vocalist on Essence album

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July: A Guy Called Gerald (featuring Louise Rhodes of Lamb) "Humanity" Single {Released July 10th 2000}

"The track "Humanity" featuring Lamb's Louise Rhodes on vocals is currently undergoing a technical remix by Ian Simmonds, Funksturung and Ashley Beedle. This treat of a single will be out in May."

The single has been released on 2x12" singles (many thanks to Jochen for the information):

Humanity 12" Single (Stud!o !K7):

Original Mix

Funksurung Remix

Ian Simmonds Remix

Borngruber & Struever Remix

Humanity 12" Single - Ashley Beedle Mixes (Stud!o !K7):

Love and Compassion Mix

Dub And Compassion

Compassion and Air

Purchase Humanity (Digitally) From:

Juno Download iTunesAmazon UK!K7 Store

Purchase Humanity Ashley Beedle Remixes (Digitally) From:

Juno Download iTunesAmazon UKBoomkat!K7 Store

A 7-track promo CD-R single for 'Humanity' is currently doing the rounds - if you can find a copy, well worth having! 

July: German Magazine 'Musikexpress Sounds' features free !K7 CD
MusikExpress Sounds - Issue 42 - July 2000

The July 2000 issue of the German music magazine 'MusikExpress Sounds' comes free with a CD of !K7 artists including Gerald, Funksurung, Smith & Mighty, Tosca, Terranova, Peace Orchestra and Beth Hirsch.

There are two Gerald tracks on the CD: Humanity (Album Version) Humanity (Funksuung Mix)

The 'Funksurung Mix' of 'Humanity' has thus far eluded a CD release (apart from the promo 7-track CD single), so this item is well worth picking up.

Many thanks to Jochen for the above information (and also to Ecki in Germany for sending me the mag - see you in Portugal!).

!K7 Compilation CD features 2 mixes of 'Humanity'
May/June: Essence Tour

Tour Dates (so far):

June 1st - London Brixton Mass

(Not there yet, but website at https://www.massclub.co.uk/)

Tickets have now gone on sale for the London Brixton Mass gig on June 1st 2000.

Time: 8:00pm-3:00am

Thursday, June 1, 2000 @ 8:00 PM
Guy Called Gerald
Terranova (DJ Set)
Stereo MCs (DJ Set)

Tel: 0207 771 2000

Web: https://www.ticketweb.co.uk/

June 3rd - Amsterdam Paradiso

(Website at https://www.paradiso.nl/)

More live dates:

June 4th - Berlin, Kesselhaus

Their website is at https://www.kesselhaus.de/

June 5th - Paris, New Morning

Check their website for more details at:


April: BILL SHANNON - 'Art Of Weightlessness'
BILL SHANNON - 'Art Of Weightlessness'

On May 17th, 18th and 19th, there is a performance at the Exit Festival, Creteil, France 2000, comprising dance and music, featuring songs from Gerald off 'Essence':

A Guy Called Gerald is a house and jungle recording artist from England. Gerald has contributed to the evenings performance several tunes from his unreleased album length work, "Essence" on K7 these title include "Universal Spirit" and "Weightless and Light"

Check out the website here for further information.

For the official Exit Festival website, check here

Also, check out this website for another website for previous dates

April: DJ Spooky vs The Freight Elevator Quartet - "File Under Futurism"
DJ Spooky vs The Freight Elevator Quartet - "File Under Futurism"

Thought you might like to know that Gerald has produced two remixes of 'File Under Futurism' by the Freight Elevator Quartert vs DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid. It's on a 12" single on Caipirinha records.

Original version of the song can be found on the 'Funk: This Is Jungle Sky 6' (also featuring Gerald's 'Da Vibe').

Freight Elevator Quartets website is at:


And Caipirinha Records website is at:


Update (May 2000):

The 12" single is called 'Futurism' - details below:

DJ Spooky vs The Freight Elevator Quartet
"Futurism" EP
Caipirihna CAI2032

Tracks are:

File Under Futurism (Grooveprotocol Mix)
File Under Futurism (A Guy Called Gerald Jungle Mix)
File Under Futurism (A Guy Called Gerald Ambient Mix)

It can be ordered at https://www.forcedexposure.com.

You can find some real-audio snippets at https://sandbox.pair.com/abstract/cai2032.html

March: 'Dazed&Confused' magazine includes new Gerald track
March 2000 Issue of 'Dazed & Confused' - link is 2 issues out of date!

Limited copies of the March 2000 issue of 'Dazed & Confused' (issue 63) comes free with a !K7 compilation CD featuring a preview track from Gerald's forthcoming 'Essence' album, entitled 'Untitled'. Not sure if this is the actual title of the track that appears on 'Essence', but we'll have to wait and see!

Please Note: The CD is unavailable outside the UK and is of limited quantities - i.e. not *all* copies of the magazine come with the CD!  

The track is a drum'n'bass affair featuring some female vocals over the top. Unsure who the singer is, though it may well be Louise from Lamb, Wendy Page, or Lady Kier...

The CD mentions that the 'Essence' catalogue number will be '!K7088'.

Other artists on the CD include other Stud!o !K7 artists such as Smith & Mighty, Terranova (featuring Cath Coffey), Ian Simmonds and Funkstorung.

Gerald says in the magazine: "I wanted to be with a label that was more DJ-based," says Gerald from his new home in New York. "A lot of labels are more formal, you feel that if you do something a bit off the wall then you're doing something wrong. K7 is how I always envisioned an independent label to be - pushing the music out there without getting too corporate."

February: The Cosmos Gerald Webpage
Click here to go the The Official Gerald Site

Gerald's Personal Web Page is now up and running. No links as of today (February 2000), but keep on checking for updates. Superb graphics - wonder if they're the graphics for the new EP/album?? This seems to still no links.... 

Gerald's page is to include all the previous Juice Box singles on his page top download from in MP3 format - check the chat forum on the contents page for further details! 

Official web site just been announced. Check out Cosmos' web site here. There are 7 MP3's to download, courtesy of Gerald himself (several of which reside on early JuiceBox 12" singles, but there are several brand new ones as well), as well as a mailing list which promises mails from Gerald himself - cannot wait!

Old School Titles of MP3 Files:

1 - Anything V.2.1

2 - <Unknown as of yet>

3 - Hot Foot

4 - Geralds Bassline

5 - (Doesn't exist!)

6 - Take Me

7 - The Glok Track

8 - Too Fucked To Dance

9 - Darker Than I Should Be

10 - <Unknown as of yet>

11 - This Is The Right Time

All above MP3's can be downloaded from The Cosmos Web Site.

An audio interview with Gerald is promised soon.