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November: Audrey Hannah - "Liquid Touch" (A Guy Called Gerald Remix) out now
Audrey Hannah - Liquid Touch

The new CD single by Audrey Hannah called "Liquid Touch" is out in Germany on  November 11th.

One of these remixes is called the 'A Guy Called Gerald RMX'.

You can buy the CD single at Amazon (Germany) here.

Title: Audrey Hannah - 'Liquid Touch'
Format: 12"/CD Single
Country: Germany
Label: EMI Germany/Positiva
Catalogue (EMI Germany CD): 7243 5 51502 2 6
Catalogue (Positiva 12"): 7243 5 51502 6 4

Gerald track: Audrey Hannah - 'Liquid Touch ( A Guy Called Gerald RMX' (5:25)

October: Voodoo Ray (Danny Tenaglia Mix) out on Compilation
Azuli Presents Faith Vol. 2

Danny Tenaglia's mix of "Voodoo Ray" has finally appeared on a compilation album called "Azuli Presents...Faith Vol. 2"

The 2xCD release (Azuli; AZCD18) features the track mixed between two other tracks, clocking in at 6:22 minutes.

The 3xLP vinyl release (Azuli; AZLP18) features the full unedited and unmixed version of the track at 15:25 minutes.

Title: Various Artists - 'Faith Vol. 2'

Format: 3xLP/2xCD

Country: UK

Label: Azuli

Catalogue: AZLP18/AZCD18

Gerald track:

A Guy Called Gerald - 'Voodoo Ray (Danny Tenaglia Remix)' (15:25) [LP]

A Guy Called Gerald - 'Voodoo Ray (Danny Tenaglia Remix)' (6:22) [CD]

October: 'Requiem For A Dream' remix soundtrack featuring Gerald
Requiem For A Dream Remixed

The instrumental score for the movie "Requiem for a Dream," composed by former 'Pop Will Eat Itself' guitarist Clint Mansell and featuring performances by the Kronos Quartet, has been given over to a roster of techno figures that includes Paul Oakenfold, A Guy Called Gerald, Photek and Uberzone to create "Requiem for a Dream: The Remix Project," out now on Thrive Records/Warner Bros. (America).

Track 14 is "Body & Fear" remixed by A Guy Called Gerald.

You can buy the album from Amazon (USA) here.

(With thanks to Bill Hatem for the news, and for the Clintatthecontrols website)

Title: Various Artists - 'Requiem For A Dream Remixed'

Format: CD

Country: USA

Label: Thrive/Sire

Catalogue: 90703-2

Gerald track: A Guy Called Gerald - 'Body & Fear' (5:22)

August: 24 Hour Party People' film and soundtrack feature 'Voodoo Ray'
24 Hour Party People Soundtrack

The new Michael Winterbottom directed film about Tony Wilson and Factory Records, '24 Hour Party People' features Gerald's 'Voodoo Ray' in both the film and on the soundtrack.

 Click on this link to be taken to the official Party People website.

Also being released in the US via Essential records on 6th August 2002.

"Voodoo Ray. This album should perhaps provide a soundtrack of our lives, at least the lives of those who really lived through the past three decades. And if this early classic of British House culture was not part of your soundtrack, then you didn't fucking live. I remember the rumours. He was called Gerald. Honest. And there was some indie label in Stoke. It was a seven inch single or maybe twelve. And you'd walk into the Hacienda, turn right after the entrance and before you had even passed through Ben Kelly's post-modernist arches, if you were lucky, it would be A Guy Called Gerald and those oooh aaahs that would propel you to the dance floor. This classic piece was really the first sign that this wasn't just an import culture. Why were we so surprised by what Gerald had done. Hadn't it happened before. America the beautiful, but she needs the twist that the children of Albion bring to Rock and Roll. Talk Chuck Berry, Iggy Pop, Derrick May and Slipknot. And in the late 80's the Detroit boys were getting the treatment from Gerald and Voodoo Ray wasn't just great music. It was one of the first signs that it was happening all over again." (Tony Wilson - from the liner notes of '24 Hour Party People')