A Guy Called Gerald Unofficial Web Page: Updates 2001

  • Attempting to change the overall look of the web page (thought the background was too bright!).
  • Updated information on the 'Blueprint' album.
  • Included information on the 'Requiem for a Dream' remix soundtrack due out sometime this Spring.
  • Updated various tour infos.
  • Updated News/Tours pages - info on "Trance-Hall" 12"/Blueprint album/new tourdates/possible anthology album/Transparent Music album w/Herbie Hancock & Bill Laswell.
  • More discography updates!
    • Included various track timings for certain Gerald/Ricky Rouge singles.
    • Included information on JBOX001 ('Digital Bad Boy') featuring MC Tunes (who also collaborated with 808 State on 'The Only Rhyme That Bites', and who was a member of 'Hit Squad MCr' together with Gerald & 808 State). This EP also features an early version of 'Could You Understand', with MC Tunes' vocals taking the place of David Simpson's - the actual lyrics are completely different, however!
  • There will be some news updates soon - I promise!
  • Some more discography updates:
    • Included all of the Gerald alias records (Ricky Rouge/Inertia/K.G.B./Lisa May) into the main Gerald discography.
    • Orb - 'Oxbow Lakes'
    • 'Dance Yourself To Death' compilation.
    • Ricky Rouge - 'Strange Love (remix)' (Dutch only release on Fresh Fruit Records)