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September: Trip City (Milton Keynes Mix) available on Derrick Carter Mix Compilation
Various - Azuli Presents - Derrick L. Carter - Choice - A Collection Of Classics - UK 2xCD

There is a new mix compilation by Derrick Carter out on Azuli Records, called "Derrick L. Carter - Choice - A Collection Of Classics".

The compilation includes Gerald's "Trip City (Milton Keynes Mix)", previously available on the "Automanikk (Just 4 U Gordon Mix)" 12". This is mixed in with the rest of the album by Derrick Carter.

It's available on the following formats: 2xCD - AZULI; AZCD24.

Please note: The 4xLP version does *NOT* include the Gerald track.

Release date: 22nd September 2003:

Title: 'Derrick L. Carter - Choice - A Collection Of Classics''

Format: 2xCD

Country: UK

Label: Azuli

Catalogue: AZCD24

  Gerald tracks:

  Trip City (Milton Keynes Mix) (4:41)

September: ROKU - "Wang (A Guy Called Gerald Remix)" out September 22nd

A new single under the name of 'ROKU' called "Wang", will be released on the 22nd September on Theory Records, featuring a remix by Gerald.

ROKU is the name for Ben Sims and Mark Broom, who regularly host events under the name of Retroverts, that Gerald performs at times.

There is a promo double 12" already out via Theory records, which also features remixes by Mark Broom, Ben Sims, Baby Ford, Mr G, Paul Mac, as well as Gerald.

Track Listing for double promo 12":

    A1. Wang (Mr G Dubbed Out Mix)

    B1. Wang (Baby Ford Remix)

    B2. Wang (Mark Broom)

    C1. Wang (A Guy Called Gerald)

    C2. Wang (Way Back When Acied Dub)

    D1. Wang (Ben Sims Filter Dub)

    D2. Wang (Paul Mac Remix)

You can buy the 12" from Juno here and do a search for 'ROKU' or from this site here in Europe.

Release date: 22nd September 2003:

Title: Wang

Format: 2x12"

Country: UK

Label: Theory

Catalogue: THEORY 020RMX

Gerald tracks: ROKU - 'Wang (A Guy Called Gerald)' (4:50)

August: K7 150 Package Released - DVD includes 'Fever Video'
!K7 150

There is a new compilation out on !K7 records, called simply '!K7 150'. "The simple series number says it all: This is not just another compilation, but something special. !K7 Records' 150th release is a milestone and it's a celebration. More precisely, !K7150 is both a retrospective of the label's seminal artists and releases and a survey of it's current roster and a peek into where things are headed. !K7150 shows where !K7 Records has come from and where it is today. And more importantly, it demonstrates that our name stands for good music, whatever the style. Chin chin, everybody!"

Released in the following formats: 4xLP - !K7150LP CD - !K7150CD 2xCD & DVD - !K7150LCD (Very Limited)

Gerald's contribution to the audio formats is the single/album version of "Humanity", and the DVD features the video to "Fever (Or A Flame)" - unavailable elsewhere. More info from !K7 here.

Release date: 18th August 2003:

Title: '!K7150'

Format: 4xLP/CD/2xCD+DVD

Country: UK/Germany

Label: Studio !K7

Catalogue: !K7150LP/!K7150CD/!K7150LCD

Gerald tracks: Humanity (5:03)

Fever Video (5:04) [on DVD only]

18th June: New single "Strangest Changes" due September (10" Single)
A Guy Called Gerald - Strangest Changes

A Guy Called Gerald
"Strangest Changes"
(!K7152EP (10"))

Released September 15th 2003

A guy has returned. A guy called Gerald. A guy from Manchester. A guy who since the late eighties has been able to produce more pioneering tunes and albums than other people have had hot dinners - 808 State's Mancunian evergreen "Pacific State", the acid house hymn "Voodoo Ray" and genre- inspiring albums such as " 28 Gun Bad Boy", "Black Secret Technology" and "Essence".

"Strangest Changes" is A Guy Called Gerald's new single. It shows all the wannabe producers out there just what can change over three years. "Strangest Changes" is an upbeat soul track. A potent piece of electronic music full of optimistic smoothness - customarily epic and polished production, interwoven with elegant keyboard smokescreens, driven by a magnificently light break beat, which wends its own way somewhere between 2Step and the Stereo MCs. Finally, guest vocalist Finley Quaye's ultra smooth crooning brings it all together: the song, the soul, the sun.

"Danger", on the flipside, is a classic mid-tempo dub reggae stepper. As a surprise, Gerald's brother, David Simpson, delivers the vocals in the brilliant and vigorously analytical manner demanded by the song. "Danger" points to Gerald's roots and his positively relaxed perspective on life in general - because A Guy Called Gerald, in defiance of the years and the times, has remained an uplifting, spiritual, musical pathfinder. And, with the sensational "Strangest Changes", he's causing more than a little excitement about the release of his new album scheduled for the beginning of next year.
Soul, mate!

Track listing:

A Strangest Changes
B Danger

Please note that we are now called !K7

For further info contact Angela or Katie

22nd June: Jane's "It's A Fine Day (A Guy Called Gerald Remix)" to be released on CD
A Fine Day And A Brilliant Evening

Cherry Red are releasing a compilation album called "A Fine Day....And A Brilliant Evening - Cherry Red Rarities 1983 - 1985" (CDMRED 230) which collates together tracks by 'Jane And Barton' including "It's A Fine Day (A Guy Called Gerald Remix)". The mix is the 7" remix.

"The second release in the series, also out in May is "A Fine Day... And A Brilliant Evening" Cherry Red Rarities 1983-1985 (CDMRED 230) is a collection of hard to find, upstanding tracks recorded for Cherry Red between 1983-1985 by three of our most popular artists; Jane and Barton, Grab Grab The Haddock and In Embrace. This collection includes the beautiful Jane and Barton track "It's A Fine Day" (plus the Guy Called Gerald remix, and a CDROM video of the track). Also featured on this compilation are In Embrace "This brilliant Evening" and Grab Grab The Haddock "Last Fond Goodbye" This can be pre-ordered from Amazon here.

6th May: Strange Attractor' DVD released
Strange Attractor DVD

Rose X's (directed by Ken Adams) psychedelic film starring Terrence McKenna and Lady Kier (ex-Deee-Lite), finally gets a US DVD release this month, via Magic Carpet Media.

The film features tracks and snippets from Gerald's "Black Secret Technology", of which the use of was recommended by Lady Kier, who was working with Gerald at the time on tracks for "Aquarius Rising"/"Essence"

 featuring: Techno-shaman  -  Terence McKenna Dance diva  -  Lady Miss Kier of Deee*Lite Introducing  -  Britt Welin as the exotic half of the attractor Next world, ambient soundtrack from  A Guy Called Gerald Created by Rose X, from a story by  Rose X, Directed by Ken Adams   A strange attractor is created when lovers synchronize their minds, bodies, and computers using botanical substances.   An enchanted and skewed digital dream world, Strange Attractor inverts the  Adam and Eve story and re-visions the Persian/Arabian tale of Layla and Majnun. Sufi love madness meets media prophecy.   You have never seen anything like it.

The DVD can be ordered from Amazon.com here or via the Magic Carpet Media website. Attention Non-US Customers Encoding: All Regions (Region 0).  NTSC.  DVDs will play on all computers with a DVD drive and DVD players (using NTSC or Multi-System units).

There is also a double (NTSC, presumably), VHS video featuring both 'Strange Attractor' and 'Alien Dreamtime'. Available via Amazon's website.

Strange Attractor DVD
9th February: Gerald to remix Black Smoke?
Click here to go to the Blacksmoke website

Gerald is remixing Blacksmoke's new single 'Gimpo Gimpo'.

Blacksmoke is the new band by former KLF member 'Jimmy Cauty'.

Another of the remixes is going to be performed by Andy Barker of 808 State, under the name of Kompressor.

From Blacksmoke (12th February): "Do you have a release date for both the single and also the Blacksmoke album?" Nope, info will appear on the website when we're ready. "Also, do you know if A Guy Called Gerald has been confirmed as remixing 'Gimpo Gimpo'?" Yes. :) BLACK SMOKE"

February: New Gerald Interview online
Picture taken from Rowetta's website: Gerald & Dr Walsh at World DJ Day 2003

There's a new interview (December 2002) with Gerald by Andrew Fogg here. Well worth a look.

Picture above is a picture taken by Rowetta (singer with Happy Mondays) of Gerald with 'Dr.' Walsh at the World DJ Day 2003.

4th January: Early 808 State to be Released

From the 808 State website: "During 2001, Massey recovered 60 minutes of unreleased acid material from the '88 era. Richard James (Aphex Twin) loved it and so, through his Rephlex label, it is going to get released! The CD will include bonus material in the form of the Lounge Jays' "Massage-A-Rama" and "Sex Mechanic" (both for the first time on CD) as well as a recording from 808 State's first ever gig at the Boardwalk club in Manchester! Possibly it will be supported by a vinyl EP. Hopefully those unreleased Newbuild re-mixes (from 1999) by Graham, Gerald & Martin will finally see the light of day! Release date? Considering there has already been 18 months of work involved, it could be Christmas 2003 before this labour of love is released"