A Guy Called Gerald Unofficial Web Page: Digital Discography


Our Fall (Digital)

xx April 2012

A Guy Called Gerald - Our Fall

Touch Me (Digital)

11th April 2012

A Guy Called Gerald - Touch Me

Sir Duced (Digital)

11th April 2012

A Guy Called Gerald - Sir Duced

Heckle And Koch (Digital)

1st April 2012

Dem A Magul (Digital)

1st April 2012

Boomshakattack (Feat. MC Navigator) (Digital)

31st March 2012

Black Thanx (Digital)

31st March 2012

Bad Boy Ride (Digital)

31st March 2012

28 Gun Bad Boy (Remix) (Digital)

30th March 2012

7th Science Of Levitation (Digital)

29th March 2012

Black Secret Technology The Lost DAT (Digital Album)

28th March 2012

Attic Attack 1986 - 1988 (Digital Album)

27th March 2012


Escape To The Moon (Digital)

5th September 2011

G-Dance (Digital)

29th August 2011

Driver  (Digital)

29th July 2011

Umgaia  (Digital)

18th July 2011

Manerva  (Digital)

11th July 2011


Juice Box Concentrate 1 (Digital Album)

24th February 2009

Keep On Moving (Digital)

22nd February 2009

Morning Chant (Digital)

3rd February 2009

Vulcan Love Dance (Digital)

3rd February 2009

A Guy Called Gerald - Vulcan Love Dance

Old School Underground (Digital)

2nd February 2009

Bassbot (Digital)

1st February 2009

Anything Can Happen (Bailey Remix) (Digital)

27th January 2009

Dunkel Unterspiel (Digital)

27th January 2009


Sufistifunk / Robogroove (Digital)

3rd January 2006