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Last Updated: 12 March, 2023

11th October: Autonation - Cyborg Society - Remastered Digital EP released back in February 2021
Autonation - Cyborg Society - Digital Remaster

"This is a digital edition of Cyborg Society by Autonation. Originally released on vinyl in 1991 by Cue Records.

Lovingly remastered from an original 12inch, it features the track 'Crosswires', which was the result of a collaboration with A Guy Called Gerald at his Machine Room studios.

Also noticeable is opening tune 'Sparkle', listed on a 2015 Beatport chart by Dave Clark as his all-time fave techno record!

Original illustration courtesy of Lee V. Barnard, aka El'Chucko. Cover design by Marie-C.

released February 4, 2021

All tracks Composed and Mixed by Dave Campbell and Viv Beeton.

In addition track 3 'Crosswires' was written with A Guy called Gerald, produced and mixed at Machine Room studios, Manchester England.

The first 2 tracks were recorded and mixed at Unit 3 Studios Primrose Hill London,1991. "

Discogs page: here.

Buy from Autonation's Bandcamp: here.

21st June: Help Crowdfund legal action against Rham Records

"A new Rham Records has been registered by the assistant to the original owner. The dance music scene is huge now, and there are royalties and Spotify fees and all manner of digital rights fees to be made, again from my art, my work. 

If cashing in on my music once wasn't enough, this guy is callously making deals with music distribution companies, collecting my royalties, and using my name and likeness without my permission. 

This company doesn’t have the right to profit from my music.

My work is blatantly being taken advantage of, again, and it’s time to end this. There is no agreement between me and this new company, verbal or otherwise, and I’m reaching out to you, asking for your help to stop this crook who is stealing from me.

While I now have everything that I need to mount a legal challenge, I need your help to cover the legal fees. It looks like it’s going to take about £20,000 to turn this around. "

Crowdfund here.

11th April: New Gerald track - Dark Fire (feat. Szafran) - out via Bandcamp
A Guy Called Gerald - Dark Fire (feat. Szafran)

A collaboration between Szafran (aka Oskar Szafraniec/Oscar Burnside) called "Dark Fire" has been released to buy via Gerald's Bandcamp page.

Gerald says:


A trip through electro, indie rock, dark wave sets the mood for Dark Fire; a soundscape opening a new door to view a distant but familiar picture.

Szafran (pronounced Sha-fran) is a Polish Berlin resident who, in recent times, has made his mark upon the deeper sides of techno, house and electronic music. He's known for playing live in the twilight zones of European clubland and festivals and now for the kind of longer extended dj sets usually reserved for djs with bigger riders than their record collections.

Poland meets Manchester in Berlin.
released April 11, 2021
Written and produced by A Guy Called Gerald
Vocals and Lyrics by Oskar Szafraniec"

Discogs page: here.

Buy from Gerald's Bandcamp: here.

28th March: Silent Sound Spread Spectrum released on Bandcamp
A Guy Called Gerald - Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

Gerald's 2013 release, "Silent Sound Spread Spectrum" (previously a subscriber-only release to Society Of Sound Music) has been released for everyone to buy via Gerald's Bandcamp page.

Gerald says:

“I am fascinated by the science of sound. Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) or S-Quad or Squad is allegedly a technology used by the US Department Of Defence that uses subliminal programming carried over ultra-high frequency broadcast waves. With this system, planting inaudible messages directly into the subconscious becomes very easy to do and everyone is susceptible.

This composition is about 50 mins and it follows no specific style. It should leave the listener refreshed and relaxed.

It was recorded using a system that enables you to keep full definition at low volume.

I started this project using two separate computers. Each computer has its own soundcard, which was connected to a Pro Tools system, which was connected to an SSL desk. I used Propellerheads Reason to create the tracks. I used the vocal room of the Big Room Studio at Real World Studios.”

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (BW60) released on Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound in May 2013.
released March 28, 2021

Written and produced by A Guy Called Gerald.
Vocals by David Simpson.
Recorded at Real World Studios.
ISRC GBGWW1300001"

Discogs page: here.

Buy from Gerald's Bandcamp: here.

1st March: Trip City to be remastered and reissued on 4th June 2021
A Guy Called Gerald - Trip City - Remaster

"Trip City" [1989] - Trevor Miller's novel and soundtrack by A Guy Called Gerald are scheduled for re-release on 4th June through Velocity Press.

The soundtrack will be sold only as part of the book bundle, and will include all five tracks on vinyl for the first time:

A1 Trip City
A2. Valentine's Theme
A3. At The Mambo
B1. FX
B2. Soho Chances

Gerald says:

"When Trevor first gave me his manuscript for "Trip City", I was excited by the experimental concept of writing music for a novel with the birth of British acid house as its backdrop.

I wanted to create musical paintings which would evoke the story's atmosphere and illustrate its visions of a dark, seedy club scene and the characters lurking there.

This re-release of "Trip City" affords a rare snapshot of an evolving music scene and celebrates the history of electronic dance music over the past 30 years."

Discogs page: here.

Pre-Order the Trip City Book/12" Single: here.

21st February: Electric Emotions "A Guy Called Gerald" Special - 674FM Radio Show
Electric Emotions "A Guy Called Gerald" Special - 674FM Radio Show

On 21st February 2021, there's a special A Guy Called Gerald Radio Show comprising of a number of Gerald tracks as selected by Markus Arnold and hosted by Roger van Lunteren. Entitled "Electric Emotions: A Guy Called Gerald Special", this will be aired on 674FM.

The mix can now be heard via Roger's Mixcloud (below).

Tracklist of music played below:

  • 01 - State 808 - E Talk - 00:00:00
  • 02 - 808 State - Cosacosa - 00:04:08
  • 03 - Scratch Beat Masters (A Guy Called Gerald feat. MC Tunes) - Boardwalk Dis Me (live, unreleased) - 00:08:09
  • 04 - 808state - Let Yourself Go (D50 Mix) - 00:11:15
  • 05 - A Guy Called Gerald (05) - Hot Lemonade (feat. Brenda Petrie) - 00:15:56
  • 06 - A Guy Called Gerald (06) - Voodoo Ray (Hardfloor remix) - 00:21:18
  • 07 - Us - Born In The North - 00:26:33
  • 08 - A Guy Called Gerald (08) - Emotions Electric (feat. Paulette Blake) - 00:31:30
  • 09 - A Guy Called Gerald (09) - I Won't Give In - 00:36:06
  • 10 - A Guy Called Gerald (10) - Cops - 00:42:15
  • 11 - A Guy Called Gerald (11) - Anything - 00:43:50
  • 12 - A Guy Called Gerald (12) - 28 Gun Bad Boy - 00:46:25
  • 13 - A Guy Called Gerald (13) - Sunshine - 00:48:07
  • 14 - A Guy Called Gerald (14) - Like A Drug - 00:50:36
  • 15 - A Guy Called Gerald (15) - Ses Makes You Wise - 00:53:06
  • 16 - A Guy Called Gerald (16) - Free Africa - 00:55:12
  • 17 - A Guy Called Gerald (17) - King Of The Jungle - 00:57:40
  • 18 - A Guy Called Gerald (18) - Wonderful World - 01:00:00
  • 19 - A Guy Called Gerald (19) - Energy (Extended Mix) - 01:05:20
  • 20 - A Guy Called Gerald (20) - The Reno - 01:11:29
  • 21 - A Guy Called Gerald (21) - Life Unfolds His Mystery - 01:14:00
  • 22 - A Guy Called Gerald (22) - I Make It (feat. David Simpson) - 01:21:30
  • 23 - A Guy Called Gerald (23) - To Love - 01:25:39
  • 24 - A Guy Called Gerald (24) - Meaning - 01:29:01
  • 25 - A Guy Called Gerald (25) - Tajeen - 01:32:30
  • 26 - A Guy Called Gerald (26) - First Try - 01:35:43
  • 27 - A Guy Called Gerald (27) - Auto Rebuild - 01:40:40
  • 28 - A Guy Called Gerald (28) - Space 1999 - 01:42:36
  • 29 - A Guy Called Gerald (29) - Sweet You - 01:45:15
  • 30 - A Guy Called Gerald (30) - Just Soul (feat. DJ Bone) - 01:49:23
  • 31 - A Guy Called Gerald (31) - Pacific Samba - 01:54:58
January: A Guy Called Gerald RinseFM Radio Shows
A Guy Called Gerald - RinseFM Shows

Gerald has a permanent residency on Rinse FM on Fridays - Soundcloud links after each date (after they become available):