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December: Update on new Gerald releases via !K7
Photo - (c) 1999 Lady Crash - Click here to visit Spanish Website on Gerald

Received the following from Matthias from !K7 re: Gerald's new releases:

hello Nick,

well all Guy Called Gerald matters are just being prepared, his new album
"essence" will be coming, I think in March or April, I have no information of
the release date for the first single fever, I am very sorry, as soon as there
are some concrete facts we will let you know on our website, and I'm sure Gerald
will do so on his site.

Best Regards


Warp: 10+1 Influences

Warp Records have issued a compilation album to celebrate their 10th birthday, "Warp10+1 Influences".

Tracks included are 808 State's "Let Yourself Go (303 Mix)" and Gerald's "Voodoo Ray (Original Mix)". The 808 State track was remastered from vinyl. 

Release Date: 11th October 1999.

October: NEW 'Cryogenix' CD RELEASED VIA NET

New CD 'Cryogenix' is available on Gerald's MP3 web site. There are also MP3 samples of several of the songs there. This is definitely worth a purchase!

Cyrogenix tracklisting:

    The Feelings Can't Explain

    Spesiphic Hate


    Rhapsody In Acid

    Blow Your House Down

    All Over The World

    24 7

    Machine Room Jam

    Anything Can Happen

    Badness A Madness

Gerald says on his MP3 web site: This is nothing more than something never to be forgotten. The next two weeks will be concerned with compiling "Cryogenix", which will be material remixed and produced by A Guy Called Gerald spanning the last decade. Within the Cryo-files, will be found previously unreleased material, together with material which has to date been poorly distributed. Some of this music dates back to the time before 808 State were 808 State; before Jungle was Drum'n'Bass; before Rave was Jungle Techno; before House was Rave. The sounds you will hear are just small blipverts on a very large horizon.... be prepared. Check out some new Gerald MP3's (posted by Gerald himself) at the MP3 web site here [no longer available].

'Spesiphic Hate' is the take on 'Pacific State' that was originally released on the b-side of 'FX', and both 'Rhapsody In Acid' and 'Blow Your House Down' are from the b-side to the original 'Voodoo Ray' release.

'Anxiety' appeared on a 4-Hero compiled album called 'The Deepest Shade Of Techno I+II'.

As far as I can make out, all other tracks are unreleased - go buy it now (I just have!)....

July: 'Da Vibe' ON 'Jungle Sky Volume 6'

Recently found an exclusive Gerald track on Liquid Sky Music's "Funk: This Is Jungle Sky Volume 6".

The Gerald track is called "Da Vibes" and the audio track sounds pretty good.

Unsure as to when this was released, but have now ordered it! (actually 1999)!

Check out Liquid Sky's link on Gerald here [no longer there] - well worth checking out.  You can buy this LP/CD from.

April: 808 State - "Newbuild" album reissued
808 State - Newbuild

808 State LP 'Newbuild' has been reissued on triple LP and CD. The UK release date is 19th April 1999 on Rephlex Records. The US release date is 4th May 1999 through EVA Records/Caroline distribution. Check out the official 808 State web page for more details.

A single off Newbuild is scheduled for release in September, again through Rephlex. Gerald will be remixing one of the tracks, as well as mixes by Graham Massey, Martin Price and the Aphex Twin. Again, the 808 State web page has more info.

3rd July: The John Peel Sessions' ALBUM RELEASED
A Guy Called Gerald - The John Peel Sessions

'The John Peel Sessions' Album out on mid-priced CD or triple LP in the UK via Strange Fruit Records.

Tracks are as follows:

    1. Time Waits For No Man.

    2. Rockin' Ricki

    3. Emotions Electric

    4. Johnny Roadhouse

    5. Satisfaction (feat. Cola Nile)

    6. Bruford (feat. Edward Barton)

    7. Amabruku (feat. MC Kusta)

    8. Time Labyrinth

    9. 2 B One

    10. I 1 2 4 Q

First 3 tracks have been released before and were recorded in 1988.

Tracks 4-6 were recorded in 1989, and feature the vocal talents of Ed Barton & Cola Nile.

Tracks 7-10 were recorded in 1995and have a more drum'n'bass feel to them. "Amabruku" features MC Kusta who will be appearing on the forthcoming "Essence" album. "I 1 2 4 Q" is an early version of "When You Touch Me" from the "Black Secret Technology" album.

January: ROSE X -  'Strange Attractor' 
Terrence McKenna - died on April 3rd 2000 - R.I.P.

Gerald has contributed the music to 'Strange Attractor' - a film by Rose X (Ken Adams and Britt Welin) starring Lady Miss Kier and Terrence McKenna (left). Has anybody seen this film or does anyone know if it's out on video at all?? If so, please do mail me with further details - thanks.

Terrence McKenna sadly passed away on April 3rd 2000 after suffering from a brain tumour - R.I.P.

Gerald with cap!
Roy Ayers

Back in November 1997, Gerald recorded with Jazz legend Roy Ayers (left). No news of any releases yet....

Gerald and skateboards!