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May 21st: Charolastras - Entheogen (A Guy Called Gerald Remix) - Out Now
Charolastras - Entheogen (A Guy Called Gerald Remix)

A new digital EP has been released on 21st May 2015, featuring a remix of Charolastras's "Entheogen" by A Guy Called Gerald:

Charolastras - Entheogen

UK 2015 Digital; Blackout 77: B77004

5:42 Charolastras - Entheogen (A Guy Called Gerald)


21st May 2015.


Remixed by A Guy Called Gerald.

Press Release:

Charolastras are, according to the group's own manifesto, 'an international network of peaceful souls that convene in the dreamworld'. This other worldly nature is clear in the blissful ethereal textures in their music. But their sound also has a harder edge that evokes conflict, not calm. This is all by design because, as Charolastras like to point out, 'the Astral Plane is not without conflict'.

'Entheogen' (“generating the divine within”) builds from a faint murmur into a delicately woven bed of syncopated electronic parts before being anchored by sub bass. Thunderous drums then penetrate the soundscape and the track takes off. What ultimately manifests is a timeless hybrid of Schooly D, Orbital, The Future Sound of London and Jon Hopkins.

The legend that is A Guy Called Gerald rarely ever remixes other people’s material. So it’s a real privilege that he’s broken with tradition and created a dark, bass heavy version of ‘Entheogen’ for Blackout ’77. His tough minimal remix is aimed straight at the dance floor.

Charolastras’ label mates Unknown Unknowns have also delivered a remix which retains the melodic feel of the original, but blends it with their own contemporary style.

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March 16th: Latin Intelligent - Play The Game (Selecta Remix) - Out Now
Latin Intelligent - Play The Game (Selecta Remix - JB / A Guy Called Gerald)

A new digital various artists album has been released on 16th March 2015, featuring a remix of Latin Intelligent's "Play The Game" by Selecta (JB / A Guy Called Gerald):

Various - Miami Record Crate 2015

UK 2015 Digital; Sullivan Room Records: SRRC04

7:44 Latin Intelligent - Play The Game (Selecta Remix)


16th March 2015.


Remixed by Selecta (JB/A Guy Called Gerald).

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March 11th: A Guy Called Gerald - Asia Pacific Tour 2015
A Guy Called Gerald - Asia Pacific Tour 2015

A Guy Called Gerald will embark on an 11-show live tour of the Asia-Pacific region this month.

The acid house pioneer's trip will begin this weekend with a string of five dates in Australia and New Zealand. He'll perform at Laruche in Brisbane on March 13th, followed by a Piknic Electronik Melbourne party at The Paddock behind Federation Square, where he'll share the bill with Suzanne Kraft and the Animals Dancing crew. From there he jets over to NZ to play Bodega in Wellington on the 20th and Cassette Nine in Auckland on the 21st, before crossing the Tasman again for a Sydney show on the 22nd hosted by The House of Mince at the Oxford Art Factory.

Gerald then heads to Asia for another half-dozen gigs, starting out at the W Retreat & Spa in Bali on March 26th and Lola Club in Shanghai on the 28th. Thailand will get two shows - one at the W Retreat in Koh Samui on April 2nd, the other at Overground Bar in Bangkok on the 3rd - then he's back in China for a set at Beijing's Dada Bar on the 4th. His tour comes to an end in Japan, where he'll play at Air in Tokyo on April 11th.

Mar 13 A Guy Called Gerald, Laruche, Brisbane, Australia
Mar 15 Piknic Électronik, The Paddock at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
Mar 20 A Guy Called Gerald, Bodega, New Zealand
Mar 21 A Guy Called Gerald, Cassette Number Nine, New Zealand
Mar 22 The Original Art Form Of Electronic Music, Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, Australia
Mar 26 A Guy Called Gerald, W Retreat & Spa, Bali, Indonesia
Mar 28 A Guy Called Gerald, Lola Club, Shanghai, China
Apr 02 A Guy Called Gerald, W Retreat Koh Samui, Thailand
Apr 03 A Guy Called Gerald, Overground Bar, Thailand
Apr 04 A Guy Called Gerald, Dada Beijing, Beijing, China
Apr 11 A Guy Called Gerald, Air, Tokyo, Japan

January 1st: Henry Shead - Stronger (Guy Called Gerald Mix) - Out Now
Henry Shead - Breathe

A new digital album by Henry Shead called "Breathe" has been released on 1st January 2015, featuring a remix of "Stronger" by Gerald:

Henry Shead - Breathe

UK 2015 Digital; Henry Shead: <no cat>

5:05 Henry Shead - Stronger (Guy Called Gerald Mix)


1st January 2015.


Remixed by A Guy Called Gerald.

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