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December 12th: A Guy Called Gerald "How Long Is Now" - single -  out 12th December 2012
A Guy Called Gerald - How Long Is Now

IT 2012 12" Single; Bosconi Records: BOSCONI 021

Side A

08:06 How Long Is Now

Side B

06:13 Groove Of The Ghetto
04:39 202


Vinyl: 19th December 2012.
Digital (Beatport): 25th December 2012.


Worldwide Distributed by Synchrophone Cyberproducion
All tracks Published by Nanoplasmic Licensed courtesy of A Guy Called Gerald Records www.guycalledgerald.com
B1. Contains a sample of ‘Can’t Get High Without U’ performed by Taka Boom, licensed courtesy of Z Records Ltd. www.zrecords.ltd.uk Written by David, Lee Published by Universal Music
(P) & (C) Bosconi Records 2012

Press Release

Bosconi is proud to announce the arrival into the family of one of the greatest legend of house music, the oldskool hero A Guy Called Gerald. The release randomly arrives in coincidence with the definitive closing of another legend, the place in berlin that has been a symbol for years of the cultural renaissance of the german capital after the wall, the Tacheles. When Gerald just moved to berlin, he got his house and his studio inside that very inspiring and artistic place, and as a tribute and homage to his legendary figure, some mysterious writer draw G's face on the right side of that building with the shamanic enigma above that giant mural "How Long Is Now", an existential sigh or question that perfectly sums up the uncertain past, present and future of one of Berlin's most important initiatives, as the Tacheles was, and as the things of our life that we love, as the music, can be, uncertain…But for sure this 3 tracker vinyl is real and it will last for long in our bags, these are 3 deadly club weapons by The Master between bass music, micro funk and soul excursions: A1 gives the title to the EP and it's subliminal dark and psychedelic after-hours dope session, while on B1 there's the shady and sexy atmosphere of "Groove of the Ghetto", a driving and funky house tune sustained by an ultra fat synth bass and enriched by soulful vocals and deep pads, while on B2 the EP ends wih the brutal Uk bass bonus beats monster entitled "202".

Serious Stuff. In memory of Tacheles and the good old days.

Bosconi Release page here.

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October 27th: Rebuild (A Guy Called Gerald and Graham Massey) to perform live at Fire, London
Rebuild - Fire, London, England - 2012

5 years after the legendary Wang session, a new one has been announced:
Simian Mobile Disco Live (Exclusive London Date)
Rebuild Live Acid Jam feat A Guy Called Gerald & Graham Massey (808 State)
BNJMN (Live)
Radioactive Man (Live)
D Bridge, Mark E
Matt Walsh, Electro Elvis
Sat 27 Oct 2012
11:00 pm - 6:00 am
Location: Fire
https://www.firelondon.net/events/simian ... ndon-date/

Rebuild (A Guy Called Gerald and Graham Massey) They said it couldn't be done, get two of the founding father's of the UK dance scene back together on stage again almost 20 years after they split. We proved 'em wrong once before, and after a five year hiatus we thought why not do it all over again. So for one night only (probably for another 5 years or so anyway!) Graham and Gerald will take to the stage once more, with only a collection of classic Roland hardware machines and without the aid of a safety net! Don't miss out on the chance to see two living leg ends wrestle their 101s, 303s, 808s and 909s into live acid glory, as only they can....

A Guy Called Gerald and Graham Massey
October 17th: New tracks with Oscar Burnside
A Guy Called Gerald and Oscar

This is the first track of new project. Stay tuned for more...
Music written by A Guy Called Gerald & Oscar Burnside
Vocals written & performed by Oscar Burnside
September 6th: T-Coy - Cariño + Singles released (with Annette's "Dream Slumber)
T-Coy - Cariño + Singles - UK CD

T-Coy - Cariño + Singles

UK 2012 CD; LTM: LTMCD 2576

6:30 Annette "Dream Slumber (Remixed by T-Coy)"


6th September 2012.


Written by by Michael Pickering, Simon Topping. Richard Close and Gerald Simpson (Universal Music Publishing Ltd/Bug Music Ltd). Produced by T-Coy and A Guy Called Gerald (aka Ricky Rouge).
The track is a T-Coy remix of Dream 17 by Annette, originally released as a 12" single on Deconstruction (P142562) in December 1988.

Project co-ordination (2012) by James Nice at LTM and Jo Campbell at Sony Music. With thanks to Mike Pickering, Simon Topping. Sheila Close and Mark Farrow. CD packaging by Martin Lewsley © Atomluft based on original Deconstruction label designs. Mastering by Dominique Brethes at Flow.

All tracks licensed courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd.1987: 1988: 1990. 2010 Deconstruction Records Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

T-Coy online: www.ltmrecordings.com/t-coy.html


Annette are Gerald (using the pseudonym 'R. Rouge' aka 'Ricky Rouge') and T-Coy.

T-Coy is an early Manchester-based UK house project of Mike Pickering (Hacienda DJ, Quando Quango, M-People), Simon Topping (A Certain Ratio) and Ritchie Close. 'T-Coy' allegedly stands for 'Take Care Of Yourself'.

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April 15th: Mia Grobelny "Arcane" (A Guy Called Gerald Remix) out 3rd May 2012

Catalogue Code: SUS077
Barcode: 8717578774661
Artist: Mia Grobelny
Label: Sub Static
Release name: Arcane
File under: Techno/European Techno
Release date: 03-05-2012

Press release: After her quirky "Survivor" EP series Mia Grobelny now returns to her Sub Static imprint, delivering a stimulative bundle of harmony-driven, hypnotic techno. The title track "Arcane" is one of those slowly building monsters that need no breakdowns or disposable decoration to unfold its energy. It just sucks you into a vortex of sequential beauty. A Guy Called Gerald turns out to be the perfect remixer for this piece, turning it into a bass-heavy, dub-flavoured groover that displays his confident & timeless link to the dancefloor."Going Round" adds nicely to the overall trippy vibe of the EP, yet again focusing on an energetic, steady groove, which is driven by some fresh snappy beats and a subtle dose of european acid.Finally "Bard's Tale" summarizes what makes Mia Grobelny's productions beloved since over 10 years, showcasing her freestyle approach towards emotional, semi-functional techno.

Track: 1 - Mia Grobelny - Arcane (Original Mix)
Track: 2 - Mia Grobelny - Arcane (A Guy Called Gerald Remix)
Track: 3 - Mia Grobelny - Going Round
Track: 4 - Mia Grobelny - Bard's Tale

Listen to the Gerald mix via Mia's Soundcloud page here.

Mia Grobelny - Arcane

DE 2012 Digital; Sub Static: SUS077

5:38 Mia Grobelny - Arcane (A Guy Called Gerald Remix)


3rd May 2012.


Written by Mia Grobelny.
Remixed by A Guy Called Gerald.

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April 10th: "This Ain't Chicago" compilation out 25th June 2012
Richard Sen Presents - This Ain't Chicago - The Underground Of UK House And Acid - 1987-1991

Richard Sen curates This Ain’t Chicago compilation

Strut Records’ tireless endeavours to document the various pockets of dance music history sees them call on Richard Sen to compile This Ain’t Chicago: The Sound Of Underground UK House & Acid 1987-1991.

As the vaguely self explanatory title hints, the forthcoming compilation has seen Strut task the Padded Cell main man and respected graffiti artist Richard Sen with collating the house and acid that he feels typifies “the heady era when UK producers were responding to the first wave of Chicago house and documents the underground clubs that first championed the music”.

Clearly given a broad remit, Sen has elected to choose from a wide range of music from the era, with the 23-track unmixed compilation featuring recognisable producers such as Baby Ford, A Guy Called Gerald, Bizarre Inc and Andrew Weatherall alongside lesser known names. The accompanying press release has Sen stating that the forthcoming compilation “features many personal favourites and the tracks were particularly inspirational to me as a DJ and clubber at the time”.

Strut Records will release Richard Sen Presents: This Ain’t Chicago: The Sound Of Underground UK House & Acid 1987-1991 across Double CD, Double LP and digital formats on June 25.

CD Tracklisting:


1. Bang The Party – Bang Bang You’re Mine (Full Vocal Remix)
2. Window Smashers – Free To Be
3. Julian Jonah – Jealousy And Lies
4. Baby Ford – Crashing
5. Man With No Name – From Within The Mind Of My 909
6. Rio Rhythm Band – Cuba Jakkin’
7. Playtime Toons – Shaker Song
8. Jail Break – Mentality
9. Exocet – Safety Zone
10. Return Of The Living Acid – Twin Tub
11. Cxx – The Comfort Of Strangers (Mix By Rhythm Doctor – Richard Sen Edit)
12. Julie Stapleton – Where’s The Love Gone (Remix)
13. Rohan Delano – Inflight


1. Sly And Lovechild – The World According To Sly & Lovechild (Andrew Weatherall Soul Of Europe Mix)
2. Ability Ii – Pressure Dub
3. Static – Iron Orbit (J. Saul Kane Mix)
4. M. D. Emm – 1666 (Pyro-Maniac Mix)
5. Colm Iii – Take Me High (Mansion Mix)
6. S.L.F. – Show Me What You Got
7. Paul Rutherford – Get Real (Happy House Mix)
8. Bizzare Inc – Technological
9. Us – Born In The North [Edward Barton, A Guy Called Gerald, and Chapter & The Verse]
10. Annette – Dream 17 [A Guy Called Gerald and T-Coy

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March 29th: New Digital Singles: Rare and Unreleased Tracks Released
An on-going digital release programme with exclusive tracks and tracks previously only available on vinyl has begun. The tracks are being added to constantly, and appear as below:

the tracks can be purchased from the A Guy Called Gerald Digital Store.

Touch Me (Digital)

11th April 2012 - GBGWW1200193

Originally released on the compilation album, "Trance Europe Express 4". The track was later added to the reissued (1997) release of "Black Secret Technology".

Touch Me

Sir Duced (Digital)

11th April 2012 - GBGWW1200192

Exclusive track - previously unreleased - was going to be included on the unreleased album, "Aquarius Rising". 

Sir Duced

Ricky Rouge - De Ja Vu (Digital)

6th April 2012 - GBGWW1200189

Originally released in 1993 as the A-Side to
JBOX 11 (Ricky Rouge - "De Ja Vu")

Ricky Rouge - De Ja Vu

The Musical Magical Midi Machine (Digital)

6th April 2012 - GBGWW1200188

Originally released in 1992 as the A-Side to
JBOX 005 ("The Musical Magical Midi Machine")

The Musical Magical Midi Machine

Like A Drug (Digital)

6th April 2012 - GBGWW1200187

Originally released in 1992 as the B-Side to
JBOX 005 ("The Musical Magical Midi Machine")

Like A Drug

King Of The Jungle (Digital)

5th April 2012 - GBGWW1200186

Originally released in 1992 as the B-Side to
JBOX 004 ("Ses Makes You Wise")

King Of The Jungle

Darker Than I Should Be (Digital)

1st April 2012 - GBGWW1200185

Originally released in 1994 as the A-Side to
J.BOXX 19 ("Darker Than I Should Be")

Darker Than I Should Be

Inertia - Fragments (Digital)

1st April 2012 - GBGWW1200184

Originally released in 1994 as the A-Side to
JBOX 19 ("Inertia - Fragments/Anxiety")

Inertia - Fragments

Heckle And Koch (Digital)

1st April 2012 - GBGWW1200183

Originally released on a bonus 12" and a subscriber's-only CD Single that came free with the compilation album, "Trance Europe Express 4". The track was later added to the reissued (1997) release of "Black Secret Technology".

Heckle And Koch

Dem A Magul (Digital)

1st April 2012 - GBGWW1200182

Exclusive track - previously unreleased.

Dem A Magul

Kicking Da Jungle Beat (Digital)

1st April 2012 - GBGWW1200181

Originally released in 1994 as the A-Side to the promo-only
J.BOX 20 ("Kicking Da Jungle Beat")

Kicking Da Jungle Beat

Bus Dis (Digital)

31st March 2012 - GBGWW1200180

Originally released in 1992 as the B-Side to
JBOX 001 ("Digital Bad Boy")

Bus Dis

Boomshakattack (Feat. MC Navigator) (Digital)

31st March 2012 - GBGWW1200179

Exclusive track - previously unreleased.

Boomshakattack (Feat. MC Navigator)

Black Thanx (Digital)

31st March 2012 - GBGWW1200178

Exclusive track - previously unreleased.

Black Thanx

Bad Boy Ride (Digital)

31st March 2012 - GBGWW1200177

Exclusive track - previously unreleased.

Bad Boy Ride

28 Gun Bad Boy (Remix) (Digital)

30th March 2012- GBGWW1200176

Exclusive track - previously unreleased.

28 Gun Bad Boy (Remix)

7th Science Of Levitation (Digital)

29th March 2012 - GBGWW1200128

Exclusive track - previously unreleased.

7th Science Of Levitation
March 28th: New Digital Album: "Black Secret Technology The Lost DAT"
A Guy Called Gerald - Black Secret Technology The Lost DAT

UK 2012 MP3 Album; A Guy Called Gerald Records: <No Cat>

1. 04:32 Cybergen (Version)
2. 04:22 Anxiety (Version)
3. 05:58 Dreaming Of You (Version)
4. 04:58 Energy (Instrumental)
5. 04:51 Energy (Rmx)
6. 05:30 Finleys Rainbow (Version)
7. 06:17 So Many Dreams (Instrumental)
8. 05:22 Survival (Version)


28th March 2012.


Written and produced by A Guy Called Gerald

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March 27th: New Digital Album: "Attic Attack 1986 - 1988"
A Guy Called Gerald - Attic Attack 1986 - 1988

A Guy Called Gerald - Attic Attack 1986 - 1988 - The Producer's Cut Series

UK 2012 MP3 Album; A Guy Called Gerald Records: <No Cat>

 1. 04:50 Attick Attack (Demo)
 2. 06:18 H C I (Demo)
 3. 02:22 Jack To The Bass
 4. 03:20 Nitric (Demo)
 5. 05:34 K9 (Demo)
 6. 03:20 Rhythm Of Life (Demo)
 7. 03:53 Satisfaction (Demo)
 8. 17:22 Acid House Experience (Demo)
 9. 08:14 Slide Slide (Demo)
10. 04:16 To Da Bone (Demo)
11. 09:06 Spend Some Time (Demo)
12. 03:46 Voodoo Ray (Demo)


27th March 2012.


Written and produced by A Guy Called Gerald


Demos made 1986 - 1988 - some are early demos of tracks that would later appear on "Hot Lemonade" and should be seen as similar in quality to 808 State's "Prebuild" album.

Do not expect re-mastered quality tracks - these are demos directly off cassettes.

Check the Gerald Website for more digital exclusives, including the Automanikk album and FX (single) - both previously unavailable in digital download formats.

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March 25th: Resident Advisor 303 Podcast: A Guy Called Gerald
A Guy Called Gerald - Resident Advisor RA303 Podcast


So we had a neat idea: why not theme RA.303 on Roland's seminal TB-303 synth, the sound of acid house? In order to execute this ingenious plan we turned to Gerald Simpson, undoubtedly the UK's most revered proponent of the sound. This is largely thanks to a 1988 number named "Voodoo Ray," which we guess you may have heard before. Gerald was also a founding member of 808 State, who themselves (or perhaps Gerald solo, but that's another story) wrote an all-time classic in "Pacific State." You may have also heard of jungle. Well, Gerald had a rather large hand in birthing the genre through his early works on his own Juice Box Records. The ensuing years saw the Manchester-born artist continue to innovate, releasing seminal full-lengths and restlessly pushing his sound in a forward direction. These days you can find Gerald residing in Berlin, working on his "gangsta tech" project, although we'll leave him to explain that one.

On a basic level RA.303 comprises a stack of vintage acid house from Gerald's collection, but he's inviting us to guess whether the additional acid sounds that colour the mix come from a TB-303, an emulation, or perhaps both.

What have you been up to recently?

Working on a new type of techno called "gangsta tech." The unique thing about gangsta tech is that it can only be performed live - the only way to really hear it is through a big soundsystem.

How and where was the mix recorded?

In my studio in March.

Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix?

Well, it was the 303rd podcast and RA asked me to give it [a 303-themed mix] a go. I started to dig through the crates until I got back to the beginning. What better place to start than the very first tracks from Chicago?

Do you remember when you first heard the TB-303?

Yeah, it was a track by Newcleus in 1983 called "Jam On It."

And when did you first utilize one yourself?

When it first came out there was a music shop in Manchester selling it together with the 606. I used to go down to this shop every Saturday to try out all the new equipment.

Does the acid sound still have scope for exploration do you think?

Not for me, only because I'm sticking to my old school doctrine from the beginning, 30 years ago. I'm always looking for creative ways to use the latest equipment. But...I have no problem in helping people reminisce.

What are you up to next?

I'm writing new material constantly to play in my live show which means I'm striving for perfection in the realms of the gangsta tech. It's not the kind of music for American sell-out rappers who decided to get into cheesy '90s dance music, two decades too late. This is the real deal. This is as black as it gets. Demos made 1986 - 1988. Do not expect re-mastered quality tracks - these are demos directly off cassettes.

Download the podcast here

January 6th: "Voodoo Ray" at Victoria Baths, Manchester in 1988
Here's a YouTube clip of A Guy Called Gerald performing "Voodoo Ray" on The Other Side Of Midnight from 1988 at The Victoria Baths, Manchester.

January 1st: New mix/interview for Australia's City Radio
A Guy Called Gerald
Happy New Year - to celebrate, check out a new interview and mix for Australia's City Radio