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May: Proto Acid: The Berlin Sessions 2 Single - Out 25th May 2007
Following last year's first critically acclaimed "Proto Acid" album, the Berlin-based acid house innovator A Guy Called Gerald provides a taster for what to expect from the second instalment. "Voltar" (Bring Da Rain mix) starts off with shuffling drums and tribal beats, but as the track evolves, haunting sounds and what could be a Native American Indian chanting are gradually introduced. "Voltar" builds and builds, reaching a filtered climax, and, after it breaks down, a tripped out bass lends it a more DJ-friendly direction. The end result is an adventurous take on house music."Sweet You" is an entirely different matter and shows that Gerald is still adept at crafting deep dance floor grooves. Subtle breaks and understated drums provide the basis for dreamy Motor City chords, a plunging, resonating bassline and old school piano keys. As its title suggests, "Sweet You" is a beautifully evocative piece of music that'll appeal to the heart, head and feet. Don't miss this opportunity to sample the latest experiments from Gerald's lab!
A Guy Called Gerald - Proto Acid: The Berlin Sessions 2

DE 2007 CDR; Laboratory Instinct: LI012 [Promo CDR in plastic wallet]
DE 2007 12"; Laboratory Instinct: LI012

08:01 Voltar (Bring Da Rain Mix)
12:09 Sweet You (Bitter Mix)


25th May 2007.


Written by A Guy Called Gerald.

April: New split single: "Bodecka" out in April/May 2007 on Beatstreet Records
Gerald releases a new split single entitled "Bodecka" (the b-side to Cassy's "Somelightuntothenight")

"Taking it's name from the famous mid 80's film this label wants to pay it's respect to the roots of modern dance and DJ culture and the versatile, genre-defying music of that time. this split EP by Cassy and a guy called Gerald sets the right spirit for the future releases."

A Guy Called Gerald - Bodecka

DE 2007 12"; Beatstreet: BEATSTREET 001
DE 2006 MP3; Beatstreet: BS01 [Beatport]

10:21 Bodecka

(b/w Cassy's "SomeLightUntoTheNight")


12" Released: 30th April 2007.
MP3 Released: 4th March 2008.


Written and produced by Gerald Simpson.

February: Up & Coming Gerald Releases
Anything Can Happen (Bailey Remix) - out 2007
  • From Gerald's myspace website:
    • Black Secret Technology CD - Repress (A Guy Called Gerald Music)
    • Anything Can Happen 12" - Original + Bailey Remix (A Guy Called Gerald Music)
    • Voodoo Ray 12" - Repress (A Guy Called Gerald Music)
    • Machine Room Sessions - 1992 - 1998 (A Guy Called Gerald Music)
    • Rare and unreleased AGCG material from the Juicebox era.
Machine Room Sessions - out 2007
  • In the meantime, both the Voodoo Ray EP and The John Peel Sessions are now available from Apple's iTunes Store, as well as  Warp's bleep.com and  Beatport here
January: New Gerald Remix - Man Like Me: "Oh My Gosh"