A Guy Called Gerald Unofficial Web Page: Updates 2000

  • Various discography updates included:
    • 808 State - 'Let Yourself Go' - cover scan
    • 'Voodoo Ray' German CD single
    • Ricky Rouge - 'All Over The World' single
    • 'FX' cassingle
    • 'Certain Damage 29' compilation
    • 'Fused' compilation - scan
    • 'Panic In Detroit' compilation
  • Included details of Gerald's tour dates in USA/Italy/Europe/Scandinavia during November/December.
  • Updated site with news of the 'Rote Fabrik' date in Switzerland.
  • Included info on interview with Gerald.  
  • Updated news with details of the Stone Roses Remixes album.
  • Updated discography with Stone Roses 'Remixes' & 'I Am The Resurrection'
  • Updated discography with scans for the 'Fever' promo single, Future Music 100 CD, & CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 85 CD's.
  • Updated discography with details of the Black Uhuru 'Now Dub' CD & My Jealous God
  • Updated Gerald discography with details of '74 Minutes Of Drum&Bass' CD - absolutely superb!
  • Updated various parts of the discography including some compilations which include 'Voodoo Ray' (Kult Dance Klassix/House Music All Night Long/100% House Classics).
  • Updated discography with details of 'Fever' single.
  • Updated News page with Fever tracklisiting
  • Updated info on Gerald's tour dates - playing in London on October 13th and Bristol on October 14th.
  • If you're lucky enough to catch him on his German tour, look out for the promo-only CD single of 'Fever' - soon to be released as a single...
  • Gerald has or is appearing in loadsa magazines right now - check out Knowledge Magazine (September 2000) for an interview.
  • Added info on the 'Fever (Or A Flame)' single - to be released on 30th October - according to Amazon!
  • Added info on 'The Elbow Room' gig on 28th September.. If you're in NYC, go there!!
  • Updated 'Live Dates' pages to include details on previous tours - from 1989-2000... However, these only include the tour dates I know about!!!!!!
  • Updated various pages from the discography - bold type, etc.
  • Added Finley Quaye's 'Spiritualized' to discography
  • Updated the Mohamed page in the discography - there is - apparently - a CD single.
  • Updated the 808 State 'Let Yourself Go' page in the discography - mentioned the German CD 'Dance Yourself To Death' which includes 'Let Yourself Go' & 'Deepville' on CD.
  • Reconfigured the message forum to display more messages, in descending order, and an attempt to make it clearer to read.
  • Split Live Dates section into two, so that current & future dates are split from those in the past.
  • Added more live dates (Viper Room, DKNY Store, DubClub).
  • Added numerous links to 'Links' section - added section for Real Audio files (DJ & Live Dates).
  • Updated news page with new & old Live Dates
  • Updated News to include more info on Finley Quaye's 'Spiritualized' single - added cover of 'Spritualized' single.
  • Updated News with more info on Bill Laswell/Herbie Hancock collaboration
  • Added piccy of Tricky's 'Makes Me Wanna Die' single in discography.
  • Updated links for the Cadillac, Oldenburg & The WMF Club in Hamburg (Germany tour dates in October)
  • Updated 'Live Dates' page with details on Gerald's forthcoming tour of Belgium/Germnay.
  • Updated 'News' page with above details
  • Added link to 'Essence' CD on CD-NOW.
  • Added info on Bill Laswell/Herbie Hancock collaboration to News.
  • Again updated piccy on front page - to the new Essence album.
  • Added Essence piccy to News and release date.
  • Split news so that older (and less relevant) News now has it's own seperate page (faster to load, I hope!).
  • Added news on the 'MusikExpress Sounds' German mag which includes the Funkstorung mix of Humanity on it's CD.
  • Added news of the 10" Addidas Picture Disc.
  • Updated piccy on front page - Humanity single nonetheless!!
  • Added Humanity piccy to News - altered dates so that it says that the single is already released.
  • Added Humanity scan to discography
  • Added Humanity track times & Radar Systems Track Times to discography
  • Added Turntable Orchestra info to discography - I've now got CD single!!!
  • Updated with news of the Brooklyn Anchorage date on July 13th.
  • Added new piccy of Gerald playing live to news page.
  • Humanity release date in the UK is now July 10th 2000.
  • Updated news page with piccies of the Humanity (Beedle Mixes) 12"
  • Updated news page with piccies of the DJ Spooky vs Freight Elevator Quartet 12".
  • Updated discography with picture of Humanity (Beedle Mixes 12")
  • Updated discography with picture of Cathy Coffey - Tell Me CD Single.
  • Updated discography with info/picture of Can - Sacrilege CD.
  • Updated discography with info/picture of the DJ Spooky vs Freight Elevator Quartet 12"
  • Updated discography with picture of Project X - The Summit CD Single.
  • Updated news page with details of the German release of the 'Humanity' 12" singles
  • Updated news page with details of newer (and older!) tour dates
  • Updated tour dates page with details of the newer tour dates
  • Updated news page with Essence tracklisting (courtesy of Amazon.com)
  • Updated discography with revisions to Essence tracklisting & new entries for the two German Humanity singles.
  • Discography Updates: Lamb - Cotton Wool (CD Single/Piccy), Project X - The Summit (CD Single), Turntable Orchestra (CD Single).
  • To do: further updates to discographies, redesign site to incorporate Flash 4 & then turn site into official site.
  • Updated site with news of the Paris & Berlin live dates.
  • Wonder if that !K7 Addidas shoe will be available to buy at the tour???
  • Gerald appearing at the Detroit Music Festival between May 27th-29th. Also appearing are Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, DJ Spooky and more - sounds good!!!
  • Updated background/text/fonts - *hopefully* making it easier to read!!
  • Again updated details on new single - now apparently June 12th (in UK??). US could still be May 23rd...???
  • Added new piccies to News page - artists appearing on Essence and removed old references.
  • Added short (but probably complete rubbish) review on the 'Essence' sampler CD - superb in my opinion!
  • Updated links page with links on Louise Rhodes, Lady Kier, Wendy Page and Ed Barton (!)
  • Updated discography with details on that Essence sampler CD.
  • Updated details on new single - May 23rd in US and CDNOW link.
  • Updated tour dates - London & Amsterdam.
  • Updated info. on French festival featuring Gerald's music.
  • Included news of the release date of the 'Humanity' single - May 9th in the US only.
  • Look at this week's NME for further details.
  • Updated news to include details of 'Essence' sampler CD (which I'm hoping to get hold of...!!)
  • Updated discography to include photos and times for Us' "Born In The North" EP - superb, by the way.
  • Updated links page with fairly recent article/interview with Gerald - pretty good, though!
  • Updated news to include details of the 'DJ Spooky vs The Freight Elevator Quartet' LP.
  • Updated news of Gerald's single, album and tour dates.
  • Included info & piccy of Espiritu's "Another Life" album - finally got it last week!
  • Included Fresh Fruit's Ricky Rouge "Strange Love" 12" - from the Netherlands.
  • Found an old Gerald song, "All Of My Life" credited to "All Of My Life". An Edward Barton composition features Gerald, Jane, and Viv Dixon (female vocalist from "Emotions Electric"). Appears on compilation CD "Hit The North".
  • General tidy-up of discography pages/fonts, image locations.
  • Removed links to JuiceBox discography and references to ex-JuiceBox artists on the News page, just to remove any confusion that Gerald is still associated with JuiceBox records - he isn't - he left them in early 1998, with his last release being the 'Radar Systems' 12" single.
  • Updated with news of March 2000's issue of 'Dazed & Confused' which comes free with a Stud!o !K7 CD, which features the Gerald track 'Untitled' - a track from his forthcoming 'Essence' album due out soon!
  • Updated 'Hot Lemonade' single discography with scans.
  • Updated 808 State's 'Newbuild' LP with new times & catalogue numbers.
  • Updated Gerald compilations discography with 'Indie Top 20' (Hot Lemonade) & various Ricky Rouge compilations.
  • Updated 'From Manchester With Love.Net' discography with info/scans of a promo 10" single.
  • Updated compilations discography page with links to CDNOW, and added more compilations with those allegedly found in CDNOW!
  • Updated news page with updated news on 808 State single - looks like it's going to be shelved... Many thanks to R Alex Lester of the Jega discographies for this unhappy news.
  • According to UBL.COM's record buying page, 'Essence' has been given a release date of 23rd May... Just over three months to wait for the next Gerald album...
  • Massive overhaul on discographies - included entries for pre-Gerald work (808 State/Us/Lounge Jays/Hit Squad MCr), and pre drum'n'bass Gerald (Voodoo Ray/Hot Lemonade/Automanikk) and scanned/uploaded images for all his early work.
  • JBOX11 is actually by "Ricky Rouge" called "All Over The World" (now on "Cryogenix"). Many thanks to Niko for this information - now all I've got to do is to get hold of a copy!
  • Speaking of Ricky Rouge, JBOX017 ("When You Took My Love") was actually licensed to the Dutch Label, "Fresh Fruit" which was then subsequently remixed by them - hence it's appearance on the "Fresh Fruit" label. Many thanks to Markus at the 808 Web Page for that information.
  • Just discovered (from 'Essence' page) that the new EP 'Fever' will feature vocals by Wendy Page...
  • Also, discovered that MC Kusta (another contributor to 'Essence') featured on the remix of Finley Quaye's "Even After All (Studio 2000 Mix)"!
  • Still lots more to do and more people to thank, but (hopefully!) in the coming week!
  • Added photos from Lady Crash's Spanish Interview with Gerald from https://urbe01.com/atmosfer/ger02.htm
  • Added 'Urbal Beats 2', Breakbeat Science', and 'Warp 10+1 Influences' to discography.
  • Added Finley Quaye's 'Even After All' & 'Lover A Need I' to remix discography.
  • Added Espiritu's 'U Send Me' to remix discography.
  • Introduced the 'Updates' section!
  • Updated the 'News' section to include the 'Funk: Jungle Sky Volume 6' compilation
  • Changed text in discographies to black, so it would be easier to read.
  • Added 'Funk: Jungle Sky Volume 6' to discography pages.
  • Added pictures to 'Exclusive Alternatives',
  • Added updated news on Gerald's forthcoming 'Fever' and 'Essence' releases from the Stud!o !K7 web page.
  • Updated news to include Material remix, Finley Quaye collaborations, Ed Barton news from Graham Massey, and Warp Influence Compilation featuring the 808 State track 'Let Yourself Go (303 Mix)'.
  • Redesigned news page to include headings, out-lined tables, and changed text to black to make it easier to read.