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Gerald Record Labels
Bowers & Wilkins
Bosconi Records
Laboratory Instinct Record Label
Gerald's Old Label - !K7
Gerald's K7 Record Shop
Misc Gerald Links
French interview
Header # 1 Mix CD Details
Edward Barton Links
Ed Barton Web Page Edward Barton Web Page (we are 'Born In The North'!)
Louise Rhodes / Lamb Links
Official Lamb Web Site Official Lamb Web Site
Lady Kier / Deee-Lite Links
Official Lady Kier Web Site Official Lady Kier Web Site
Deee-Lite Record Reviews Deee-Lite Record Reviews
Wendy Page / Skin Games Links
Unofficial Wendy Page/ Skin Games Web Site Unofficial Wendy Page/ Skin Games Web Site by Joel Billington
Trevor Miller/ Brink Films Links
Brink Films Brink Films - Trevor Miller's film production company
Trip City Film Trip City Film - Film version of Trevor's classic 'Trip City' book - still under negotiation
Bill Shannon / Virtual Provocateur Links
Bill Shannon / Virtual Provocateur Links Virtual Provocateur (fantastic dance movements to 'Humanity')
808 State Links
Official 808 State Site (Webmaster: Markus Arnold - Everything you need to know about 808 State)
Detroit Techno Links
Submerge (Detroit Mailing Lists)
Aphex Twin / Rephlex / Warp Links
Aphex Twin Aphex Twin (Richard D James)
Rephlex Records Rephlex Records (also 'MEN Records' -  808 State's "Prebuild")
Warp Records (more info on Rephlex/ Warp - also store for purchasing Rephlex records)
Interview with Richard James on '26 Mixes For Cash' compilation
Goldie Links
Tricky Links
Moon Place
4 Hero Links
4 Hero
Reinforced Records (4 Hero's record label - recommended)
Nebula II Links
Fabio & Grooverider Links
Fabio And Grooverider at Radio One (the original Drum'n'bass crew)
Drum'n'Bass Links
Drum'n'Bass Arena
Record Shops
GEMM - The Global Electronic Music Marketplace
Please do let me know if you find any more links of interest, or if any of the above are broken