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All Of My Life [Gerald / Ed Barton / Viv Dixon / Jane]  

Hit The North

Released: May 1990

Time: 03:51

Barber Barber [Edward Barton cover version]  

Edward Not Edward

Released: April 1989

Time: 03:33

Da Vibe  

Funk: This Is Jungle Sky 6

Released: 6th July 1999

Time: 5:03


Breakbeat Science

Released: 19th November 1996

Time: 05:23

Mellow Madness [A Guy Called Gerald / G.K.]  

The Big Issue: Foundations - Coming Up From The Streets

Release: 27th January 1997

Time: 05:33

Old Skool 313  

D.J. Bone - Parts Unknown - Subject Detroit Volume 3

Released: August 2005

Time: 02:20

Our Fall: Tokem  

Tokem: A Story In Sound

Released: 15th February 2008 (Digital) / 9th May 2008 (CD)

Time: 05:25

Satisfaction [Inertia]  

Panic In Detroit

Released: 5th October 1992

Time: 06:35

Sorry Dog [808 State feat. A Guy Called Gerald]  

Edward Not Edward

Released: April 1989

Time: 03:41

Edward Not Edward

W-Parade 2005 Stars For Laif

Released: June 2005

Time: 04:11