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29th October: Greg Wilson edit of "Voodoo Ray" out
redit To The Edit Volume Two (Vinyl One)
  • Greg Wilson has produced an edit of "Voodoo Ray" to be included on a 12" single and compilaition CD - both called "Credit To The Edit Volume Two".
  • The 12" single (subtitled "Vinyl One") is released via Tirk records (TIRK054) on 29th October, closely followed by the CD compilation (also released by Tirk Records - TIRK050) on 5th November.
  • Gerald tracks:
    • 09:00 Voodoo Ray (Greg Wilson Edit)
  • There's a track-by-track analysis by Greg here.
  • You can buy the CD album from Amazon here.
Greg Wilson - Credit To The Edit Volume 2
11th September: Cabaret Voltaire - Hypnotised Digital Single (iTunes)
Cabaret Voltaire - Hypnotised
  • Cabaret Voltaire have released (via iTunes) a digital version of their Hypnotised EP, featuring the otherwise vinyl-only Gerald mixes (Gerald Vocal Mix and Gerald's Vocal Mix Faded).
    • 3:59 Hypnotised (Gerald's Vocal Mix - Faded)
    • 5:53 Hypnotised (The Daniel Miller Mix)
    • 3:24 Hypnotised (The Fon Force Dub)
    • 5:05 Hypnotised (Gerald's Vocal Mix)
    • 5:48 Hypnotised (The Western Works Mix)
  • You can buy the EP via iTunes here.
February: Computer Music Interview
  • Gerald is interviewed in the latest Computer Music Magazine (February 2009, CM135).
  • The interview is online here.
January: A Guy Called Gerald Digital Exclusives Shop Available

A Guy Called Gerald Exclusive Downloads (continually updated!):

  • Dunkel Unterspiel
  • Is Man In Danger (Inner Mix)
  • Is Man In Danger (Original Mix)
  • Vulcan Love Dance
  • Old School Underground
  • Morning Chant
  • Bassbot
  • Anything Can Happen (Bailey Remix)
  • Anything Can Happen (Original) (XPR700)
  • The Fallen Prince Of Heaven (JBOX034)
  • Free Africa (JBOX005)
  • Cops (Original) (JBOX003)
  • Touch Me (JBOX030)
  • Kickin' Da Jungle Beat (JBOX020)
  • 7th Science Of Levitation
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