A Guy Called Gerald Unofficial Web Page: Updates 2003

  • Updates with more articles (from Mixmag, February 1995), a review of Black Secret Technology (also from Mixmag, February 1995), and a review of an Edward Barton/GCG gig from 1988. Many more to follow when I get the time! :-)
  • Updated with 3 new live/DJ dates - at Wang this New Years Eve, Split at Turnmills in February, and Megabag live in March at Manchester Academy.
  • Also added web link for Egebamyasi - superb! :-)
  • Updated with further details of the [4x4] @ 291 Gallery on Tuesday December 2nd.
  • Updated the news page with details of:
    • Official A Guy Called Gerald webpage
    • Blow Your House down remix out shortly on Ben Sim's Theory Records
    • 28 Gun Bad Boy and Black Secret Technology to be reissued via Gerald's Official Website
    • New release date for Strangest Changes is February 2004 - the promo has an exclusive mix of the title track, btw!
    • New DJ dates for November and December
  • Updated the News page with details on the Rockit Music Festival 2003 at Hong Kong - Gerald is DJing on Saturday October 25th (tomorrow)!
  • Updated the News page with details on the Retroverts/Split Returns date in November at SE One. Also included flyer for the Jack's House date at Brixton at the end of this month.
  • Updated the News pages and Live Dates 2003 pages with details on the Newcastle and Berlin dates. The Newcastle date, in particular, looks fantastic with both Hexstatic (live) and Aquasky appearing.
  • Added DJ dates for Newcastle (venue TBC), Brixton Telegraph, and Berlin (venue TBC).
  • Corrected the news that 'Trip City (Milton Keynes Mix)' does *NOT* appear on the Derrick Carter 4xLP, but *DOES* on the 2xCD version.
  • Updated news on the new Azuli compilation by Derrick Carter, which features Gerald's "Trip City (Milton Keynes Mix)".
  • Added DJ Date for the The Third Place at Westbourne Studios
  • Added images of the new ROKU 12" and corrected link to Juno
  • Updated the Live Dates 2003 Page with the new DJ Date
  • Added DJ Dates for Medicine Bar and Tribal Sessions
  • Added link to buy the ROKU 12" from (Juno.co.uk)
  • Updated the Live Dates 2003 Page with new DJ Dates
  • Added photo from Tribal Gathering 2003 from this website.
  • Changed Birmingham venue to Custard Factory on September 20th.
  • (Finally!) updated the Live Dates 2003 page with details of Gerald's recent and forthcoming dates.
  • Added information about the Strangest Changes 12" promo to the discography.
  • Added articles from both City Life and The Good Club Guide
  • Added details of Adam Freeland's "Coastal Breaks" CD
  • Added several more articles:
    • URB Magazine - December 1998
    • Melody Maker from 1991 - with the Happy Mondays in Reykjavik
  • Included the press release and a new confirmed release date for "Strangest Changes" on the site - now out on October 20th 2003.
  • Corrected the tour date for Dortmund - is actually Club Trinidad.
  • Updated the remix discography:
    • Black Uhuru - Reggae Rock - CD single with two mixes.
    • Turntable Orchestra - Gonna Miss Me - US 12" with 'Gerald's Funky Sax Mix'
  • Added a superb article from the URB magazine February/March 1995 in the 'Articles' section.
  • Added more details on the new Gerald 10" "Strangest Changes"/"Danger" - both Finley Quaye and David Simpson are appearing on the title track.
  • Added details of the new Retroverts night 'Split' on August 29th at London Bridge.
  • Added details of the ROKU (Ben Sims & Mark Broom) single called 'Wang' which features a remix by Gerald.
  • Updated the remix discography:
    • ROKU - Wang (A Guy Called Gerald)
    • A Fine Day... & A Brilliant Evening (featuring Jane's "It's A Fine Day" remixed by Gerald)
    • Wunmi - What-A-See - scans and details
  • Updated the compilations discography:
    • !K7 150 - scans/details on the tracks -"Humanity" (NB: K7 site mentions that the Ashley Beedle mix is included on the compilation - the promo doesn't feature this mix on it)
    • Saint Germain Lounge Rendez Vous - features the Ashley Beedle mix of Humanity
  • Updated the video discography:
    • !K7 150 - as above, but also includes the video for "Fever" on the promo/limited DVD. The limited felt sleeve is apparently very limited, so grab it now!
    • The Video Pool Number 67 - a PAL VHS which includes the "FX" video.
    • Strange Attractor - updated details on the Strange Attractor DVD.
  • Minor update - the DJ/Live dates in September and October on the News page were wrong - now corrected!
  • Added details on the !K7150 compilation, due out in August on Studio !K7. Features the video to 'Fever' on the DVD.
  • Updated the tour dates on the Main and News pages to reflect the Reading Festival, Fluid, German, and the Club Wang dates Gerald is DJ'ing over the next few months.
  • News of a new Gerald single out in September on 10" single via K7 - "Strangest Changes"
  • Added flyers for the D'Night at Tokyo and Tribal Gathering at Manchester.
  • Added flyer for the Club Air date in Japan - see News page for details.
  • Added some more articles - Mixmag August 1996, and Spex 1995 (in German).
  • Added two more DJ dates in Europe - Mo'Vibes in Munich, Germany and 10 Days Off in Gent, Belgium
  • Added another review of Black Secret Technology from VOX Magazine
  • Added yet more articles (1996/97 & 2001/02). Still to update the articles from 2000 - lots to do!
  • Updated the Live/DJ Dates & News Page with info on the Tribal Gathering Warehouse Party in a Secret Location in Manchester (sounds good!) on August 23rd, and also the Que Club in Birmingham on September 20th.
  • Added more articles - one in 1990 (Soul Underground) & one in 1996 (Wire) - many more to follow when I can find the time!
  • Added some more DJ dates for Tokyo, Japan in July
  • Added lots more articles & interviews, and one more review - check them out!
  • Added new tour date - Gerald is DJ-ing in Portugal in July as part of the MTV Isle Club Tour 2003.
  • Corrected various links/thumbnail images and menu on main index page.
  • Started a 'Media' section of the website to include:
    • Articles & Interview (1989 & 1990 up so far!) - lots more to do!!
    • Reviews - only one at the moment - lots more to do!
    • Pictures - thumbnails there at the moment, and lots more to do!
    • Multimedia - Quicktime movies of Gerald DJ-ing *ONLY* - still to do!
  • Updated News page with details of the 'Strange Attractor' DVD available in the US - finally! ;->
  • Added a picture from Rowetta's website  of Dr Walsh & Gerald - nice pic!
  • Updated discography scans (and some information) for:
    • Voodoo Ray 7"
    • Voodoo Ray 12" EP
    • Voodoo Ray 12" Remix
    • Voodoo Ray Australian 12"
    • Voodoo Ray US Warlock 12"
    • Voodoo Ray German 12"/CD
    • Peel Sessions MC/12"
    • Peel Sessions US MC/12"
    • Hot Lemonade 12"
    • Hot Lemonade Youth Mixes 12"
    • Automanikk (various mixes) - 7"/12"/MC/CD
    • Emotion Electric (Strange Fruit) MC
    • Emotions Electric Frankie Foncett Mixes 12"
    • Emotions Electric II Promo 12"
    • Trip City Package (MC/Book/Sleeve)
    • FX (various mixes) - 7"/12"/MC/CD
    • The John Peel Sessions CD
  • Updated site with news of Gerald's confirmed appearance at the Big Chill Festival 2003 during the first weekend in August. Looks good.
  • Added the official K7 Biography to the website
  • Updated various discography pages with updated scans:
    • Hot Lemonade LP
    • Automanikk LP
    • 808 State - Newbuild LP
    • Edward Not Edward LP
    • US - Born In The North 12"
    • Inertia - Nowhere To Run 12"
    • Emotion Electric (Strange Fruit) 12"
  • Updated news section with information on the Cherry Red 'Jane And Barton' CD release including Gerald's remix of Jane's "It's A Fine Day"
  • Updated with news of another DJ Date, this time at Brixton Fridge in aid of the World DJ Fund 2003 on April 22nd
  • The Eat Your Own Ears Date at 93 Feet East on 25th April has now been CANCELLED. This has been updated in the various pages.
  • Updated discographies with new scans for:
    • Cryogenix
    • Humanity Mixes CD-R
    • Dance Party Classix
  • Updated discographies with information on:
    • Blueprint mix CD
    • !K7 Flavour Mix CD-R
  • Updated the news page with a new picture at the Retro_Vert02 gig from Esonic Radio
  • Updated the Live Dates 2003 page with the details of the Cherry Jam DJ Date on April 30th
  • Updated the Industrial Dance page, which had errors on the 11th!
  • Added new tour date at Cherry Jam in London on April 30th
  • Added news of the Aphex Twin compilation '26 Mixes For Cash' featuring his remix of 808 State's 'Flow Coma'.
  • Updated the discography with new scans of:
    • Technicians Of Electronica
    • Fantazia - The House Collection Volume 5
    • Industrial Dance
    • Urbal Beats 2
  • Updated the discography of details for the Fresh Fruit collection 'Fresh Fruit Cocktail #2' which includes an exclusive (to CD) mix of Ricky Rouge's "Strange Love"
  • Updated the Covers discography to include details of the two DMC Remix 12" singles released to date featuring mixes of Gerald's work (Voodoo Ray):
    • DMC Remix Culture 165 features the Danny Tenaglia remix of "Voodoo Ray"
    • DMC Club Cuts 242 features a very recent (released this year in 2003) remix of "Voodoo Ray" by Blue Amazon.
  • Finally got round to updating the Links page - they should all work now!
  • Loads of DJ dates to announce - including one on Thursday. March, April and May  look like being busy months for Gerald.
  • Added some more discography updates - cover discography adds a genuine cover version of "The Curse Of Voodoo Ray" released by a band called Edison Factory.
  • There's a new compilation called 'Erotic Lounge' which has been released in Europe which contains 'Fever' (Black Dog Mix).
  • Received confirmation from Blacksmoke that Gerald *is* going to be remixing the single "Gimpo! Gimpo!" - still unsure of release date, though...
  • Added news that Gerald is due to DJ at The End nightclub on March 1st.
  • Gerald may be remixing former KLF man Jimmy Cauty's new band 'Blacksmoke'. The single 'Gimpo Gimpo' may be remixed by Gerald and may also feature a remix by 808 State's Andy Barker. Not confirmed.
  • Updated discographies:
    • Deep Heat 89 - Latino Mix (megamix featuring 'Voodoo Ray')
    • Industrial Armageddon
    • David Bowie - Live And Well (Fan Club CD featuring 'Telling Lies - Paradox Mix')
    • The Right Stuff - Remix 89
  • Yet further updates to the various discographies!
  • Found some further releases with Todd Terry's unofficial cover of "Voodoo Ray" called "Voodoo Killer" on it...
  • Found a Japanese compilation album called "Essential Jungle" that features Gerald's "Touch Me" on it!
  • There was another "Funky Alternatives" compilation called "Machines And Noises Volume 3" released in Australia!
  • Added entries for:
    • Azuli Presents Faith Volume 2
    • Techno Trash 2 (features the Hardfloor remix of "Voodoo Ray")
    • War Party (features a megamix that includes "Voodoo Ray" on it) - released on Warlock records
    • Cath Coffey - Mind The Gap (Japanese album) - scant details, but it'll have to do for the time being!
    • Cream Live - noticed that it has an uncredited mix of "Voodoo Ray" on it
    • Fantazia House Collection Volume 5 - features Lisa May's "The Curse Of Voodoo Ray" on it
    • Alternavision Volume 12 promo video - features Automanikk video on it
    • Todd Terry - "Unreleased Project EP 2" CD
    • Disco Disco compilation - features Todd Terry's "Voodoo Killer " on it
  • Added further scans for:
    • 808 State's "Quadrastate"
    • Audrey Hannah's "Liquid Touch"
    • 24 Hour Party People - CDR and Credits
    • Cath Coffey - Tell Me 12" promo
    • Industrial Hazard
    • David Bowie - Dead Man Walking 12" - features the Paradox mix of "Telling Lies" on it
    • Club Beat Sampler - features FX on it
  • Finished the compilations discography - at least, I think I have!! ;-> Will obviously update with more information if I receive more information on any further releases - scans, info, etc.
  • Added yet some more items to the Remix Discography: Cath Coffey's promo 12" of "Tell Me" actually has an instrumental mix by Gerald, and her Japanese CD album; "Mind The Gap"; has the "Classified Mix" on it.
  • Tricky's "Make Me Wanna Die" single has further releases which I didn't know about, so these have been added.
  • Re-arranged the menus, so that it says 'Live/DJ Dates' as opposed to just 'Live Dates'. Also rearranged them in descending order of years, so that the most current year (2003) is at the top - presumed most people would want to know what was happening in the future, rather than the past!
  • Renamed some of the discography menu items, so that they're short and to the point!!
  • Started work on the Video discography, although nothing has been uploaded as of yet.
  • Added a scan of 808 State's "Newbuild" white label to the "Newbuild" page.
  • Very nearly finished the Compilation discography - about 3 or 4 releases that need modifying, which should occur before the end of this week!
  • Added lots more information to the Compilation and Remix discographies. Still some way to go to finish the compilation discography, but the end is in sight!
  • Added new piccy of Gerald in his 808 State days to the news section.
  • Added updated information on Retro_Vert002 - should hopefully be going to that one!
  • Lots more updates to various discographies, including The Orb's "Oxbow Lakes" - found a couple of promotional cassette singles featuring the Gerald mixes.
  • Compilation discography is still getting updated - hopefully, will be finished shortly!!
  • Great news - added info regarding 808 State's "Prebuild" album - due out on Rephlex Records later this year!