A Guy Called Gerald Unofficial Web Page: Live / DJ Dates 2004

December 2004
31 December: 2005 Leagues Under The Sea, Slip Inn, Sydney, Australia


2005 Leagues Under The Sea, Slip Inn, 3 Slip Street, Sydney, Australia

Join us for the third instalment of our notorious nautical NYE parties as we completely transform the venue into a world of pirate ships, coral reefs, lost cities and sea creatures. Special Guests: Crazy Penis, Tom Middleton, A Guy Called Gerald, Dublex Inc, Pty Ltd and more.
Buy a drink over the bar at the Slip Inn now for your chance to win free passes.
When: 31st December 2004
Where: Slip Inn
Cost: $59 from slip inn

"Jam is proud to announce 2005 Leagues Under the Sea - the 3rd instalment of our notorious nautical New Year’s Eve parties at the Slip Inn and the Chinese Laundry. Set over 5 intimate rooms including the Slip Inn’s uniquely beautiful sandstone courtyard, 2005 Leagues Under the Sea will feature international guests Crazy Penis in full 6 piece live band mode, A Guy Called Gerald and Dublex Inc alongside a wide selection of talented local artists including Pty Ltd (live), Ajax, the FunkTrust DJs, Goodwill and many more. Once again, 2005 Leagues under the Sea will see the Slip Inn transformed into a maritime playground of earthly delights as our creative team is set loose upon the building and allowed to run riot for the night. At just $59+bf, 2005 Leagues Under the Sea promises to be, once again, an exceptional start to the year for an exceptionally good price.

Crazy Penis are no strangers to Australia having preached their gospel of northern wit, sunkissed grooves and bouncing dancefloor cool at sell out shows in 03, and again on the main stage at the 2004 Good Vibrations Festival. Their live performance is something to behold with vocalist Danielle Moore at the helm and full flavoured instrumentation with live keys, guitar, bass, drums and percussion. Their New Year’s Eve performance under the summer stars in the Slip Inn’s courtyard will doubtless be an extraordinary experience.

A Guy Called Gerald is one of the few pioneers of dance music who remains at the forefront of beats music. His classic Voodoo Ray is universally credited as an epoch making moment in dance music for sparking the acid house movement. It stands with “Pacific State” (his worldwide smash as an original member of 808 State) and ’28 Gun Bad Boy’ as pillars of enduring influence. Recently signed to innovative label !K7, his new LP is, again, a quantum leap forward: www.aguycalledgerald.com

Dublex Inc are leading lights of the emerging funky beats movement alongside artists like Fort Knox Five, Thunderball and Dr Rubberfunk. Hailing from Germany, their Pulver Records imprint is hugely respected as a home of funk influenced beats music. Hip-Hop, Funk, Disco, House, Breaks are tossed into the mix and emerge as something both new and old: www.dublex-inc.com


A Guy Called Gerald, Dublex Inc, Funktrust, Ajax, Goodwill + more TBA
Live Acts:
Crazy Penis, PTY LTD"

December 31st is fast approaching, and for those in Sydney who haven’t already planned your evening Jam Recordings and Slip Inn have put together a very good line-up to welcome in the new year. Head lining the evening is the impressive and forward thinking Tom Middleton (Cosmos) alongside the varied line-up as below:

2005 Leagues Under the Sea
Lost City Of Beatlantis (Courtyard)
Crazy Penis, Goodwill, Jules Beaumont, Yogi, Tim Boffa
Davey Jones’ Laundry (Chinese Laundry)
Tom Middleton, Will Styles, Learned Hand, Frenzie, James Taylor
Decompression Chamber (Cave)
A Guy Called Gerald (UK), Phil Smart Ajax, Declan Lee, Matt Aubusson
Pirate Disco (Slip Bar)
Dublex Inc (Ger- DJ SET), PTY LTD (LIVE), Nick Toth, Sara, Dr Seuss

Tom Middleton recently wowed Australian crowds at the Good Vibrations Festival and brings to 2005 Leagues his trademark eclecticism and reputation as a brilliant DJ. A seasoned veteran as the mind behind Sounds Of The Cosmos / Jedi Knights / and Reload ( a collection of short stories) his wide variation will be great for New Years Eve. Tickets are $59 + BF, available from The Slip Inn and usual outlets.

Review (Ed aka Funky Dung - Orbital Message Board):

"So, on NYE, he's playing at about 4am in this little underground room, and there's about 30-odd people still there. He's playing a similarly great DJ set again, and then, two hours into it, he suddenly turns on his little laptop that he's got with him and starts playing 'Voodoo Ray' off it... live! And he carries on playing 'Voodoo Ray' live....... FOR ABOUT 40 MINUTES!

Totally reworked it into a Josh Wink-style acidic stomper, dropped it down into a minimal techy thing for about 10 minutes, then built it into a melodic Orbital-style blobby thing for ages, with the "oooooh ooh-ooh, aaaah aah-aah, yeah!" voice being all warped and distorted into a gurgling acid line... it were proper special, I tells ya! Spoke to him afterwards and he said he did it just for those of us who saw him the other night – we were definitely the only three people in the place who even knew the tune, let alone knew what he was doing with it!
And then he went back to vinyl and played the Joey Beltram mix of 'Dominator' followed by a load of late-80s acid and rave stuff. Awesome way to start the year! "

26 December: Freeform, The Loft, Sydney, Australia


Freeform, The Loft, 3 Lime Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney, Australia

And another coup for Freeform at the loft....

Since the 80's this Manchester icon has proven to be among the most innovative modern music figures, from his early experimentation with techno and acid house to his groundbreaking contributions to drum & bass. With a new album out in 2005 through !K7, this outstanding producer and DJ extraordinaire provides us with
a preview of things to come.

Sundays 5pm - midnight Free Admission
The loft, 3 Lime Sheet, King Street Wharf


(Josh 909 - Resident Advisor Message Board)

"oooh baby... this was a pleasant little surprise in an otherwise season of mediocrity
he started out rather housey, almost loungey as if to cater for the majority of the crowd, however over the course of the next 90 minutes, Gerald built up his set steadily peaking with some tuff-as-fuck baselines and 303 loops. we're talking good old, pure acid house.

towards the start of his set, pato asked him if he was going to drop 'voodoo ray' to which he replied that he hadn't bought it with him. imagine our surprise when about 20 minutes out from the end of his set he dropped it - cheeky bastard almost makes me want to go to the laundry on NYE... "

(Ed aka Funky Dung - Orbital Message Board):

"I went and saw A Guy Called Gerald DJ in a swanky bar on Boxing Day, and he was great. Lots of lovely chunky tech-house and bleepy old-skool acid and techno, and he even got out his old copy of 'Voodoo Ray' near the end. Had a chat to him, and decided we'd all go to this thing on NYE that he was playing at with Tom Middleton and Crazy Penis."

Reviews and photos

15 December: Blast presents 'Xmas Party People', Concorde 2, Brighton, England


Blast presents 'Xmas Party People', Concorde 2, Madeira Drive, Brighton, England

Blast presents ‘Christmas Party People’
A Guy Called Gerald + 808 State
9:00pm till 02:00am - Main Show
£10 + BF in adv& £8 + BF concessions

12 December: High Qwality House, Cassero, Bologna, Italy


High Qwality House, Circolo Arcigay Il Cassero, Via Don Minzoni 18 - Bologna, Italy

ORE 23

high qwality house

INFOLINE 3332957200
LISTE 3481513191

11 December: Solid Water, Point Ephemere, Centre De Dynamiques Artistitiques, Paris, France


Solid Water, Point Ephemere, Centre De Dynamiques Artistitiques, 200 Quai de Valmy, Paris, France

Samedi 11 décembre / soirée electro

A partir de 22h00 / 12 euros




Attention légende. Non content d‚avoir fait partie du mythique groupe anglais 808 State, A Guy Called Gerald est également à l‚origine de Black secret technology, un des disques fondateurs de la musique noire électronique de la fin du XXème siècle. Ce soir il vous prouvera que house, techno, hip hop, funk ou breakbeat ne sont que des chemins détournés qui mènent à la soul. God bless the old school.


KRAZY BALDHEAD [Headbangers / FR / Live]

A la science du breakbeat de cet illustre aîné, Krazy Baldhead oppose une énergie iconoclaste et débridée. Signé sur le label de Pedro Winter, Krazy Baldhead détourne le hip hop, maltraite l‚électro, pervertit le jazz et retourne les dancefloors partout où il passe. God bless the new school.


DJ SEEP [Rolax / FR / Dj Set]

Vous avez pu l‚entendre derrière Kid Loco ou Jay Jay Johansson, mais c‚est en solo, derrière des platines ou des machines que Seep donne la pleine mesure de son efficacité. Après une mixtape « eletkrobotik acidfunk d‚anthologie, Seep travaille actuellement sur un projet commun avec le graphiste Matthias SchweitzerÝ God bless the kold skool.


D*I*R*T*Y SOUND SYSTEM [www.d-i-r-t-y.com / FR / Dj Set]

En warm up et en close down, les sélectors du D*I*R*T*Y Sound System viendront tester leurs morceaux les plus assassins sur le sound system le plus courtisé de Paris. God bless the no school.



Ryan Mc Giness est un jeune artiste New Yorkais issu de la scène skate et graffiti (aux côtés de Barry McGee, David Carson (Raygun) et Shepard Fairey). Comme ses pairs, il travaille sur différents supports : vêtements, skateboards, peintures, installations. Son livre précédent « flatnessisgod » a reçu un accueil critique enthousiaste. A l‚occasion de l‚exposition « Multiverse » jusqu‚au 22 janvier 2005 à la Galerie du jour Agnès B., nous projetteront un DVD regroupant ses derniers travaux.



Phillipe Azoury n‚est pas seulement le „maître-chien le plus snob de paris‰ c‚est aussi un spécialiste cinéma de talent pour Libération, c‚est surtout un malade mental de musique qui viendra avec une playlist savante et passionnée.


Emmanuel Plane est un des seuls attachés de presse de Paris avec lequel il est possible de discuter musique. Cet amoureux de la pop indépendante sous toutes ses formes a préparé une sélection « comme à la maison », vous pourrez d‚ailleurs retirer vos chaussures pendant son set.


Proche de la galaxie Versatile, Yarwez Wilson est un « crate digger » forcené, spécialisé dans la pop soixante et le rock psychédélique : il nous prépare un set bien planant mais pas baba-cool pour autant.

9 December: Druzzi's II: They Came From Outer Space, Nightmoves, Shoreditch, London, England


Druzzi's II: They Came From Outer Space, Nightmoves, 145 Shoreditch High Street, London, England

Druzzi's @ Nightmoves, Shoreditch
Thursday 9th December
Acid and Electro Set
10pm till 3am / £5 all night

The best party in London that doesnt involve Furthur in any way except for piss poor dancefloor exhibitionism, carries on in fine style with this pre christmas acid house special, joining crispin and his merry men is house legend A Guy Called Gerald, english acid pioneer and all round top boy dropping a special back to acid set.

2 December: Swayzac / A Guy Called Gerald, Cabaret La Tulipe, Monteal, Canada


Cabaret La Tulipe, 4530 Papineau, Monteal, Canada

Swayzac / A Guy Called Gerald
Thursday, Dec 2, 2004
Cabaret La Tulipe
4530 Papineau, Mtl
Info. (514) 529-5000
Music type : Rock - Pop
2 Swayzak 20:30h $ 20.00

October 2002
22 October: Bass n Breaks, Café Zapata im Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, Germany


Bass n Breaks, Café Zapata im Kunsthaus Tacheles, 10117 Berlin Oranienburger, Germany

LIVE Jam in Berlin this Friday 22.10.2004
Berlin's Zapata will host A Guy Called Gerald + Tonpilot + Special Guests
for an 8 hour session this Friday

A Guy Called Gerald Simpson stammt aus Manchester, wo er des Öfteren seine Mutter auf den Weg in die Kirche begleitet, um vor allem den Orgelklängen während der Messe zu lauschen. Dadurch inspiriert, beschäftigt er sich fortan mit Musik. Vor allem für Marvin Gaye's Soul und die Jackson Five kann sich Gerald begeistern. Später bereichern Funk und Hip Hop seine musikalische Leidenschaft. Mittels eines Kassettenrekorders wird kräftig an Stücken wie "Rockit" von Herbie Hancock herumgewurschtelt und experimentiert; sozusagen die ersten Gehversuche in Sachen Produktion. Ein anderes Unterfangen ist die Manchester Band Scratchbeat Master und danach steigt Simpson in der Hit Squad ein. Später nennen sie sich in die recht populären 808 State, einen Entwicklungshelfer des Techno, um. Gerald ist am Entstehen der in Großbritannien kommerziell erfolgreichen Technohymne "Pacific State" und dem zugehörigen Album "Newbuild" maßgeblich beteiligt. Nebenher werkelt Simpson als A Guy Called Gerald an diversen Soloprojekten, da ihm seine musikalische Integrität sehr am Herzen liegt. Mit "Voodoo Ray", einem Sound mit den Eckpfeilern Detroit Techno und Chicagoesker Housemusic, feiert er weltweit einen Erfolg. Es folgt ein Majordeal mit Sony Music und der Release der ersten Platte "Automatik". Seine Popularität steigt, aber auch der Wunsch, von der Plattenfirma nicht gegängelt zu werden. Folgerichtig trennen sich beider Wege und Mr. Simpson ist wieder underground. 1993 erscheint "28 Gun Bad Boy", eine weitere Evolutionsstufe von Drum & Bass. Mit dem 1997er "Black Secret Technology"-Album etabliert sich Gerald Simpson endgültig in der Riege des UK Urban Sounds und arbeitet u.a. mit David Bowie und Tricky zusammen, obwohl er mittlerweile in Brooklyn zu Hause ist.

bassandbreaks of 'Dominator' followed by a load of late-80s acid and rave stuff. Awesome way to start the year!

9 October: Sticky, Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Sticky, Paradiso, Weteringschans 6-8, 1017 SG Amsterdam, Nederland / The Netherlands

Review: (Markus Arnold - Gerald Forum)


8 October: Stylus, Manchester Music Box, Manchester, England


Stylus, Manchester Music Box, 65A Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 6EQ, England

Friday, 8 October 2004
The Stylus First Birthday: DJ Heather + A Guy Called Gerald + Les Croasdaile + Scott Carey + Pete Dafeet + Homegrown-Music + Al Bradley + Al Mackin + Foxy Slut
At Music Box, Manchester
From 10:00pm until 4:00am
Price: £12.00 on the door / £10.00 in advance
For tickets or further information, please contact the venue directly.

"But their birthday bash on Friday, October 8 features what is almost certainly their finest line-up to date - Stylus favourite DJ Heather from Chicago and acid house legend A Guy Called Gerald.

Chicago's DJ Heather's previous appearance at Stylus reputedly earned her a standing ovation, so expect more of the same when she returns with her cohort Tom the Trumpet Man once again in tow.

A Guy Called Gerald should need no introduction to a Manchester clubbing crowd, having been responsible for the truly seminal Voodoo Ray and having been briefly a member of the 808 State family.

Gerald now lives in Germany so makes only occasional visits back to the UK, though coincidentally he was back in Manchester last month for a set at Dry Bar. However, for Stylus he is playing a live PA rather a DJ set."

Above images and more pictures from this site

1 October: Premium Music, Cookies, Berlin, Germany


Premium Music, Cookies, Charlottenstrasse 44, 10117 Berlin, Germany

"Premium - Zync Vip Party " (Cookies)
DJs A Guy Called Gerald (Sugoi Records), Warp DJs: DJ Soze Shadetek (Warp/Shockout), DJ Rae Dawn (Nono/Lex), Bent (Ministry of Sound), Dublex Inc & Dutch Rhythm Combo (Pulver Records), Special feature of Warp Visions – The Videos from 1989-2004 DVD Sneak Preview. Ab 23:00 Uhr | Eintritt: tba

23:00 - PREMIUM - ZYNC VIP Party @ Cookies Club
- feat. Warp Records DVD Sneak Preview - Warp Vision - The Videos from 1989- 2004
- line Up: A Guy Called Gerald (Sugoi Records),
Warp DJs: DJ Soze Shadetek (Warp/Shockout) + DJ Raedawn (Nono/Lex), Dublex Inc. & Dutch Rhythm Combo (Pulver Records), Bent (Ministry Of Sound)

September 2004
25 September: Jezioro Labedzie, Warszawa, Poland


Jezioro Labedzie, ul. Moliera 4/6, 00-076 Warszawa, Poland

K7! Special Deluxe!

We want to invite you for an unusual party. 25th September is going to be a day of A Guy Called Gerald. This day he is going to perform in Jezioro Łabędzie. This is going to be his first show in Poland. With him our guests will be also DJ Kaos from Berlin and as a support Artur8 and Novika

His real name is Gerald Simpson and he is a legend of drum'n'bass. He records albums once per 4 years as he prefers live shows and mixing music for the radio shows. Before he started his adventure with drum'n'bass he was exploring chicago house, ditroit techno, acid house and hardcore techno. he is one of the most important persons on the jungle scene and an inspiration for such artists like Goldie, Dego or Dillinja. His first studio tracks were recorded with his friends from Menchester hip hop group 808 State. In 1995 he released an album "Black Secret Technology" with dark and deep trans tracks. Then for a few years he only played as a DJ and relesed singles. In 2000 K7! label released his second album "Essence".

If you want to see him live come to Jezioro Łabędzie on 25th September. Tickets (30 PLN in advance, 35 PLN on the concert day, for the club members 25 PLN) to be bought in the club, ul. Moliera 4/6. tel. (22) 826 65 99.
"3-Day Weekend". Pamiętacie ten przyjemny utwór Etienne de Crecy sprzed paru lat? Choć trzydniowe balangi są zazwyczaj jedynie przywilejem DJ-ów, w dniach 25-27 września nie mógł odpocząć żaden porządny warszawski balangowicz. Imprezy od piątku do niedzieli, jedna na, po lub w trakcie drugiej. A każda "musowa".
Piątek - weekendu początek. A nad Wisłą pojedynek duet Clones vs James Zabiela. Choć Francuzi mieli przewagę liczebną, stolica wybrała Anglika. Wystąpił on w okazjonalnej imprezowni na Woli, do której można było wejść tylko na specjalne zaproszenia rozdawane przez pewna firmę. Balanga nie była nagłośniona, lecz dość obszerna sala - typu hall w szkle i marmurach - wypełniła się w 100 procentach. Zyskujący w ekspresowym tempie miano najlepszego i najpopularniejszego DJ-a świata cherubinek grał ponoć przez dwie i pół godziny. "Ponoć", gdyż - zakochany w ich jedynej na razie płycie "Safety Copy" - szybko przeniosłem się do klubu "Piekarnia" na występ braci Piau. Tam, niestety, pustki kompletne. Zapewne z tego powodu chłopaki, zgodnie z przysłowiem, spieszyli się (za decki) powoli i zaczęli jakoś koło godz. 2. Ale jak zaczęli... to na dobre! Obstawieni komputerami, adapterami i CD-playerami miksowali przede wszystkim utwory własne. Choć sobie a muzom grali, robili to z pełnym zaangażowaniem i ściągnęli przed DJ-kę wszystkie 30 bodaj osób. Szczerzy, spontaniczni i kontaktowi. Jeden - nie rozpoznaję, który z Klonów to który (zresztą nawet mają taką dowcipną kompozycję "Which One Is Which") - zrzucił od razu koszulkę, a obaj porozumiewali się ze zgromadzonymi również werbalnie. Gdy chwilę po godz. 3 schodzili na backstage, zapowiedzieli, że wrócą za dwie godziny. Nie wiem, nie dotrwałem. Trzeba było wypocząć przed następną ciężką nocą.

W sobotę część Polski, w tym Warszawy, wyjechała do Łodzi na The World of Drum And Bass Tour 2004. Wieść gminna niesie, że popełnili błąd. Choć artystycznie "pierwsza klasa", kompletnie zawiedli organizatorzy. Przepełniona sala, brak kibli i piwa, ginące kurtki... Takich wpadek tego dnia w stolicy na szczęście nie mieliśmy. Swoją drogą podczas szaleństw w klubie "CDQ" rzeczywiście zgubiłem bluzę. No, ale jak miałem spokojnie ustać, gdy na "On-U Sound Live At CDQ Warsaw 2004 CD Release Party" wystąpił sam Adrian Sherwood z bandem w składzie: Skip McDonald (gitara, wokal), Doug Wimbish (bas) oraz Pete Lockett (perkusja)? Gdy około północy dobiłem na miejsce, frekwencja była całkiem przyzwoita, a koncert trwał w najlepsze. Dub-regałowe brzmienia live actu niosły się po dolnej sali przez jakieś pół godzinki, po czym nastąpiła przerwa. Tę postanowiłem wykorzystać na wycieczkę do Jeziora Łabędziego. Spodziewałem się zaspokoić tam drum'n'bassowy głód, podsycany świadomością uciekającego mi właśnie festiwalu w Łodzi. W klubie na pl. Teatralnym DJ-ski set prezentował bowiem A Guy Called Gerald (na zdjęciu u góry). Pan Simpson, czołowy reprezentant wytwórni !K7, zagrał niestety tak, jak jego poprzednicy w tym miejscu. Znakomici artyści występujący w Jeziorze Łabędzim (Stephane Pompougnac, Mo'Horizons, Richard Dorfmeister etc.) zawsze po prostu przekładają house'owe płytki, dopasowując się najwidoczniej do wymagań tutejszej publiczności. Po dwóch godzinach, nie powiem, całkiem miłego bounce'owania poddałem się i wróciłem do domu. Kolejny wieczór czekał...

...a potem czekaliśmy my. Legendarna ekipa Genesisa P-Orridge'a zamiast o godz. 20 (niemiecki support Columne One nie przyjechał) na scenę wyszła około 22. Wyjaśnili, że nie przyjechała taryfa (czyżby nasi taksówkarze aż tak bali się ekscentryków?) i obiecali dłuższy koncert. Szef Nadbałtyckiego Centrum Kultury - Larry Ugwu, który kilka dni wcześniej zabronił występu Psychic TV w Kościele św. Jana ze względu na "antychrystusowy" charakter grupy, nastawił mnie do gigu londyńczyków bardzo pozytywnie. Choć zrobili naprawdę przedni show (istniejący od ćwierćwiecza kultowy zespół grał w Polsce po raz pierwszy, więc zaprezentował sporo starszego materiału), nie był on ani bulwersujący, ani specjalnie długi. P-Orridge'owi z mężczyzny został już tylko niesamowity głos. Genesis był(a) bardzo miły(a), uśmiechał(a) się często i jakoś nie zauważyłem, by palił(a) krzyże czy czarną mszę odprawiał(a). Szkoda jedynie, że frekwencyjnie znów bez rewelacji. Może jednak co za dużo to niezdrowo i nie należy nas rozpieszczać tyloma impreza mi na raz?
tekst i foto: aka madafaka"

18 September: Earthdance Manchester 2004, Dry Bar, Manchester, England


Earthdance Manchester 2004, Dry Bar, 28-30 Oldham Street, Manchester, England

Vision Classix and Silky Productions present...

Earthdance Manchester 2004

Earthdance Manchester 2004 is part of Earthdance International 2004 - the largest simultaneous dance party in the world!

Vision Classix room - oldschool


Butty, Recca, A Guy Called Gerald, 808 State dj's

Silky room - house and breaks


Mistress de Funk, Chika

Entry: £12.50 advance ticket from ticketline.co.uk
£15.00 on the door
BUT £10.00 on the door for anyone in Hawaiin grass skirt and lei,
(as Hawaii is the 808 State!)
precentage of profit goes to Survival International

17 September: North Cafe Bar, Blackburn, Lancashire, England


DJ Set @ North Cafe Bar, 16 Town Hall Street, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 1AG

10 September: WMF Nachtbar im Cafe Moskau, Berlin Mitte, Germany


DJ Set @ WMF Nachtbar im Cafe Moskau, Schillingstrasse / Karl-Marx-Alle, Berlin Mitte, Germany

3 September: [030] 10 Jahre Party, Kesselhaus, Berlin, Germany


[030] 10 Jahre Party, Kesselhaus, Kulturbrauerei, Eingang Szredzki / Knaackstraß, Berlin, Germany

K7 Floor - Soda Restaurant

22:00 - 00:00 K7 DJ Team
00:00 - 02:00 K7 Clash System
02:00 - 04:00 A Guy called Gerald
04:00 - 06:00 DJ Kaos

K7 Floor

K7 sind nicht nach einem Berg benannt, sondern nach der ehemaligen Location des Labels, dem Kaiserdamm 7. Aus der Masse ihrer erfolgreichen Veröffentlichungen könnten sie aber schon einen richtigen Hügel aufschichten, auf dem ihr eine gemütliche Wanderung unternehmen könntet. Auf dieser Wanderung würdet ihr der Musik des Breakbeat Gurus A GUY CALLED GERALD begegnen, die mit entspannten Lounge-Klängen zu einer kleinen Rast einlädt oder einem fröhlichen Tänzchen animiert. Der Pionier trug maßgeblich zur Entwicklung einer ganzen Musikrichtung bei. Zum Leidwesen seiner Fans bastelte er in letzter Zeit mehr an seinem Studio herum als an seiner Musik, besann sich aber und brachte nach fünf Jahren endlich bei K7 ein neues Album raus. Wir sehen also, der Mensch setzt sich nicht zur Ruhe.

Ebenfalls fleißig ist DJ Kaos, zur Zeit übrigens auch mit seinem neuen Projekt Ghost Cauldron unterwegs. Sein kreatives Chaos bezieht sich vielleicht auf den unorthodoxen Mix aus verschiedenen Kategorien, die er gerne auflegt. Weiterhin tragen K7 Clash System und das K7 DJ Team zum guten Ruf des Labels, auch im Ausland, bei. [na]

A Guy Called Gerald, DJ Kaos, K7 Clash System feat. Superdefekt und K7 DJ Team am 03.09. auf der 10 Jahre [030] Party im Soda in der Kulturbrauerei

August 2004
20 August: Bass n Breaks, Café Zapata im Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, Germany


Bass n Breaks, Café Zapata im Kunsthaus Tacheles, 10117 Berlin Oranienburger, Germany


Since the 80’s, Manchester UK native, A GUY CALLED GERALD, born Gerald Simpson, has proven to be among the most innovative modern music figures. His influence is international, and through his versatility he has spawned genres and generations of music culture. From his early experimentation with techno and acid house to his groundbreaking contributions to drum & bass, GCG’s art and craft has perpetually evolved regardless of his individual successes in each of those genres.

22.00 Uhr

July 2004
3 July: The Loft, Razzclub, Barcelona, Spain


The Loft, C/Pamplona 88, Barcelona, Spain

Sábado 3 RazzClub: GATO DJ + LUIS LE NUIT DJ + The Loft: RICHARD FEARLESS DJ (Death in Vegas/UK) + DJD! (Francia) + Sala Lo*Li*Ta: A GUY CALLED GERALD DJ + MOUSEDOWN DJ + Pop Bar:

BUENAVISTA DJ (Sound System) + Temple Beat Room: Especial Christian Death con: LADY STARDUST DJ A Guy Called Gerald se ha ido convirtiendo en una estrella del underground, produciendo el mítico “New Build” de los 808 State y más tarde publicando el maxi ‘Voodoo Ray’ en el ’89, pieza maestra influenciada por Detroit y Chicago,->.

1:00h. ENTRADA: 12 euros con consumición.

a la par que con el creciente e imparable movimiento acid-house británico. Pero su disco más celebrado fue sin duda “Black Secret Technology” en el ’95.

June 2004
26 June: Cookies & Cream, Berlin, Germany


Cookies & Cream, Charlottenstrasse 45, Berlin Mitte, Germany

A Guy Called Gerald
Maurice Fulton
Chicken Lips
DJ Kaos
Artur 8.

19 June: Funky Kitchen, München, Germany


Funky Kitchen, Unterer Anger 3, 80331 München, Germany

Samstag 19.06. - 23 Uhr, DIE REGISTRATUR

!K7 Labelnight
Sonnabend 19. Juni 2004.

A Guy Called Gerald ist eigentlich durch sein auf !K7 erschienenes Pop/Drum'n'Bass Album "Essence" wieder ins Gespräch gekommen. Davor betrieb er das Label Juice Box Records und davor hatte er mit Voodoo Ray einen der größten Clubvhits der 89er Manchester Acid Welle und genau hier knüpft der Altmeister heute abend wieder an. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von DJ Kaos von Terranova, Ghost Cauldron und !K7.

Sa 19.06. - So 06.03. : 90MIN LiVE!

Lettland - Deutschland, Niederlande - Tschechien Die Letten-Fußball-Lovers zum ersten mal bei der EM! Wir sind sehr gut vorbereitet und hoch konzentriert. Wie wir alle wissen gibt es bei einer EM keine Außenseiter. Aber kommt schon! Wir spielen gegen Lettland und wir fordern: Schießt die Retten laus! Die Konkurrenz sticht sich aus und wir sticheln mit. Rethorische Blutgrätschn von hinten und wie immer EM Würste vom Grill. Dazu dehnen sich Die Jays Martin Peter & Chris Chord im Vorprogramm zur großen !K7 Labelnight mit den Vinylmaradonas A Guy Called Gerald und Dj Kaos. KOMMENTATOREN: NOE NOACK (Zündfunk) & FLORIAN FALTERER (M94.5) - MUSIKALISCHE UNTERSTÜTZUNG: MARTIN PETER, DJ CHORD 17:30 [ Die Registratur ]

11 June: !K7 after show stage, Berlinova, Berlin, Berlinova, Germany


!K7 after show stage @ Berlinova, MZA Luckau b. Berlin, Berlinova, Germany

Die !k7 after show stage ist unsere zweite neue Platform in diesem Jahr, deren Kommen zu berlinova.2004 mit einem kleinem, aber feinen und ebenso ausgesuchtem Programm aus dem quasi schon legendär zu nennenden Hause !K7 bestätigt wurde. Die STEREO MC´s, die seit ihrer DJ Kicks-Session für ihre Plattenteller Sets einen ebenso guten Ruf besitzen, wie für ihre fulminanten und energetischen Liveshows, waren ursprünglich am Freitag geplant - jetzt sind sie am Samstag für Euch da! Und neu im !K7Clash System ist SUPERDEFECT.

Physisch (oder technisch, wie man es gerade ausdrücken will) ist die !k7 after show stage auf dem gleichen Bühnenbau beheimatet wie die visions stage. Da diese aber am Freitag noch nicht aktiv ist und die !k7 after show stage am Samstag erst nach Abschluß der beiden Hauptbühnen startet (also der Grund warum es sich bei !k7 um eine after show stage (sic!) handelt), sind es zwei musikalisch und zeitlich unabhängige Plattformen.
Die genauen Showzeiten stehen jetzt auch hier fest!

!k7 after show stage | freitag | 22:00 - 05:00 uhr
22:00 - 00:00 | Dani Siciliano
00:00 - 03:00 | !K7 Clash System feat. SST & Superdefect [live | neu]
03:00 - 05:00 | A Guy Called Gerald
!k7 after show stage | samstag | 23:30 - 04:30 uhr
23:30 - 01:30 | Stereo MC´s [dj set]
01:30 - 02:30 | Swayzak [live]
02:30 - 04:30 | DJ Kaos

May 2004
29 May: Technique, Leeds, Yorkshire, England


May 29th: A Guy Called Gerald + Tony Thomas

More photos here

21 May: 10 Jahre Gauloises Cookin' Blue Festival, Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany
21 May: A Guy Called Gerald Live, 10 Jahre Gauloises Cookin' Blue Festival, Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany


21 May: A Guy Called Gerald Live, 10 Jahre Gauloises Cookin' Blue Festival, Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany

Gauloises Cookin' Blue Festival, Tempodrom, Möckernstr. 10, 10963 Berlin, Germany

21.05 + 22.05. Tempodrom Berlin (Möckernstr. 10, 10963 Berlin)

Beim cookin'blue Festival wird nicht mit musikalischem Einheitsbrei gekleckert, sondern mit stilistischer Vielfalt geklotzt, und das nun schon seit 10 Jahren.

Dabei kommen natürlich bereits bekannte Künstler zum Einsatz, aber auch Newcomer dürfen ihren Senf zum Potpourri des blauen Dunstes dazu geben.

Das Lineup liest sich auf jeden Fall sehr lecker:

Freitag, 21. Mai


19:00 Micatone, 21:00 RINôçéRôSE,
23:00 De-Phazz, 1:00 Kosheen

kleine Arena

22:00 Shantel, 24:00 Llorca,
2:00 London Electricity, 4:00 A guy called Gerald

Samstag, 22. Mai


19:00 Soullounge, 21:00 Beanfield,
23:00 Jazzkantine, 1:00 Orishas

kleine Arena

22:00 Mendoza Dance Parti,
24:00 Dixon & Georg Levin
2:00 Hefner, 4:00 Smith & Mighty

einlass 18 uhr
beginn 19 uhr
Einzelticket VVK: 20 Euro zzgl. VVK-Gebühren
ak: 25 euro
Kombiticket VVK: 30 Euro zzgl. VVK-Gebühren
ak: 35 euro
Bon Appetit :)

10 Jahre Gauloises cookin'blue Festival

Sie sind inzwischen einfach eine Marke für sich: seit zehn Jahren überzeugen die GAULOISES cookin'blue Touren nicht nur eine eingeweihte Hörerschaft guter Clubmusik.

Auch die stetig wachsende Zahl von "Ersthörern", die cookin'blue Konzerte sozusagen 'blind' besuchen, erfreut und motiviert das Team. Und das allgemeine Vertrauen in die Qualität des cookin'blue Programms bestätigt das Konzept immer neu.

Es herrscht also weitläufig Konsens: Was cookin'blue auf die Bühne bringt, mal ganz abgesehen von Herkunft, Style und Genre, ist immer einen Konzertbesuch wert. Manche Bands kamen als Geheimtipp auf Tour, um kurze Zeit später in den weltweiten Erfolg zu starten, wie damals etwa RONI SIZE oder die ORISHAS im letzten Jahr. Doch sind es auch gerade die verlässlichen, ambitionierten "Lieblingskünstler" wie A GUY CALLED GERALD, die begeisterten Nachhall auslösen. Oder natürlich die cookin'blue Newcomer im Vorprogramm.

Mit: Rinôçérôse, De-Phazz, Kosheen, Soulounge, Beanfield, Jazzkantine, Orishas, Shantel DJ Llorca DJ, London Elektricity, A Guy Called Gerald DJ, Mendoza Dance Parti, Dixon & Georg Levin / WAHOO Hefner DJ, Smith & Mighty

2 May: Split versus Atomic Jam, Turnmills, London, England


May 29th: A Guy Called Gerald + Tony Split versus Atomic Jam, Turnmills Nightclub, 63B Clerkenwell Road, London, England

SPLIT v Atomic Jam
Date: 01/05/2004
Time: 10pm till 7am
Price: £15
Location: Turnmills London

SPLIT bring the world famous ATOMIC-JAM to the capital for the very 1st time…
Joining residents BEN SIMS and CHRIS FINKE will be:

DJ RUSH - 1st London Performance for 3 years!! (Kne Deep - Chicago/Berlin)
DAVE CLARKE - Rare London Techno Set!! (SKINT - Brighton)
MARSHALL JEFFERSON - The Godfather Of House (Chicago USA)
ADE FENTON – atomic-jam (ADVANCED/PERVERTER-Nottingham)
AIDY WEST – www.vinylunderground.com - (Northampton)
BRIAN WILLIAMS – VALTYNE – (Midlands/London)

After the phenomenal success of our launch party in February where DERRICK MAY, SURGEON, CHICKEN LIPS and OLIVER HOATOMIC-JAM. With Chris's residency at atomic-jam, and Ben being consistently one of the most popular DJs booked to play there in recent years, it was fitting that we invited them along to hook up with us for their first appearance in the capital. Based in Birmingham, atomic-jam is one of the UKs biggest techno nights and over the past nine years have brought just about every big name and up-and-coming techno, drum & bass and electro DJ to perform for thousands of party people.

Heading up the show alongside our SPLIT boys BEN SIMS & CHRIS FINKE, are 3 of the biggest names in dance music-DAVE CLARKE, DJ RUSH & MARSHALL JEFFERSON. Dave is no stranger to the Jam or Turnmills, and with his critically acclaimed DEVILS ADVOCATE album launched last year he is at the top of his game. main man Rush, now firmly positioned as one of the biggest (literally!) names in the techno world, makes his long awaited return to the UK, bringing with him that infamous record box and unique vocal talents to ensure an unforgettable performance. Marshall Jefferson needs no introduction. This man has helped influence a generation with a string of classic records that helped to shape dance music as we know it, and we are privileged to have him aboard. We welcome back A GUY CALLED GERALD who will be making his live debut at SPLIT. Long standing atomic-jam resident ADE FENTON also joins us, alongside other SPLIT residents and AIDY WEST. A special peak time Acid house set from BEN SIMS in the second room completes our monster line up.

SPLIT regulars Exceeda, Dfuse, Marija, Kameiflage, circuit-c and Jun are back to cover the visual side of the beats, with fresh new images coming from recent trips and travels.

Split Myspace Link: https://www.myspace.com/splitmusic

April 2004
23 April: Sub City Radio vs. Concept Theory, The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland


Sub City Radio vs. Concept Theory, The Arches, 253 Argyle Street, Glasgow, Scotland

A Guy Called Gerald
Loki + Major Threat
MC Profisee
and more
tickets from Oxfam Music, Arches and SRC
£6 student £8 non

full line up:

A Guy Called Gerald
Loki + Major Threat
Dave Shades
MC Profisee
Full Phat + David Mottram
Andre 9000
Lord of the Dancehall
Brand X VJs
RogueOne Live Artwork

Subcity radio returns to the arches on Friday 23rd April for a special Versus night with up and coming club night Concept Theory. It will be an evening of diverse music from new and established artists, following on from the sell-out success of the 10th birthday party in February and the end of broadcast party in March. This night continues Subcity’s commitment to discovering local talent and exposing them to sell out crowds alongside big name acts.

A guy called gerald, the pioneering Mancunian artist and producer behind legendary acid house track "Voodoo Ray" and 808 State's techno anthem "Pacific State" headlines the back arch. He is set to play an exclusive old school house, electro and drum and bass set, no doubt dropping recognisable tracks from his past as well as more recent material from his pioneering drum and bass album “28 Gun Bad Boy”, the urban genre breaking “Black Secret Technology” and from his forthcoming releases on German label !K7. Expect to be taken on a journey through the the last two decades of dance music.

Completing the line up in the back arch will be Concept Theory residents, Full Phat (Mas Battle of DJs winner 2003) and David Mottram with a back to back 3 deck and joint live set. While Dave Shades will be rounding off the night with a banging blend of techno and booty bass.

The front arch will feature live hip hop from local Scottish acts. Glasgow’s Loki recently released his debut album "Welcome to the 9th World, tonight he will be joined by Major Threat for a live MC battle which looks set to be fully charged. Also appearing on stage will be UK 8mile MC champion Profisee with DJ Nasty P. Part of Edinburgh’s premier hip hop crew Scotland Yard, who rocked Subcity’s 10th birthday party in February, Profisee returns for more of the same jump up beats and punishing rhymes.

Another favourite from previous Subcity nights, DMC finalist Itchy returns to show that scratching isn’t exclusive to teenage boys in baseball hats and rucksacks. Hear hip hop favourites and party anthems cut together tighter than a students wallet.

The night will also feature other Subcity show hosts Lord of the Dancehall (playing dancehall and reggae), DJ D Form (hip hop and breaks) and from Chicago, Andre 9000 (spinning house).

Advance tickets only £8 (£6 student)
from Oxfam Music (Byres Road), The Arches and Glasgow Uni SRC.

Or £10 on the door.

Subcity Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day online at www.subcity.org

16 April: Gum Club, Hamburg, Germany


Gum Club, Hamburger Berg 13 - 20359, Hamburg, Germany

March 2004
26 March: Dangerous Drums, Club Maria, Berlin, Germany


Live Studio Jam - first appearance.
More details - here https://www.clubmaria.de/

From Manchester UK, we are pleased to welcome A GUY CALLED GERALD to the DD stage, where he will perform a live "studio jam".

Gerald, inspired by his fathers BLUE BEAT and TROJAN records at an early age and like a whole generation, an avid follower of the booming pirate radio scene in the mid 80’s in UK, formed a b-boy scratch masters crew at the age of 16, and from there went on to join the HIT Masters posse, who soon after changed their name to “808 STATE”. Gerald co produced the first “808 state” album and the all time number 1 UK techno anthem "Pacific State" which landed him at the top of the UK charts.

At the same time Gerald dropped his own Chicago-House-inspired solo production "VOODOO RAY" on the then all important warehouse scene! It immediately became the absolute anthem for the rave generations "summer of love" in 1988 and A Guy Called Gerald had two of the most important tracks of all time riding high in the charts world wide. Indeed “Voodoo Ray” is widely accredited with being the track that launched the entire Acid House scene in UK!

The early 90’s saw Gerald release a series of anonymous white label 12"s, and the seminal LP "28 Gun Badboy" and if he hadn’t achieved enough already, these releases are regarded as being responsible for steering Rave into its Jungle/Techno phase. Indeed the title track "28 Gun Badboy" was recently voted number one Drum&Bass track of all time by the UK’s “Knowledge” magazine. To top it all he released his "Black Secret Technology" LP in 1995, and again this release is cited by many as the one that defined urban dance music for the next 5 years.

Between then and now he has lived and recorded in New York, and released "Essence" on berlins K7! label. Currently living in Berlin and putting the finishing touches to his next K7! release, Gerald has recently been putting together a live set, which he describes as a "studio jam". It will debut in Berlin on March 26 at Dangerous Drums!

As well, from Japan, Yuhei Urakami and Nobuhiro Shimura will present their analogue video art under the project name SPECTRUM. This will be their first presentation in Germany. They work exclusively with hand held video cameras and, as they describe it, their bits of electronic junk, to present a live as it happens visual presentation beamed all over the club.

From Berlin Ekow and Akinola, highly respected masters of drums and percussion, will be playing live sets throughout the evening, something that is guaranteed to keep the dance floor intensity meter at "high"!

Local support comes from:

djs Aziz, one of Berlin’s finest Garage and Breaks djs and producers, whose next two tracks are scheduled for a Dangerous Drums release.

Dr. Copasetic, whose recent "Maccaba HI-FI" release on Berlin’s "Viper Jive" label earned accolades and chart placing from the leading djs in the international Break Beat scene; dj Vela, resident and co-presenter of DD, and the other "usual suspect" - ed2000.

Friday March 26, Dangerous Drums at Maria, Vooooooooodoo raaaay!

23 March: MTV Motomash, CeBIT, Hannover, Germany
20 March: Drop Beats Not Bombs, The Custard Factory, Birmingham, England


The Marquee: Tumbledown

CHRIS READ & ROC 1 (Substance/1 Xtra)
SWITCH (Tumbledown)

9 - 4 am at The Custard Factory Saturday 20th March Entry £1 before 10 £2 after.

Arrive early because this line up is gonna rock it. There are coaches coming from various places around the country so it's going to pretty busy - we are anticipating a good turn out. Anyone who has been to a Drop Beats Not Bombs event before knows what to expect so start spreading the word to everyone you know. It's gonna be a good un!!

13 March: Alter Ego Club, Verona, Italy


Apparently, supporting Daddy G from Massive Attack.

February 2004
21 February: Procreation, The Medicine Bar, Birmingham, England


9 till 3
Entry : £ 6.00
custard factory
A GUY Called GERALD (Deep acid set)
+eec live+procreation dj's

7 February: Split versus Atomic Jam, Turnmills, London, England


Split (The Next Level), Turnmills Nightclub, 63B Clerkenwell Road, London, England

Capacity: 1000. Info: 020 7250 3409. Tube: Farringdon. 10pm - 7am
£12 in Advance // £15 on the Door
Tickets: www.ticketweb.co.uk. Web: www.turnmills.com

Room 1:

Derrick May (3 hour set)
Oliver Ho (Live)
Ben Sims
Chris Finke

Room 2:

Chicken Lips
A Guy Called Gerald
Mark Broom & Paul Mac
Aidy West
Tony Anderson

Turnmills goes Techno on Saturday 7th February 2004 with the launch of Split – one of our most exciting nights yet. Split is the partnership between Retro_Vert and Flux, and having showcased their own parties in London for a while, they’re now taking the night to the next level with this exclusive new Turnmills residency.

The legendary Derrick May will play his first solo London gig in 18 months to launch this very special event. Together with contemporaries like Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig and Jeff Mills, May galvanized a worldwide generation of minds that listened and learned the secret of Techno. His Transmat label has been a genre leader for many years, he's just signed a deal to host the DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) for the next 5 years and he joins hosts Ben Sims (Retro_Vert) and Chris Finke (Flux).

Surgeon (at the moment preparing new 'British Murder Boys' and 'Surgeon" material), and Oliver Ho (playing live) complete the main room billing having rocked Split events in recent times, whilst the backroom welcomes top headliners Chicken Lips and A Guy Called Gerald alongside Split residents Mark Broom, Paul Mac, Aidy West and Tony Anderson.

The SPLIT parties also boast a tight VJ line up on rotation, with headliner residents such as Exceeda, Usagi (Organix), D-Fuse, SanFrandisco, Kameiflage (Dubstrakt), Marija, Ryu, and new comer Circuit_c, as well as slides created by Samuel, giving the parties a true audiovisual vibe. In addition to live projections, Exceeda's [4x4] film screening night will host the cinema room and will provide seated entertainment of this year's best [4x4] short films, animations, music videos and experimental pieces.

Expect Techno, House, acid house and electro featuring some the world’s biggest DJs and the UK’s freshest spinners throughout 2004 at this brand new Saturday night event.

See https://www.myspace.com/splitmusic for more info.