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Foundation, Home, Manchester, England Foundation, Home, Manchester, England
Live Review
NME Brat 1995, The Rocket, London, England Mixmag
Vol. 2, Issue 41
October 1994
Page: 18


PROMOTER Simon Calderbank has just found a couple shagging in a far dark corner of his club. The pair, um, disengage, and expect to be thrown out, but Calderbank buys them both a drink.

"I thought it was brilliant," he says later, "having sex in my club, what a compliment!"

He's a relaxed sort of chap is Simon and maybe that's why the monthly Foundation nights on a Thursday at Home in Manchester have got a reputation for being a bit special. With Jeremy Healy in his first Northern residency, it's usually so packed you can barely move, and an easy going atmosphere prevails. As one regular puts it: "It's a really good club this. And it's dead dressy for Manchester."

Indeed. Sashay down the stairs and into the back room bar and there are tons of trendy, inadequately clad clubsters enjoying a drink and a chat. Upstairs A Guy Called Gerald is spinning a refreshing mix of ambient flavoured jungle and the vibe is super-friendly.

Through to the middle room and past some heavy red velvet drapes and suddenly you're in Nuttersville. It's as hot as a tropical rainforest but about 200 people are going completely gaga, dancing on any raised surface and indulging in the kind of arms aloft lunacy usually reserved for Saturday nights. It's hard to believe it's midweek in the rainy city.

"There are no egos in Foundation," offers Calderbank, by way of explanation for the general daftness occurring around him, "that's the key to it's success. We're not elitist, we give people what they want."

To this end there are suggestion boxes dotted about the club and a diverse musical policy. While centring on the up for it variety of house music, (Danny HiBrid and Mike E Bloc have served time behind the decks), Foundation also finds space for A Guy Called Gerald or Master At Work Kenny Dope playing a hip hop set. Calderbank will also try to inject some humour into the proceedings with Coronation Street's Terry Duckworth spinning a few discs and for their birthday in November they're hoping to get hold of Gary Glitter to play a stomping set.

"We take the piss in certain aspects," confess-es Calderbank, "but people get into it."

Tonight, they'd hoped star of TVs Mr & Mrs Derek Batey would compere the evening, but sadly, Monsieur Batey was unmoved by Foundation's repeated faxed requests for a visitation.

"I think he thought we were joking," says Calderbank, cackling good naturedly.

Foundation started last November with the help of Craig Goodfellow ('he's 34, the oldest swinger in town") and resident DJs Dean Wilson and Bobby Langley. Dissatisfied with the run of the mill events he saw around him Calderbank and friends were looking to run a night they would enjoy, and felt confident other would like too. The blend of no-nonsense party house and a quirky sense of humour has seen Foundation rammed ever since, with queues 400 people deep on some occasions.

"I just want a good night out and I suppose a lot of other people do too." Ah Simon, how right you are.

Foundation is held on the first Thursday of every month at Home, Ducie St, Manchester. Tel 061 237 9460

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