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Some applications for ARM Powered computers running RISC OS are available from this site. The software will NOT work on any version of Windoze! Please click on the items below for further information.

TaskUsage Task Usage enables the Processor Usage to be monitored for each Task running.
Armsort ArmSort enables easy, fast and flexible sorting of BASIC Arrays.
Compare Compare enables files to be compared in a variety of ways and the differences listed.
Reporter Reporter enables program development by allowing text and variable values to be easily displayed in a debugging window.
Pluto Pluto is the very versatile application for reading, storing and writing emails and newsgroup posts.
eSpeak eSpeak enables text to be spoken, often used with Pluto.
Rover Rover enables tracking of installed and available versions of programs.
RapIDErom RapIDErom enables customisation of the RapIDE32 interface from Yellowstone Educational Solutions.
Note that all the applications above have full !Help documentation, which is now provided in StrongHelp format because it is easier to use than a large text file. If you do not have StrongHelp, it is freely available from http://www.stronged.iconbar.com/fjg/zips/strhlp.zip
QFiler QuickFiler enables the Filer to use many keyboard shortcuts.
BasicPF AcornSSLsh v0.04 is a draft Stronghelp manual for the AcornSSL module.
BackBoot BackBoot enables directories to be !Booted in the background.
WordCount WordCount enables word frequencies to be counted in files.
WordCount DiscTest is a simple program to test writing files to disc.
SortTest SortTest is a program to test integer sort programs.
StopClose0 StopClose0 is a module to notify if CLOSE#0 or *CLOSE will close all files.
ListCache ListCache is a small program to analyse the Netsurf !Cache files.
BasicPF BasicPF v0.04 is a test program to produce PROC/FN analysis of BASIC programs.
ColDef2 ColDef2 is a temporary home for Rosemary Miskin's program to help providing colour values in various formats.
FileSpeed FileSpeed a small, simple program for checking file/disc access speeds.

Kappa Logo Kappa a copy of the website of the late Steve Drain.

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