v3.50 (20 Mar 2016)

eSpeak is a module which provides facilities for words or files to be spoken, using commands that can also be used from applications.

eSpeak was developed by Jonathan Duddington as a commercial product, and for many years was available as part of Pluto, but in 2013 both Pluto and eSpeak were released with a GPLv3 licence.

This version has been released to try and resolve some problems with the last version released by Jonathan for RISC OS in 2013, and to separate it from Pluto so it can be used more easily with other applications.

Several languages are provided, and more can be added.

This updated version is now freely available using the link below, or !Store.

Recent Change History

eSpeak v3.50 (20 Mar 2016)
This RISC OS version has the following changes since the last version 1.47.06 which was released by Jonathan and included in Pluto v3.06b:

How to obtain eSpeak

This version is available from the SourceForge link below, or by using the !Store application. For downloads from SourceForge, please note:

Zip file Size Comments
espeak350/zip 1055 KB Full version of !eSpeak for new and existing users. Only required if you want to use eSpeak (with or without Pluto).

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