v2.28 (16 Feb 2021)

QuickFiler is a utility which allows you to use many standard shortcut keys in conjunction with the RISC OS Filer.

The Filer gains the input focus when you click in a directory display, and then responds to the keyboard shortcuts shown on the Filer's menu, and the window will also scroll up or down.

A few examples of the shortcuts are:
Display Full InfoF4
Sort by SizeShift F3
Create New DirectoryCtrl D
ProtectCtrl F5
CopyCtrl C
Select AllCtrl A
Scroll Down a PagePage Down

It should now work on all versions of RISC OS from 3.00 to 5 (32bit) but requires a Risc PC-style !Boot application or later.

Note that !QuickFiler was originally written by David Thomas, who has given permission to me to distribute these changes, which were prompted by it not being 32bit compatible.

How to obtain QuickFiler

To download please click on
!QuickFiler v2.28 (50 kByte Zip Archive)

Changes to QuickFiler

15 May 2007 v2.21 Now works with RISC OS 6.06
01 Feb 2010 v2.22 Changed email address within program. Also works with RO5.16
29 Oct 2010 v2.22 Now works with RO5.17
13 Apr 2011 v2.22 Now works with RO5.17 Filer v2.26
31 Dec 2011 v2.22 Now works with RO5.17 Filer v2.28+
01 Aug 2013 v2.23 Now works better with RO5.19 and Filer v2.30+
19 Jul 2015 v2.24 Fixed ZeroPain problems with RO5.23.
03 Mar 2020 v2.25 Now works with RO5.27 Filer v2.47.
18 Apr 2020 v2.26 Added FNKeyDesc so !Help was printable.
15 May 2020 v2.27 Added version check to failure message.
16 Feb 2021 v2.28 Fixed 41 ZeroPain errors when Refresh (F11) is used.

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