v1.01 (02 Sep 2000)

The !RapIDErom application provides three functions to allow some customisation of the RapIDE32 IDE interface from Yellowstone Educational Solutions.

These functions enable ...

!RapIDErom was based (with permission) on !FlashMake v0.03, by Tim Howarth.
The latest version will be available from both web sites.

Note that if for whatever reason you are faced with a RapIDE card which will not initialise correctly, and therefore hangs your computer at !Boot, you will also find that !Rapier will not be able to re-flash the ROM, because it needs RapIDE to work! Do not despair - I have a !RapIDEfix application which should enable you to recover. Please contact me for details.

Example of !RapIDErom display


Change History

06/06/2000 v1.00 First public release by Martin Avison
02/09/2000 v1.01 help converted to StrongHelp and revised.

How to obtain !RapIDErom

To download please click on !RapIDErom (23 kByte Zip Archive)

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