v0.10 (29 Dec 2002)

Opening a directory for the first time can be slow, as the filer boots all the !applications inside. One way round this is to Filer_Boot the contents of these directories when the computer starts, but this means that your boot sequence takes ages!

BackBoot waits until the computer hasn't been used for ten seconds and then starts booting directories. As soon as you click with the mouse or press a key, BackBoot stops and waits for another ten seconds.

In this way all your directories will become booted after a while and you can change into their directories quickly!

It should now work on all versions of RISC OS from 3.00 to 5 (32bit).

Note that !BackBoot was originally written by Thomas Leonard, who has given permission to me to distribute these changes, which were prompted by the original v0.01 causing MAJOR problems when run on RO v4.33.

How to obtain BackBoot

To download please click on !BackBoot (7 kByte Zip Archive)

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