v0.32 (23 Jun 2014)

The !Compare application enables files to be compared and differences listed in a variety of formats quickly and easily.

It was originally written to provide an easy way to identify those subtle, simple changes made between program versions which then bite back!
It was changed from a command-line program to a Wimp application, and considerably enhanced in the process.

The comparison types are: It should be easy to add more comparison types if required.

The differences are written to a file which is displayed, and then may be printed, kept or deleted as required.
The characters which are different from one line to the next can be marked.

Compare control window

An example of the main control window for !Compare ...

Compare Window

Change History

v0.20 09/11/1999 First Public Beta test
v0.21 11/11/1999 Allowed <> in output, Fixed Menu position & Process key, Removed Quit from window
v0.22 14/11/1999 Used OS_CRC for checksum calculation
v0.23 01/09/2000 Changed !Help to StrongHelp format and updated it
v0.24 02/04/2001 Allowed 2 files to be dragged. Coloured Attributes. Corrected Status redraw and Basic string detokenise.
v0.26 25/04/2001 Changed BasicRead to use GET$ not BGET (-30% time)
v0.27 29/04/2001 Changed Block compares to reduce storage (-??% time). 32 bit OK
v0.30 25/04/2008 Catered for Basic lines which expand to > 254 long. Added difference indicators to Basic comparison.
v0.31 29/01/2013 Fixed Initialisation of FileLoad%.
v0.32 23/06/2014 Fixed SpriteOp error with RO5.21. Added Mark facility for all comparisons. Added simple Choices file. Catered for text (and detokenized basic) lines > 254 long. Many minor changes.

How to obtain Compare

To download please click on !Compare (16 kByte Zip Archive)

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