ColDef2 v1.30

ColDef2 was written by Rosemary Miskin, not me.

However, I have made some small changes to it, and with Rosemary's permission this is a temporary page to host it until Rosemary can update her website.

Here's the utility you always wanted to help choose colours for your web pages. It provides a front-end to Acorn's colour-picker module to help define 24bit colours.

You can now toggle the display between RiscOS, HTML and HTML-Netsafe formats, and auto-type your chosen colour directly where you need it. Colours can be sampled from any on-screen image, and can be added to ArtWorks colour tables. The hot-key for colour sampling can now be changed to avoid conflict with other utilities.

A palette file containing your defined colour can be saved for loading into PhotoDesk.


vers: v1.30 (25 Mar 2023)

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