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Listen to the Gala Day Song "Long Live Linlithgow's Queen"

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Come Elves and Fays from flowery vales
And Nymphs from leafy glens
Come brownies from the scented dales
And witches from the dens.
Come Pretty Flower Girls from the dells
And Fairies bright and gay:
Ring Out! Ring Out! St. Michael’s Bells,
We crown our Queen today

Then let the cry ring o’er the lake
And o’er the meadows green:
And let the joyful echoes wake,
Long Live Linlithgow’s Queen.

We crown our gracious Queen today
And happy be her reign,
And we will guard her loyally
And all her rights proclaim
And here upon our festal day
We sing her loyal praise:
We’ll gambol, dance and laugh and play
Beneath her Royal Gaze.


Words by William G Whyte

Specially written and composed for Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Children’s Gala Day

All Rights Reserved

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