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Gala Images
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Former Gala Queens
Arches, Houses & Gardens Decorations

Linlithgow Palace
Linlithgow Palace, the setting for the Gala Queen Crowning Ceremony
1965 gala day retinue
1965 Gala Day Retinue
Courtesy of Miss Barabara Troup
1965 crowning of Eleanor Troup
Crowning of 1965 Gala Queen, Eleanor Troup
Courtesy of Miss Barabara Troup

1999 Crowning
Crowning of 1999 Gala Queen, Sarah Morris

2000 Crowning
Crowning of Gala Queen 2000, Jennifer Clegg

2001 Crowning
Crowning of Gala Queen 2001, Laura Neary

2002 Crowning
Crowning of Gala Queen 2002, Emma Gattenby

2003 Crowning
Crowning of Gala Queen 2003, Rachel Alexander

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