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Jordanian flag



TJFF badge

TJFF badge

Trans-Jordan Frontier Force
01-Apr-26 Raised at Sarafand, Palestine following the disbandment of the Palestine Gendarmerie the previous day
      Oct-26 The TJFF leaves Palestine for Trans-Jordan
09-Feb-48 The Force is disbanded


01-Apr-26 Lt Col FW Bewsher

        1928 Lt Col CA Shute

        1933 Lt Col CH Miller until 1936

         ? Lt Col JI Chrystall

    May-40 Lt Col PL Wilson

        1946/47 Lt Col Hackett last CO -  09-Feb-48.  Previously seconded to TJFF  1937-1941


HQ Wing 01-Apr-26 09-Feb-48

'A' Squadron (cavalry) 01-Apr-26 01-Jan-41

'B' Squadron (cavalry) 01-Apr-26 01-Jan-41

'C' Squadron (cavalry) 01-Apr-26 01-Jan-41

Camel Company 01-Apr-26 1930 disbanded sometime
during 1930, replaced
by mechanised coy

'D' Company (mechanised) 1930 Feb-41

'E' Company (mechanised) 1933 Feb-41

Line of Communication Squadron Feb-41 May-41(?) reformed as L Coy

in 1st Mech Regt

around May-41(?)

Mobile Guard Squadron 01-May-41 09-Feb-48 formed to replace

Line of Communication

Squadron - May-41(?)
By 1929 there were also four Troops of Reservists

1st Cavalry (Horsed) Regiment 01-Jan-41 09-Feb-48

'A' Squadron (cavalry) 01-Jan-41 09-Feb-48

'B' Squadron (cavalry) 01-Jan-41 09-Feb-48

'C' Squadron (cavalry) 01-Jan-41 09-Feb-48
1st Mechanised Regiment      Feb-41 09-Feb-48

'D' Company (mechanised)      Feb-41 Apr/May-41(?) disbanded May-41(?)

'E' Company (mechanised)      Feb-41 09-02-48

'L' Company (mechanised - formed from Line of Communication      May-41(?) 09-Feb-48 replaced D Coy


Higher formations served under

HQ British Forces in Palestine & 03-Sep-39 09-Feb-48



20 January 2002


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