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Major Tawfiq

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Major (retd) Tawfiq Mousa Ahmed  (ex TJFF, Arab Legion and Jordanian Armed Forces)

Young TJFF troopers, 1939
Major Tawfiq Mousa Ahmed (seated left) with two friends following the passing out parade which marked the end of their cavalry training.  Zarqa, Trans-Jordan, 1939. 

(photo: Maj Tawfiq Mousa Ahmed)

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Major Tawfiq Mousa Ahmed, now retired from the Jordanian Armed Forces, joined the Trans-Jordan Frontier Force on 21 September 1933.  The photograph, left, shows the young trooper with two friends on the day in 1939 when they had completed their cavalry training.  

Major Tawfiq was initially assigned to 'C' Squadron but joined his friends in 'B' Squadron six months later.

During the Iraqi Campaign (April 1941) the cavalry squadrons of the TJFF were sent to Irbid-Jordan on internal security and frontier guard duties. 

Major Tawfiq participated in the Syrian Campaign - from Deraa in Trans-Jordan up through Syria to the Turkish border.  Here Major Tawfiq and his comrades stayed for some time on anti-smuggling duty and watching for German spies landing by parachute.







TJFF Certificate of Discharge
TJFF Certificate of Discharge, 26th September 1942 (photo: Maj Tawfiq Mousa Ahmed)

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At the end of his service, in September 1942, Major Tawfiq, then a Lance Corporal, returned to his home town of Naur, helping his father run the family farm.  However he soon tired of the farmer's life and enlisted in the Arab Legion on 17 July 1943.

There followed a career of 35 years with the Arab Legion and the Jordanian Armed Forces.












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