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RSM Leslie Grant

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RSM Leslie Arthur Grant (Trans-Jordan Frontier Force and The Arab Legion)

Leslie Grant enlisted with The East Yorkshire Regiment in 1928, aged 15, and was immediately posted overseas to Lucknow, India, as a drummer boy.  During the Second World War he was evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940 before joining the paratroops.  He moved to the Middle East and later took part in the airborne landings on Sicily in May 1943, where three of his mates were dropped 'inside' Mount Etna.  

After the war he served with the Trans-Jordan Frontier Force and later the Arab Legion, where he came to be a good friend of Glubb Pasha.  He took part in the battle for Jerusalem during the Arab-Israeli War of 1947-1949.  Following the dismissal of the British from the Arab Legion in 1956 he returned to England where in 1958 he was demobbed from the East Yorkshires at Barnard Castle, County Durham.

RSM Leslie Arthur Grant, TJFF, and family in Amman, Trans-Jordan

24 July 2003


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