British & Commonwealth Orders of Battle

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An Introduction

An Introduction
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What is an order of battle?

An order of battle is a listing of military units (battalions, regiments, squadrons and so on)  in a given formation.  Divisions and brigades are referred to as formations and can themselves be organised into 'higher' formations such as corps, armies and army groups.

Orders of battle are prepared for forces deployed in a theatre or participating in a military campaign or operation.  The order of battle will change with time, situation and location. 

Many of the listings in these pages attempt to document such details for British and Commonwealth formations, including: command and unit assignments; battles fought; movements between theatres. 

The definition of 'Commonwealth' used here is a loose one and may include countries outside the Commonwealth but which were in some way allied with or controlled by Britain.

What is available?

Information will be provided in a variety of themes:

by nationality
by campaign and/or theatre
formations of special interest.

Please e-mail me, Steve Rothwell, with comments, corrections or requests for further information.  I am anxious to add to my researches and welcome additional material at any time.  While the information presented here is as accurate as I can currently make it, there are many gaps, guesses and assumptions.


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