British & Commonwealth Orders of Battle

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This page presents formations (typically divisions, brigades and independent brigades) of the Commonwealth nations.  Select a country to see the formations currently described.


Old South African flag South Africa

Order of Battle listings for South African formations and historical notes on their development and deployment.

East African Expeditionary Force East Africa

British colonial troops raised in East Africa.


Old Egyptian flag Egypt

A short history of the development of the Egyptian Army 1936-1942 with OB listings for the years 1937 to 1940.

Jordanian flag Trans-Jordan

The Arab Legion, forerunner to the modern Jordanian Army, is described from 1920 until 1956.  Also includes the British Trans-Jordan Frontier Force.

nz1.gif (1545 bytes) New Zealand

The New Zealand 2nd Infantry Division in Egypt and Libya, the Greek Campaign, on Crete, 20th May 1941 and in Italy 1944-45.

au1.gif (1503 bytes) Australia

Australian troops in t against Italy, the Greek Campaign and the Australian 19th Infantry Brigade and other units evacuated from Greece to Crete, order of battle for Crete, 20th May 1941

[Flag ofCanada] Canada

Canadian troops in the Sicily and Italian campaigns.

Allied Forces

Polish flag (2035 bytes) Polish Formations

Polish Formations that served under British command, including Polish Army in the UK and the East, 2nd Corps in Italy, 1st Polish Armoured Division, 1st Polish Parachute Brigade

Czechoslovak flag Czechoslovak Forces

The Czechoslovak Brigade and the Czechoslovak Battalion No 11 East, which fought in Syria with the British 23 Infantry Brigade and with the Poles in the defence of Tobruk.




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