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8 SA Infantry Bde

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Old South African flag 8 SA Infantry Brigade
01-Jul-40 Raised in East London, South Africa
May have been redesignated 8 Training Brigade (1940/41?).  8 Training Brigade under command 3 SA Armoured Division on 07-Oct-42 when the division was officially redesignated Mobile Field Force.
Redesignated 8 SA Armoured Brigade, possibly at the same time as redesignation of 3 SA Infantry Division.
The brigade was still in existence on 31-Dec-42 when it featured in a proposed order of battle for the Mobile Field Force.

1st Cape Town Highlanders 01-Jul-40 06-Nov-40
Prince Alfred's Guard Jul-40 Nov-40
The First City Regiment Jul-40 Nov-40

Higher formations served under

3 South African Infantry Division 23-Oct-40 04-Apr-42

3 South African Armoured Division 04-Apr-42 17-May-43 ?


South Africa 01-Jul-40 1943 ?

with thanks to David A Ryan for additional details

17 May 2009


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