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7 SA Motorised Brigade

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Old South African flag
7 SA Motorised Brigade
18-Jun-40 Formed as 7 SA Infantry Brigade
01-Jul-40        Authorised for full-time service
04-Apr-42       Designated to become 7 SA Armoured Brigade
     Jun-42      Redesignated from 7 SA Motorised Brigade Group
31-Jul-42        Earmarked for assignment to 1 SA Armoured Division as 7 SA Motorised Brigade Group
07-Oct-42       Earmarked for conversion to an armoured brigade and sometimes known as 7 SA Armoured Brigade
15-Mar-43      In the process of dissolution
17-May-43 Disbanded


25-Jun-42 Brig GT Senescall

Brigade Troops
Armoured Cars

A Squadron, 1st Armoured Car Commando, SA Tank Corps 16-Jun-42 07-Dec-42 detached to Diego Suarez Fortress HQ,

Force 121 and 22 East African Infantry

Brigade between 24-Jun-42 and


Field Regiments

6th Field Regiment, SAA 16-Jun-42 07-Dec-42 (dates approx)

Field Companies

88th Field Company, SA Engineers 16-Jun-42 07-Dec-42 (dates approx)

1st Pretoria Highlanders Dec-41 Nov-42
1st Pretoria Regiment 23-Jul-40 09-Feb-43
1st Witwatersrand Rifles 11-Jul-40 31-Jan-41 attached (dates approx)
Prince Alfred's Guard 01-Jan-43 09-Feb-43
Regiment de la Rey 18-Jul-40 01-Dec-41
The First City Regiment 18-Jun-40 31-Dec-42

Higher formations served under

3 South African Infantry Division 23-Oct-40 04-Apr-42

3 South African Armoured Division 04-Apr-42 16-Jun-42

Diego Suarez (Fortress HQ) 24-Jun-42 03-Dec-42

3 South African Armoured Division 07-Dec-42 17-May-43


South Africa 18-Jun-40 16-Jun-42

At Sea 16-Jun-42 24-Jun-42

Madagascar 24-Jun-42 03-Dec-42

At Sea 03-Dec-42 07-Dec-42

South Africa 07-Dec-42 17-May-43

Battles, actions and engagements


Madagascar 05-May-41 06-Nov-42


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