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2 SA Infantry Div

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Old South African flag

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(2 SA Infantry Div symbol)


2 SA Infantry Division
23-Oct-40 The division forms with Div HQ at Voortrekkerhoogte, South Africa
21-Jun-42 The division is captured at the fall of Tobruk


23-Oct-40 Maj Gen IP de Villiers

26-Jul-41 Brig FH Theron (acting)

05-Sep-41 Maj Gen IP de Villiers

14-May-42 Maj Gen HB Klopper

Divisional Troops

Antitank Brigades

2nd Anti-Tank Brigade, SAA 25-Jan-41 01-Jun-41 redesignated a regiment in Jun-41

Antitank Regiments

2nd Anti-Tank Regiment, SAA 01-Jun-41 20-Jun-42 all except 6 Bty detached to

1 SA Infantry Division at

start of Gazala (26-May-42).

Regiment disbanded after 20-Jun-42

Field Brigades

1st Field Brigade, SAA 23-Oct-40 28-Jan-41 reorganised as a regiment

2nd Field Brigade, SAA 23-Oct-40 Jan-41 reorganised as a regiment

Field Regiments

1st Field Regiment, CFA,SAA 28-Jan-41 20-Apr-42

2nd Field Regiment, NFA, SAA Jan-41 21-Jun-42

3rd Field Regiment, THA, SAA 20-Apr-42 21-Jun-42

5th Field Regiment, SAA 27-Jan-41 26-May-42

Light Antiaircraft Regiments

2nd Light Antiaircraft Regiment, SAA Oct-41 21-Jun-42

Field Companies

10th Field Company, SA Engineers 30-Nov-40 21-Jun-42

2nd Field Company, SA Engineers 30-Nov-40 01-May-42

4th Field Company, SA Engineers 30-Nov-40 21-Jun-42

9th Field Company, SA Engineers 06-Jan-41 16-Jan-41 attached

Field Park Companies

20th Field Park Company, SA Engineers 30-Nov-40 21-Jun-42

Machine Gun

Die Middllandse Regiment 23-Mar-41 21-Jun-42

7th SA Reconnaissance Battalion 01-Apr-41 21-Jun-42 Assigned to div Apr-41, did not join

until Jul/Aug-41.

(sub-units detached to E Force,

end Oct 41 - ca Feb 42)

3 SA Infantry Brigade 05-Nov-40 20-Apr-42

1st Imperial Light Horse 08-Jun-40 01-Jan-43

1st Rand Light Infantry 08-Jun-40 01-Jan-43

1st Royal Durban Light Infantry 08-Jun-40 01-Jan-43
4 SA Infantry Brigade 05-Nov-40 21-Jun-42

2nd Natal Mounted Rifles 08-Jun-40 01-Oct-40

2nd Royal Durban Light Infantry 08-Jun-40 21-Jun-42

The Kaffrarian Rifles 08-Jun-40 21-Jun-42

Umvoti Mounted Rifles 01-Oct-40 21-Jun-42
6 SA Infantry Brigade 05-Nov-40 21-Jun-42

1st Pretoria Highlanders 01-Jul-40 01-Nov-40

1st South African Police 17-Jun-40 21-Jun-42

2nd Pretoria Highlanders 17-Jun-40 21-Nov-40

2nd South African Police 17-Jun-40 21-Jun-42

2nd Transvaal Scottish 21-Nov-40 21-Jun-42

Higher formations served under

HQ British Troops Egypt 06-Jun-41 21-Jul-41

X Corps 21-Jul-41 07-Sep-41

HQ British Troops Egypt 07-Sep-41 05-Oct-41

8th Army 05-Oct-41 02-Dec-41

XIII Corps 02-Dec-41 10-Dec-41

XXX Corps 10-Dec-41 27-Mar-42

XIII Corps 27-Mar-42 18-Jun-42

8th Army 18-Jun-42 21-Jun-42

Formations attached

2 SA Infantry Brigade 26-Nov-41 16-Jan-42

5 NZ Infantry Brigade 02-Dec-41

1 Army Tank Brigade 22-Dec-41 06-Feb-42

32 Army Tank Brigade 14-Jun-42 22-Jun-42

201 Gds Infantry Brigade 15-Jun-42 20-Jun-42

11 Indian Infantry Brigade 15-Jun-42 20-Jun-42


South Africa 23-Oct-40 20-Apr-41

At Sea 20-Apr-41 06-Jun-41

Egypt 06-Jun-41 22-Mar-42

Libya 22-Mar-42 21-Jun-42

Battles, actions and engagements


Clayden's Trench (Sollum) 11-Jan-42 12-Jan-42

GAZALA 26-May-42 21-Jun-42

Tobruk, 1942 20-Jun-42 21-Jun-42

with thanks to David A Ryan for additional details

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