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2 SA Infantry Bde

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Old South African flag
2 SA Infantry Brigade
25-Jun-40 Formed by redesignation of Field Force Brigade
15-Sep-39      The three Special Service battalions became known as 2 Special Service Brigade.
01-Feb-40      2 Special Service Brigade redesignated Field Force Brigade
31-Dec-42 Returned to South Africa as part of plan to raise two armoured divisions


15-Sep-39 Lt Col GC van Dam

25-Jun-40 Brig FLA Buchanan

08-Jun-41 Brig WHE Poole

25-May-42 Brig CL de W du Toit

01-Sep-42 Brig WHE Poole

1st Cape Town Highlanders 16-Apr-41 01-Jan-43
1st Field Force Battalion 01-Jan-40 01-Apr-41
1st Natal Mounted Rifles 23-May-40 01-Jan-43
1st/2nd Field Force Battalion 01-Apr-41 01-Jan-43
2nd Field Force Battalion 01-Jan-40 01-Apr-41

Higher formations served under

1 SA Infantry Division 13-Aug-40 31-Oct-41

8th Army 31-Oct-41 26-Nov-41

2 SA Infantry Division 26-Nov-41 16-Jan-42

1 SA Infantry Division 16-Jan-42 01-Sep-42

XXX Corps 01-Sep-42 16-Sep-42

1 SA Infantry Division 16-Sep-42 01-Jan-43


South Africa 01-Jun-40 14-Oct-40

At Sea 14-Oct-40 21-Oct-40

East Africa 21-Oct-40 13-Jan-41

Abyssinia 13-Jan-41 08-Mar-41

East Africa 08-Mar-41 16-Mar-41

At Sea 16-Mar-41 22-Mar-41

British Somaliland 22-Mar-41 03-Jun-41

At Sea 03-Jun-41 08-Jun-41

Egypt 08-Jun-41 06-Feb-42

Libya 06-Feb-42 16-Jun-42

Egypt 16-Jun-42 01-Jan-43

Battles, actions and engagements


El Yibo 16-Jan-41 18-Jan-41

Gorai 01-Feb-41 01-Feb-41

Banno 08-Feb-41 09-Feb-41

Yavello Road 15-Feb-41 15-Feb-41

Mega 15-Feb-41 18-Feb-41


GAZALA 26-May-42 21-Jun-42

Via Balbia 14-Jun-42 14-Jun-42


Tel el Eisa 10-Jul-42 11-Jul-42

EL ALAMEIN 23-Oct-42 04-Nov-42

with thanks to David A Ryan for additional details

17 May 2009


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